Best VooPoo PnP Coil For Salt Nic – The 2 Best Options

Best VooPoo PnP Coil For Salt NicPin

What’s the best VooPoo PnP coil for salt nic? Here’s two of the best options in the range right now for flavor and overall longevity

Voopoo’s PnP coils are utterly brilliant, probably the best thing to happen to vape coils since, well… mesh coils first appeared in the scene.

They get their name – PnP – from their innovative, user-friendly design. To install, you simply “Plug ‘n’ Play” and you’re away.

This innovative approach to coil installation eliminates the risk of threading issues. And, thanks to the incorporation of a sealed silicone O-ring, these coils ensure a secure and leak-free connection while making installation and removal a breeze.

Voopoo PnP coils cater to a wide variety of vaping preferences, including Direct to Lung (DTL), Mouth to Lung (MTL), mesh, multi-wrapped, high wattage, and low wattage options.

But what are the best Voopoo PnP coils for salt nic? Here’s everything you need to know…

Best VooPoo PnP Coil For Salt Nic

best voopoo pnp coilsPin

For salt nicotine e-liquids, the PnP-TR1 (1.2 ohm) coil is the best option among VooPoo PnP coils. Salt nicotine e-liquids typically require a higher resistance coil and a low wattage range to deliver a satisfying Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) experience, which closely mimics traditional smoking.

The PnP-TR1 provides a tight draw and operates at a wattage range of 10-15W, making it ideal for salt nicotine e-liquids. The coil ensures excellent flavor quality and a smooth throat hit that salt nic users appreciate.

PnP-M2 (0.6 ohm)

  • Best for: Smooth MTL vaping, high PG e-liquids, and low to medium wattage range

The PnP-M2 coil, with its 0.6-ohm resistance, is perfect for vapers who prefer a smooth MTL experience. It works best with high PG e-liquids and offers a low to medium wattage range (17-22W).

The PnP-M2 delivers an intense flavor profile while ensuring a satisfying throat hit and it can be used for salt nic, although the PnP-TR1 (detailed below) is preferable.

PnP-TR1 (1.2 ohm)

  • Best for: Pure MTL vaping, high PG e-liquids, and low wattage range

For those who enjoy a pure MTL experience, the PnP-TR1 is the ideal choice. With its 1.2-ohm resistance, it works best with high PG e-liquids and offers a low wattage range (10-15W). The PnP-TR1 provides a tight draw, mimicking the sensation of smoking, while delivering excellent flavor quality.

Check out our full guide to VooPoo’s entire PnP coil range; it covers everything you need to know about all of the current PnP coil variants.

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