Disposable Vapes on a Plane – Are They Allowed? Let’s Find Out…

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Can you take disposable vapes on a plane? Here’s everything you need to know – plus some additional tips for traveling safely

If you’re going abroad and traveling on a plane, and you like to use disposable vapes, you might be wondering about whether or not you can take disposable vapes on a plane.

And because there’s so many awesome disposable vapes available to buy right now, more and more people are wondering about whether they’re allowed on planes.

Of course, before flying anywhere, you’ll need to understand EXACTLY what you can and cannot take with you onboard a plane. Failure to do so can result in fines, being kicked off the plane, and, in some cases, being arrested.

Here’s everything you need to know about traveling on a plane with disposable vapes…

Can You Take Disposable Vapes on a Plane?

Most airlines – at least those in the Western world – will let you travel with disposable vapes. You can take your disposable vapes on a plane but they CANNOT be stored in your suitcase. All vapes – including disposable vapes – must be stored in your hand luggage, meaning they come with you onto the plane.

Why? The simple reason for this is safely – airlines want to keep all items that have batteries (and could cause fires) in the cabin, where they can be closely monitored during a flight.

If you put all your vapes in your luggage and it is stored in the suitcase hold of a plan and something happens, it could be disastrous. For this reason, all airlines mandate that all electronic devices – and this includes vapes of all varieties – are carried in your hand luggage.

Similarly, you’ll want to place all of your disposable vapes inside a plastic bag too because changes in pressure inside the cabin during take off and landing can cause leaking. You also only get ONE liquid bag per person per flight, so make sure you don’t take too many when you travel.

How Many Disposable Vapes Can I Take?

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As for how many disposable vapes you’re allowed to take on a plane, there isn’t really any clear answer to this – it depends on the airline. Some airlines have limits about the number of battery powered devices you can take on a plane, while others do not.

If you plan on taking a large number of disposable vapes with you on your next holiday, it would probably be best to check with the airline first and see how many disposable vapes you can bring aboard in your hand luggage.

I’ve traveled with BA, Ryan Air, and Easy Jet multiple times with vapes. I usually carry around 5 disposable vapes with me, if I’m away for a week, and I have never had any issues getting them on the plane in my hand luggage.

Again, airline regulations change on an almost weekly basis, so what works or is allowed today, might not be tomorrow. In order to save yourself any major headaches, always check with your airline first before travelling.

And, if you’re new to disposables, do check out our Ultimate Guide To Disposable Vapes – it covers literally everything you need to know about them.

And You CANNOT Vape on Planes Either…

There isn’t a single airline in operation today that allows vaping on its flights. Airlines view vaping on a plane in the same fashion as smoking: if you’re caught doing it you will be fined a hefty amount of money and potentially barred from flying with the airline again.

My advice? Don’t even try it – modern airplanes use extremely sensitive sensors throughout the cabin and these sensors can and will detect if you’re vaping. It’s just not worth the risk, especially on shorter flights.


Key Takeaways

Here’s a quick recap of everything you need to know about taking disposable vapes on an airplane:

  1. You can take disposable vapes on a plane but they have to be stored in your hand luggage – not your suitcase.
  2. Airlines are very strict over what can be stored in the luggage hold. Anything with batteries that could potentially cause a fire are a big NO NO, for obvious reasons.
  3. Most airlines will let you take multiple disposable vapes on a plane, providing they’re stored in a plastic bag and are secured in your hand luggage. You should check to see if your particularly airline has any limits about the number of battery powered devices you’re allowed on your flight though – just to be safe.
  4. Once you’re on the plane, you cannot use your vape at all for the duration of the flight. Vaping is treated exactly the same as smoking on planes. Modern airlines completely prohibit it and anyone found doing it will get a HEFTY fine and potential criminal charges.


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