Are Vape Mods Safer Than Disposable Vapes? A Guide…

Are Vape Mods Safer Than Disposable VapesPin

If you’re wondering whether a vape mod (or box mod) is a safer option than a disposable vape, here’s literally everything you need to know…

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    Key Takeaways

    • Generally, vape mods and disposable vapes are considered safe.
    • Disposable vapes are designed to run on small batteries and all of their internal components work seamlessly.
    • Vape mods must be treated with extreme care; they typically have safety features built in, but battery quality is still important.
    • Mechanical vape mods, which lack safety features, should only be used by experienced vapers.
    • For ultimate peace of mind, vape mods with built-in lithium-ion batteries or disposable vapes are recommended.


    Vape mods are, by design, a lot more complex than a disposable vape – or a pod vape. They deliver more performance, allow the user to customise their vaping experience, and allow for the use of different styles of vape tanks.

    • Vape mods, also known as box mods, are larger than pod mods and disposables, they run on external batteries (usually 18650 ones), and they come with loads of vaping modes and settings you can tinker with.
    • Disposable vapes are designed to be simple: they’re all-in-one devices, usually without any buttons, and they do not have settings or vaping modes. This is why plenty of users prefer them – they’re just really simple to use.

    With a disposable, you don’t need to worry about external batteries, refilling the device, wicking, coils, or anything – you unbox it, vape it, and when it’s done, you throw it away.

    Is A Vape Mod Safer Than A Disposable Vape?

    Are Vape Mods Safer Than Disposable VapesPin

    As for whether a vape mod or box mod is safer than a disposable vape, the simple answer is that IT DEPENDS – it depends on what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and how you treat your hardware.

    Generally speaking, if you’re messing around with external batteries and vape tanks of varying resistance, you’re more likely to run into trouble that you are with a disposable vape simply because there are more things that could go wrong.

    Disposable Vapes Are Essentially Idiot-Proof

    Disposable vapes run small batteries and all of their internal components are designed to work seamlessly. You cannot “overload” a disposable vape’s battery or run to higher wattages through it – they’re just not designed to do this type of thing.

    All you can do with a disposable vape, unless you use a rechargeable disposable vape, is run it as it was designed to run until it either runs out of vape juice or battery life. Once this happens, the vape is dead and needs to be disposed of appropriately.

    So, in this context, yes, disposable vapes are obviously safer to use than vape mods.

    Vape Mods Are Safe – Here’s Why…

    Because vape mods run on external 18650 batteries, they need to be treated with extreme care. Batteries by their very design are unstable, treating them poorly or damaging them in anyway can result in an explosion.

    The vast majority of modern vape mods you can buy, like the ones listed inside our Best Vape Mod Guide, are all designed with myriad safety features baked into them.

    You cannot get into trouble with these types of vape mods because, once the chipset inside it realises something is wrong, the vape mod simply will not send power to the battery.

    Are Vape Mods Safer Than Disposable Vapes? A Guide…Pin
    The Geekvape T200 Touch Vape Mod – This is One of The Safest Mods You Can Buy

    And these systems, for the most part, are completely failsafe. If you setup something wrong on your tank, or the coil isn’t installed correctly in your vape tank, the mod will know and it will not fire.

    In this respect, modern, regulated vape mods are extremely safe to use. The only possible area you could run into trouble is with vape batteries. That is why is it super important to make sure you only use the best possible quality 18650 batteries inside your vape mods.

    Or, failing that, use a vape mod with a built in lithium-ion battery, so you don’t need to worry about managing and charging 18650 batteries.

    Unregulated Vape Mods Can Be Dangerous…

    Similarly, with mechanical vape mods – vapes without any protections built in – you run the risk of forcing too much power through the battery and causing it to overload.

    With a mechanical vape mod, the current from the battery to the tank is completely unregulated. It is literally just you, your tank, and a battery.

    If you do not know about things like Ohm’s Law and how to accurately build and measure coil resistances, you’re basically building a pipe bomb that could go off at any time.

    This is why you should NEVER mess around with mechanical vape mods unless you REALLY know what you’re doing.

    So long as you’re using a regulated vape mod or a disposable vape, you’ll be safe and happy and not have to worry about any issues while vaping.

    If you’re the kind of person that worries excessively, however, I would suggest you run a vape that uses a rechargeable but non-removable lithium-ion battery (this one is fantastic BTW) or a disposable vape for overall peace of mind.

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