Aspire Cleito Review: As Good As The Herakles Plus

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The Aspire Cleito is cheap and easily one of best vape tanks around right now. If you’re looking for a new sub-ohm tank and do not want any disappointment, the Cleito is the way to go! 

The Aspire Cleito is made by one of the most highly revered manufacturers in the industry and it as a sub-ohm tank that sets out to build on the momentum established by the excellent Aspire TRITON 2.

The sub-ohm tank space is super competitive these days, though. Never before have we have more choice when it comes to tanks — and that’s before you even consider RTAs and RBAs.

Indeed, competition is fierce and performance, at least, on a lot of tanks we’ve tested this year, has ramped up significantly.

Coil technology is better than ever before and we’re seeing big improvements in flavour and cloud production.

Does the Aspire Cleito impress? Or are you better off with something else? Read on to find…

Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm Tank Review: Design

Aspire is a premium brand, as you probably well know. It is a US company and it makes high-end, performance gear. The Cleito is no exception to this rule, either, with its minimalist styling and perfectly executed machining.

Aspire Cleito Vape TankPin

Everything unscrews easily, meaning taking the tank apart for cleaning and refilling is super simple. The threading on the 510-connection is silky-smooth and everything just slips into place with zero fuss.

Aspire Cleito Vape TankPin

The coils have three rather long and sort of wide wicking channels and the airflow is not your traditional four slot airflow but rather a three slot airflow which is fully adjustable and very easy to adjust.

Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm Tank Review: Performance and Coils

First off we will talk about the coils. The Cleito comes preinstalled with the .4ohm 40W-60W coil and a spare .2ohm 55W-70W coil. After cleaning the Cleito, I decided to leave the .4ohm coil in and gave it a spin. The coil wicks very nicely, just like the Herakles Plus coils.

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The flavour is amazing and I can attribute that to the fact that the Cleito coils are housed in the chimney so you get a burst of flavour right off the bat. I started at the 40W minimum rating and worked my way up to 100W in 5W increments.

As I moved up in 5W increments, I noticed the clouds were getting bigger and denser and the flavour just kept getting better and better.

At the 100W mark the coil gave me some dryness so I opted to not go any further. After 4 tanks with the .4ohm coil I wanted to try the .2ohm coil, so that’s exactly what I did.

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After priming and filling the tank I again started at 40W, even though the .2ohm coil says it is rated at 55W minimum. I got good flavour and decent amount of clouds.

I worked my way up to 125W before I got a dry hit. The .2ohm coil gave superior performance throughout the 55-120W range, however, though the sweet spot was definitely around 60-70W.

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Overall, the cloud production was awesome and the flavour I got from the Cleito possibly even out does my favourite tank, the Herakles Plus.

Now, on to the performance of the Cleito tank itself. Although the Cleito did get hot at the higher wattages it wasn’t uncomfortably hot. The 3 slot airflow was more than enough to help keep the vape from getting too hot.

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It’s pretty good with E-Juice consumption as well; the 0.4ohm coil, vaped at 55W lasted me about a day with moderate vaping. Push the wattage higher with the .2ohm coil, however, and you’ll definitely need to refill before bed.

Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm Tank Review: Conclusion and Final Thoughts

If you want a great flavour sub-ohm tank at a very affordable price with clouds to boot then skip the Herakles Plus and go for the Cleito.

Aspire really did its homework here and have themselves a real winner.

Aspire Cleito Vape TankPin

On my rating scale for flavour the Cleito gets a 9.8/10 and the clouds get a solid 9/10. My overall experience rating with the Cleito has to be a 9.5/10.


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