Geekvape Z200 Review: What Were They Thinking?

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The Geekvape Z200 is everything that makes the T200 good, but there’s something odd about this device. Micro USB and no IP rating on a device that came out this year? They’ve also dropped the touch screen, but is the Z200 still worth your money?

Geekvape Z200 Verdict – 62%

Dropping the touchscreen on the Z200 makes sense, not everyone likes to carry a smartphone around on their vape, but the micro-usb charging port and lack of any weather proofing, that’s an odd move. Is Geekvape trying to get rid of old chipsets they have laying around the factory and does it even matter? Spoiler alert: It does.


Starting with the elephant in the room, micro-USB on a 2023 device is inexcusable. Sure, it’s recommended that external batteries should be charged in an external charger, but not every does and having a chipset that charges batteries at a much slower rate than USB-C further increases the risk. It makes little sense why Geekvape would use an archaic charge port for any other reason than moving old stock. Inexcusable. Further, dropping any IP rated protection gets this review started of on the wrong foot.

Geekvape Z200 ReviewPin

Thankfully the build quality is fantastic, so I reckon dropping it would be fine, as long as it’s not into water deeper than 2mm. The entire thing is constructed of zinc alloy making it strong and lightweight. It feels cheap, as zinc-alloy does, but it’s put together well.

The screen is oddly similar to the Geekvape Aegis X from years ago, which affirms my suspicion that the Z200s sole purpose is to clear production lines of old parts. That said, it’s still a good screen, even in 2023. It’s vibrant, clear and just overall impressive.

Adjustment buttons sit to the right of the screen, a large fire button on top and power adjustments near the bottom of the device. Sadly, as clicky as the buttons are, they are equally wobbly.

The charging port sits on the top edge, covered by a rubber flap in an attempt to at least somewhat water proof the device.

The Z200 takes two 18650 batteries covered with Geekvapes’ typical battery door which is, thankfully, fantastic.

Yeah, confused feelings all around. Solid body, wobbly buttons that feel good to press, amazing battery tray and a damn micro-usb charger. I have no idea how to feel about the design choices Geekvape made here.

The Geekvape Z200 kit includes the Geekvape Z Tank, a Subohm tank we’ve reviewed before and loved. It works and it works well. Amazingly flavorful, smooth airflow and coil longevity unmatched by all. The Z200 kit might be worth it for the tank itself.


Putting all the complaints above to rest, the Z200 does actually perform well. Power is rated 5 to 200w and like all Chinese built mods, probably doesn’t get near to it, but it does feel extremely powerful at the higher outputs.

power modes include variable wattage, power curves, bypass mode, smart mode (which automatically changes your wattages based on your coil resistance) and temperature control. Strangely, temperature control is amazing on the Z200. I can’t quite remember how well it worked in the Aegis X, but I remember it being pretty good to, so perhaps this is the same chipset? Either way, it provides a satisfying experience that I would actually use frequently.

Geekvape Z200 ReviewPin

Battery performance is excellent, although not as good as the LC200 due to the large colorful screen. It’s a compromise I’m wiling to make as the performance isn’t greatly effected.

Wait, I’m not ready to put the charging port to bed yet, man does this thing take ages to charge a drained set of 18650 fully. It’s painfully slow and I absolutely hate this about this mod. A USB Type-C charger would have made all the difference, what a silly decision by Geekvape.

While it has no IP rating, I don’t quite believe it doesn’t have some form of weather and shock protection, it’s likely a legal thing, preventing users complaining about devices failing. Based on data provided by to us (insert grain of salt here), failure rates are extremely low.


  • Size: 51.5mm x 30mm x 141.33mm
  • Battery Capacity: Dual 18650
  • Materials: Zinc Alloy
  • Modes: VW/VV/Bypass/Curves/Automatic
  • Weight: 221.3g
  • Stupidity: Yes

Geekvape Z200 Conclusion

So, does performance of the Geekvape Z200 make up for some of the worst design and engineering decisions we’ve seen in the market (and that includes the couples tank stupidity)?

Yes and no. If this was the only device Geekvape offered with this screen, we could easily overlook the charge port, I mean, people pay out the ass for DNA devices and don’t complain about the Micro-USB ports. The problem is, Geekvape has the T200, which is essentially the same device, but includes a Type-C charger, IP rating and a touchscreen for not much more. In fact, the cost difference is negligible and brings me to the point, there is none to promote the Geekvape Z200 over the fantastic bit of the that the T200 is.

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