Best VooPoo PnP Coils: An Overview & Comparison (All Options)

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What are the best VooPoo PnP coils? In this guide, we’ll take a quick look at all the current PnP coil options from VooPoo and discuss their individual PROS and CONS…

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Choosing the right coil for your vape device is an essential factor in getting the most from your vape device. And when it comes to VooPoo PnP coils, you’re in for a treat – there’s loads of potential options, covering everything from MTL to DTL.

What’s so cool about these coils is that each one is totally different, so you get a completely different vaping experience from each one which, in turn, means you can effectively have one vape device and make it do all kinds of different things. Just by switching up its coils.

This guide will walk you through the best PnP coils available, so you can find the perfect match for your vaping style and preferences.

What are VooPoo PnP Coils?

VooPoo is a leading brand in the vaping industry, known for its high-quality devices and cutting-edge technology. Its PnP (Plug and Play) coil system revolutionized the game with its easy-to-use design and impressive performance.

PnP coils are famous for their compatibility with various VooPoo devices and the excellent vapor production they offer. If you’re running any of the following VooPoo devices – VooPoo Drag X, Drag S, Vinci X, Vinci Air, Argus Pro, Argus Air – you can run any of the PnP coils listed below.

How To Choose The Best VooPoo PnP Coil

Before we dive into our top picks, let’s discuss the factors that will help you choose the best PnP coil for your needs:

  1. Your preferred vaping style (MTL or DTL)
  2. E-liquid type and VG/PG ratio
  3. Desired wattage range and coil resistance
  4. Coil lifespan and ease of replacement

Best VooPoo PnP Coils

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PnP-VM1 (0.3 ohm)

  • Best for: DTL vaping, high VG e-liquids, and medium wattage range

The PnP-VM1 coil provides a smooth DTL (Direct-to-Lung) experience with its 0.3-ohm resistance. It works exceptionally well with high VG e-liquids and offers a medium wattage range (32-40W), perfect for those who love decent cloud production without compromising flavor. The only downside is that it might consume e-liquid relatively quickly.

PnP-VM4 (0.6 ohm)

  • Best for: Balanced MTL/DTL experience, versatile e-liquid compatibility, and medium wattage range

If you’re looking for a versatile coil that offers a balanced MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) and DTL experience, the PnP-VM4 is your go-to choice. With its 0.6-ohm resistance and a wattage range of 20-28W, it works well with a variety of e-liquids, making it an excellent option for vapers who like to switch things up.

PnP-M2 (0.6 ohm)

  • Best for: Smooth MTL vaping, high PG e-liquids, and low to medium wattage range

The PnP-M2 coil, with its 0.6-ohm resistance, is perfect for vapers who prefer a smooth MTL experience. It works best with high PG e-liquids and offers a low to medium wattage range (17-22W). The PnP-M2 delivers an intense flavor profile while ensuring a satisfying throat hit.

PnP-TR1 (1.2 ohm)

  • Best for: Pure MTL vaping, high PG e-liquids, and low wattage range

For those who enjoy a pure MTL experience, the PnP-TR1 is the ideal choice. With its 1.2-ohm resistance, it works best with high PG and salt nic e-liquids and offers a low wattage range (10-15W). The PnP-TR1 provides a tight draw, mimicking the sensation of smoking, while delivering excellent flavor quality.

VooPoo PnP Coil Compatibility Guide

CoilResistanceBest ForWattage RangeCompatible Vapes
PnP-VM10.3 ohmDTL vaping, high VG e-liquids32-40WVooPoo Drag X, Drag S, Vinci X, Vinci Air, Argus Pro, Argus Air
PnP-VM40.6 ohmBalanced MTL/DTL, versatile e-liquids20-28WVooPoo Drag X, Drag S, Vinci X, Vinci Air, Argus Pro, Argus Air
PnP-M20.6 ohmSmooth MTL vaping, high PG e-liquids17-22WVooPoo Drag X, Drag S, Vinci X, Vinci Air, Argus Pro, Argus Air
PnP-TR11.2 ohmPure MTL vaping, high PG e-liquids10-15WVooPoo Drag X, Drag S, Vinci X, Vinci Air, Argus Pro, Argus Air
PnP-VM60.15 ohmCloud chasers, high VG e-liquids60-80WVooPoo Drag X, Drag S, Vinci X, Vinci Air, Argus Pro, Argus Air

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