Smok RPM 4 Review: The Best Mid-Sized Pod System On The Market?

By Christopher Horton •  Updated: 08/12/21 •  7 min read

The SMOK RPM 4 has taken elements from the company’s extensive line of RPM products to finally settle on what may be the best offering yet. Today, we take a look at what makes the RPM 4 tick.

The SMOK RPM 4: Is This The Final Form Of The RPM Pod Mod?

smok rpm 4

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Smok really started changing the game when the company moved on from giant sub-ohm tanks, and started making smaller kits like the original RPM Series. These little RPM mods became very popular in the shop I worked at. Heck, I even gave up my larger mods for the RPM 40. It was that good!

The SMOK released the larger version of the RPM. The newer RPM 80 could be purchased with an internal battery, or it could take an external 18650. This is the setup I have been using for the last year or so, as it is always in my rotation. I like the ease of use, and the battery life is superb. I easily get two days running it at about 20 watts.

But I have always wanted the two of these kits, the original RPM, and the RPM 80 to kind of…be combined. I don’t mind using both separately, but what if there was “One pod mod to rule them all”? The new SMOK IPX80 comes really close. But I think the SMOK RPM 4 might come a little closer!

I would like to have the luxury design of the RPM 80, with the smaller form factor of the RPM 40. So does the new SMOK RPM 4 check all the boxes for me? Maybe…

SMOK RPM 4: Features, Specs, And Design

Smok RPM 4 Review: The Best Mid-Sized Pod System On The Market?
The SMOK RPM 4 Regular Series

The New SMOK RPM 4 comes in two different editions. You have the regular/standard edition, and the leather edition. The only difference between these two editions is the aesthetics. One has a leather accent, while the other is all metal/plastic. The leather edition costs a bit more, but it also looks very classy. Otherwise, the features are all the same:

What’s In The Box?

Standout Features:

Let’s take a deep dive on some of these features and check out what the SMOK RPM 4 has to offer. Starting with the coils and pods. These new pods hold a whopping 5ML of juice. This is on par with most larger RTA/Sub Ohm tanks! This is a large tank, that can easily last you all day. As much as I love my Voopoo products, they all hold only 2ML.

You also get the choice of two different pods. The new LP2 pod holds the LP2 coils, that are mostly lower ohms. These are great for sub ohm vaping with freebase juice. The only problem I have with these coils, is you have to run them at higher wattages, and this affects battery life.

But you also get a pod for the regular RPM coils, which I think are the star of the show. The RPM coils come in about 7 different configurations and they range from MTL, to light sub ohm. These are my favorite coils for these devices, as you can run them at a lower wattage and still get tremendous flavor.

Smok RPM 4 Review: The Best Mid-Sized Pod System On The Market?

The RPM 4 mod itself, puts out 60 watts of power. This is right in the middle of the original RPM and the RPM 80. Personally, this is more than enough wattage for me, and more than enough to run any of the LP2 coils. It’s a good medium for a built in battery mod.

Speaking of which, you get an internal battery with 1650Mah of battery life. To be honest, this doesn’t sound like a lot. This battery life will work great with the original RPM coils. But the LP2 coils take a lot more power, and I found that at 40 watts, the mod lasts less than a day of vaping. Conversely, with the RPM DC coils, the RPM 4 lasts all day for me at 15 watts. The mod charges quickly through USB-C, and you can use the mod while it’s charging.

The button configuration and the TFT display screen are both going to seem very familiar if you have used a SMOK product before. The configuration is very simple to use, and the screen displays everything you need to know. You also have a lock feature to lock your wattage (which comes in handy when the mod is in your pocket/bag). You can also change the screen accent color, like the older RPM devices.

The deal breaker for some people will be the airflow control.Technically, the coils themselves mostly control what kind of airflow you have (The RPM coils have less airflow than the LP2). But if you are looking to dial the air down to MTL, you’re out of luck. A simple control, like on the Voopoo Drag/Argus, is what you get, and for the most part it works. But you have to dial it almost all the way down to get anything close to MTL, for salt nic.

SMOK RPM 4: Final Thoughts

Smok RPM 4 Review: The Best Mid-Sized Pod System On The Market?
The SMOK RPM 4 Leather Edition

So as I said in the beginning, I wanted the perfect hybrid of the original RPM 40, and the RPM 80. I was excited to see if the new SMOK RPM 4 would meet the grade. It does, in a lot of ways. But it is lacking in just a few areas.

The first problem I have is the air flow position. It is situated on the side, right where I hold the mod. So it’s easy to accidently cover the air ports. I also wish the USB-C was not on the bottom of the mod. I get a little nervous when you have to lay a mod on it’s side to charge it. Finally, I wish the battery was a little bit bigger than 1650Mah. But these are my only gripes.

Everything else about the new RPM is a huge plus, and it was due for a redesign. I like that the RPM 4 kept to the original RPM design, but changed a lot of the things that caused a problem with the original.

The new pods are clear, and you can easily see your juice level. With the original, you would have to hold it up to light, and it was always a guessing game when it came to your liquid level. I also like that this is the first RPM device that has any kind of adjustable airflow, although it is limited.

So all in all, this is a huge upgrade from the original. My thoughts and attitude towards SMOK may wax and wane, but lately the products speak for themselves. This is a great, easy to use system for beginners and experienced vapers alike! You can get yours today from Direct Vapor with Free Shipping!

Christopher Horton

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