Open Source Vapor KILLED By FDA Deeming Regs


Open Source Vapor is just one of the FDA’s victims, as company confirms it will be closing down on June 30

The bureaucrats are winning and we’re starting to see some initial fallout from the FDA’s Deeming Regulations. Open Source Vapor has confirmed that it will be closing its doors as of June 30.

Shit’s getting REAL now, guys. And this should be a MAJOR eye-opener for anyone who thinks all this FDA nonsense will just “blow over”.

This is a HUGE blow for the vaping community, and a very alarming sign of the times. Independent vape labs all over the country are now feeling the pressure, as the FDA — as well as bizarre State laws — begin to take effect, forcing small, independent businesses into impossible positions.

Here’s an email Joshua McCord of Open Source Vapor sent to his customers. It’s a sad read, as it is never nice to see a business closing its doors, but what makes things worse is that this will start happening more and more as we progress through 2016 into 2017.


We no longer have any shot at complying with Indiana’s new e-liquid laws. Last chance to order! HB 1432 never made any sense. A ton of really specific rules that seemed to have no bearing on the quality of our juice. These incredibly specific regulations required any e-liquid manufacturer to contract with a security company for five years, right before deeming regulations hit, presumably to make sure nobody broke in to sneak drugs into their e-liquid.

There wasn’t one security firm in the state that could actually meet the requirements. An employee who is a rolling steel fire door technician certified by the International Door Association? And the same person must also be an Architectural Hardware Consultant, certified by the Door and Hardware Institute? And that security firm must have continuously employed somebody who met those requirements for the past year!?

So no local security company had the time to get in compliance. Nobody. But then, at the last minute, one of them comes out and announces that they have the guy to meet those requirements. But they’ve already accepted all the applications they’re taking, and don’t have time to handle anyone else.

I am saddened to say, we will be mixing our last juice on June 30th, 2016. The last orders accepted will be on June 29th, after that ordering will be disabled. As of July 1st, even DIYing my own juice will be illegal under state law. And none of the approved Indiana companies offer a PG-free option. Two out of the six approved companies don’t even have facilities up and running.

My most sincere apologies for the last-minute nature of this, I truly believed we could find a way to continue, in compliance with these “regulations.”

Joshua McCord Open Source Vapor


Again, the extent of how bad this actually is should not be lost on anybody. Read what Joshua wrote, take it in, and see the level of bullshit we’re up against here. It is an impossible position to be in and it is one that will only serve to increase the amount of people smoking and shut down small, local businesses.

What can you do? Go and buy and absolute BOATLOAD of E-Liquid from Open Source Vapor before it’s too late! They make great stuff, so if you’re in the area make sure you drop by and pass on your condolences and buy some stuff!


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