Veepon Tita-X: An Actual Leakproof Bridge

Veepon Tita X RBA ReviewPin

The Veepon Tita-X RBA hasn’t made a lot of noise in the industry, yet based on performance, it’s up there with some of the industry giants. It’s the first RBA bridge I’ve used that is totally leak proof produces flavour comparable to the Atmizoo Vapesnail.

Veepon Tita-X RBA Verdict – 98%

Veepon Tita X RBA ReviewPin

Bridge RBAs are a dime a dozen, most of them the same rehashed design in a different dress. The biggest issue with these bridges is that most of them are useless, either performing worse than a sub-ohm tank or leaking to the point of being useless. The Tita-X though, is the first bridge that does not leak no matter how hard I try and it produces astonishingly good flavour. If I didn’t know it’s only $32, I would have pegged the Tita-X RBA as a high-end bridge.


The first sign that the Tita-X is not like the others is in it’s packaging and presentation, not something I usually comment on, but with a neatly presented device and accessories neatly displayed in a tin, I couldn’t help but feel a smile form on my face. Presentation makes all the difference in the world and Veepon have nailed the packaging on the Tita-X RBA. The keen eyed will see Ultroner branding scattered around the packaging, a manufacturer that produced seriously beautiful products years ago and seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth. It’s good to have you back Ultroner.

Veepon include a host of airflow adapters that screw onto the bottom of the base. Seven adapters are included from a 1.0mm tight MTL draw to the pre-installed, massive 4.0mm.

Veepon also include a handful of replacement screws, two o-rings and two coils of unknown specs. Strangely, no cotton is included, which has been the norm for some time.

Veepon Tita X RBA ReviewPin

The Titan-X RBA is a single coil atomizer with diagonally opposed posts. This configuration allows a little extra room when building and even more space when wicking. There’s no real juice well, the Titan-X is bottom fed and part reason why it refuses to leak. Instead, your wicks go down the side of the deck into a little cubby. Juice is filled in your Boro styled tank and is absorbed through slits at the bottom of the deck. This way, juice cannot seep into the airflow and leak out the bottom as with traditional bridge designs.

Building on the Titan-X is ridiculously easy as long as you ensure your coil legs are straight. Pop a leg into each post, make sure the legs are still straight and the coil is positioned over the airflow, pull through some wick, making sure it’s just loose enough to not disturb your coil position. Cut your wicks equal to the deck, drop them in the juice well and you’re done. Adjusting airflow cannot be done on the fly, instead your airflow screw is screwed in from the bottom of the deck once installed.


I love the idea of bridges, until I actually use them. I’ve never used a bridge (and I’ve used a lot) that hasn’t either leaked to the point of being unusable or created a bunch of condensation that gets all over your device. I’ve avoided bridges when I can because I simply don’t like all my juice wasted due to poor design. This includes high-end bridges. I’m sure there are bridges that have been leak proof before, but I simply never tried them, or they failed in other areas, with an exception here and there.

The Tita-X though, it changes all of that. The bottom fed juice design creates a leakproof device, even when laying on its side. I know I keep harping on about this, but it makes me genuinely happy.

Veepon Tita X RBA ReviewPin

Fine, let’s move on to how it performs. The Tita-X gives you a myriad of airflow options from 1.0mm MTL, which is too tight, even for me, to 4.0mm which is absurdly large for DTL. For MTL, I found the 1.2mm to be the perfect MTL draw and the pre-installed 3.5mm perfect for direct lung vaping. All of the inserts provided a smooth draw, apart from the 1.5mm which for some reason kept on whistling.

The bell shaped chimney and direct under coil air insert creates the perfect scenario for accurate flavour production, albeit on the hot when pushing too much power through your coil.


  • Size: 17mm x 12.5mm x 39.85mm
  • Coil Type: Single Coil
  • Materials: Stainless Steel

Veepon Tita-X RBA

If you’ve been looking at dipping your toes into the world of bridges, but put off by the horror stories of juice soaked pants, the Veepon Tita-X RBA is right up your alley. Not only is it leakproof, but provides above average flavour and caters to MTL, DTL and everything inbetween.

It’s pretty well built, which is good, because this will likely be my daily driver for years to come.

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