VaporFi is DEAD! Long Live The NEW VaporFi


VaporFi is one of the most established players in the vape space with a HUGE online and brick and mortar presence. Up to very recently, though, VaporFi only sold its own brand hardware and E Juice – but that has ALL changed.

VaporFi dropped me a line right before the Xmas break to tell me that they will begin carrying a myriad of third-party vape brands – brands like UWELL, Vandy Vape, SMOK, Vaporesso, Wismec and more.

This is kind of a big deal for the company, as up to now it has always carried its own, proprietary hardware. And this was fine, but in order to further expand its reach, as well as cater to a wider demographic of vapers, the company has decided to start carrying other brands.

Whether you’re looking for a new tank, a new mod, or something else entirely, VaporFi’s new setup has you 100% covered.

Check Out VaporFi’s Brand New Range of Vape Products!

They now carry all the best brands in the business, so if you’re already a member of VaporFi points programme, you can put your hard-earned points to good use on products from some of the vape space’s biggest and best brands.

I bought my DEAD RABBIT RDA via VaporFi, for instance, and because they do such good returns and warranties, I’ll probably get most of my new hardware via them as well.

vaporfiPin vaporfiPin

I’ve been burnt by too many retailers over the years with respect to returns and warranties, but VaporFi has always been great when there have been issues with anything that I have purchased. For this reason, I am pretty much over the moon about them starting to carry other non-VaporFi brands!

“VaporFi is committed to offering quality, variety and value, so it was a natural decision for us to carry third-party vaping devices to complement our own”. He furthered with: “We now boast an impressive and diverse hardware offering that goes hand in hand with the most robust juice blend portfolio in the industry with over 30,000 flavors”.

A List of ALL Vape Brands Now Available at VaporFi

VaporFi has some of the best warranty and returns in the business, so being able to pick up other, non-VaporFi brands at competitive prices, with the above in mind, is great for consumers, as they can buy with confidence, knowing that if something goes wrong they can simply get a refund or a replacement.

VaporFi has also expanded into the UK and Latin America in recent months and wants to play a major part in the way vape products are sold and consumed in the run up to 2025 when the industry as a whole is expected to generate around $25 billion in revenue.

DEAD Rabbit RDAPin
My DEAD RABBIT RDA– I Got It From VaporFi For $35.95

“We remain highly passionate in regards to our place in this market and we cannot deny how exciting of an industry it is wholly,” said VaporFi in a statement to the press.

It added: “We deeply respect the work of many other companies who have also done so much to propel the prominence of vapor smoking into the lives of tobacco users. Joyetech, Eleaf, Innokin, Smok, Tesla, Sense; these guys have been greatly influential in progressing the technology and innovation of vaping, and we are certain that including their products in our selection will only enable us to secure an even greater position, geared to serve our customers at the highest level.”

You can check out the full line-up of new products right here!

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