Geekvape T200 Review: A Gentle Touch

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The Geekvape T200 is another homerun by Geekvape, a large touchscreen display, dual battery device that’s rock solid and performs as good as anything out there, if a bit power hungry.

Geekvape T200 Verdict – 88%

The Geekvape T200 is undoubtedly one of the best consumer grade touch screen devices we’ve seen in a long time. The beautiful colour screen that takes up the entire front facia and all metal construction made it a firm favourite for those looking to step up their vape game. The Geekvape T200 does what the Asmodus Minikin 3 was supposed to do.


Geekvape T200 Review: A Gentle TouchPin

First off, the behemoth 2.4″ vivid colour touchscreen cannot be missed. It takes center stage on the T200, taking up the entire front facia.

The screen is responsive and accurate, registering your presses with ease, which may cause a few miss-presses if not careful. There’s always a worry that touch screen devices will act like those first touchscreen phones of the early 2000s, but the display on the T200 is superb.

To accommodate the screen, Geekvape has positioned the fire buttons to the right side of the device. The fire button falls neatly below your thumb when holding the device. Adjustments are made onscreen which makes space for the USB-C charge port below the fire button which feels clicky and solid. The button is a serious step up from the of the Aegis X released a number of years ago. It’s one of my favourite buttons I have had the pleasure to experience.

Around the other side you can find the now familiar lock slider that prevents any accidental presses on the screen, I highly recommend activating this the moment you have your settings dialed.

The zinc-alloy frame wraps around the screen in either navy blue, blackish green, claret red, azure blue, rainbow, silver or black. A seriously good looking mod in everything other that rainbow.

The larger than usual body takes two 18650 batteries, but it’s a shame that Geekvape didn’t add a little extra girth to accommodate 21700s. It wouldn’t take much as the T200 is already quite chunky. Geekvape loses a few points here for the battery cover that feels just a tad flimsy for my liking; not an issue if using the charging port on the device instead of an external charger, but we’d always recommend removing batteries to charge them in a good quality charger.


If you’ve had any Geekvape device in the last 5 years, you’ll know exactly what the T200 is all about. Functional and versatile. It does nothing amazing or new, but provides a solid vaping experience that feels consistent, hit after the hit.

The Geekvape T200 offers a maximum wattage of 200w as the name suggest and while I’m not positive that it’s actually reaching a full 200 watts, it feels damn close to it. It’s an uncomfortable wattage to vape at anyway, but if that floats your cloud-chasing boat, I doubt you’d be unimpressed by the pure power it produces.

Geekvape T200 Review: A Gentle TouchPin

The chipset is the same chip from the L200 (which we loved) with the same feature set, although the T200 offers a touchscreen that’s on par with some of the latest smartphones on the market. It’s a magic screen with rich and vibrant colours. It’s pretty responsive too and easily the best implementation of a touch screen on a mod.

The menus are much easier to navigate than older Geekvape devices (no doubt thanks to the touch capabilities) and the layout makes sense for once. Obviously, there’s no physical adjustment buttons as this is all done on screen, but the fire button feels well constructed and secure.

The usual host of modes are available, wattage adjustment, voltage adjustment, bypass mode and a less than perfect temperature control mode.

Battery drain is a little bit of a concern on the T200 versus the L200 and similar due to the extra power required to run that large screen. There’s a definite decline in battery life that cannot be dismissed, even with dual 18650s.

Geekvape T200 Review: A Gentle TouchPin


  • Size: 90.1mm x 54.6mm x 31.3mm
  • Battery Capacity: Dual 18650
  • Materials: Stainless Steel/Polycarbonate
  • Modes: VW/VV/Bypass/Curves/Automatic
  • Weight: 168g

Geekvape T200 Conclusion

The Geekvape T200 is more of the same, an L200 in a giant body with a glorious touch screen. It performs, for a lack of a better word, reliably. It hits as you would expect every single time and it’s this consistency that makes Geekvape my go to manufacturer when it comes to Chinese made mods.

The additional battery drain is the only area the T200 needs improvement on, other than that, it’s about as perfect as a mass produced vape device gets.

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