SMOK ALIEN 220W Review: 100% AVOID This Mod (UPDATED)

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The SMOK Alien is one of the most well-known mods of all time. However, the SMOK Alien 220W suffers from A LOT of reported issues and faults. And this equals 100% AVOID status

UPDATE – Please Read: Hardware Problems & Issues To Keep In Mind

The SMOK Alien 220W has been getting a lot of bad press throughout 2016/17.

The brunt of the problems appear to be with the actual physical device, how it is made, and components used in the process.

Basically, A LOT of them seem to be breaking a little too quickly.

SMOK’s issues with the Alien mod, however, are now WELL established. And users’ – both now and then – were understandably pissed.

The most likely culprit is bad quality control.

Things getting through that shouldn’t have, like design problems and issues with the actual build materials/processes.

If you’re considering a SMOK mod, you’re 100% better off with one of its newer mods – the Alien is pretty old now, anyway.

I have made a list of the best SMOK mods I’ve reviewed in the past 18 months, which should help you on your journey.

My personal favorite right now is I-PRIV 2, which is pictured below (it is very good).

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SMOK I-Priv 2: The Latest & Greatest SMOK Mod (READ MORE)

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You can read our FULL, original review of the SMOK Alien from 2016 over on PAGE 2…

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