Hellvape MD MTL RTA Review: The Kayfun KILLER!

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Innovation this, innovation that….if a manufacturer in the vaping game doesn’t have their marketing sorted to a tee, no amount of innovation is going to bring in the sales. Much to my surprise then, when I’ve sort of almost kind of heard about the Hellvape MD MTL tank. Here we have a company that is responsible for one of the best know RDAs, the Dead Rabbit and they make almost no effort to promote what I consider one of the best tanks on the market today.

Hellvape MD MTL RTA Verdict – 94%

Hellvape MD MTL ReviewPin

Best Price – $29.99 (HeavenGifts)


  • Great looking tank
  • Turntable design to change airflow styles
  • Easy build deck
  • Heckin good flavor
  • Doesn’t leak
  • It’s cheap


  • Made me realize I spent way too much on Kayfuns

Full Hellvape MD MTL RTA Review

Hellvape MD MTL ReviewPin


If first impressions lasted, I would not have bothered with the MD. The packaging looks cheap and tacky, printed on a laserjet without bothering to replace the toner. Inside the box you’ll find the MD tank, 2 fused Claptons of unknown material, some O-rings, grub screws, an extra bubble glass, a Ken sized screwdriver and a weird circular thing that we’ll talk about later.


The Hellvape MD is a damn good looking tank and comes in 6 color configurations. Black, Black/Gold, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal/Purple, Gun Metal and Blue/Gold. I’ve been rocking the purple because it’s so gorgeous on my purple Double Barrel. The MD is slightly wider than most dedicated MTL tanks coming in at 24mm. The filling mechanism, while not unique, ensures no accidental spillage. To fill the MD, you need to remove the drip tip, slide the top cap over which reveals the large fill port. Two glass sizes take the MD from 2ml to 4ml capacity. Hellvape also includes 2 x 510 drip tips, a bell-shaped and one straight tip piece.

The Build Deck

This is where the MD becomes interesting. The deck uses a similar design to the Drop Solo in some regards, with a set of side-mounted posts, leaving your coil hanging over a bottom airflow hole. Getting your coil inserted is as easy as plopping the legs into the posts, aligning the coil over the airflow, tightening up the screws and snipping the leads.

Hellvape MD MTL ReviewPin

The airflow hole is interesting in the fact that Hellvape includes two “turntables” each with two different styled slots (honeycomb, slotted, holed and a wider slot area) Each set has a completely different airflow feel. While it is possible to swap out the turntable with your coil installed, it is a little fiddly, so make sure you’ve got your desired piece inserted before building.

Speaking of airflow, the MD is strictly MTL, even at it’s widest setting. Apart from the turntable adjustments, the airflow ring can be adjusted from 1 to 6, with 6 being the widest setting available. Personally, right around 3 with the small honeycomb insert is where I like my airflow.


With the stock 3mm fused Clapton coils provided, the Hellvape MD performs flawlessly. I had very little trouble getting the coil correctly placed for optimal flavor and at 16w the flavor was phenomenal. It’s warm, dense and oh so flavourful. The draw is smooth and turbulent free, akin to that of a QPD Gata and, dare I say, better than a Kayfun Prime.

You need to be a little cautious with wicking as the MD requires much less cotton than you would imagine. Fear not, I used half of what I would normally use and not a single drop of juice escaped through the air hole, virtually leak-free. One thing I do need to mention though is that this tank is as thirsty as a 46-year-old housewife


  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Capacity: 2ml/4ml
  • Drip tip: 510
  • Thread:510

Hellvape MD MTL Conclusion

Hellvape MD MTL ReviewPin

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why Hellvape isn’t marketing the MD better. This little tank punches far above its weight, knocking my Kayfuns out and running away from my previous favorite QPD Gata. It ticks all the right boxes, easy to build on, smooth draw, flavor for days and less than half the price ($29.99; HeavenGifts) of similar or worse performing MTL setups. It’s going to take a lot to get this thing off the top spot.

Best Price – $29.99 (HeavenGifts)


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