Shocking Picture ACTUALLY Shows Real Dangers of Vaping

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In the US, the FDA is waging war on the vaping industry, backed up, as always by its good buddies in Big Pharma. And it is playing on current smokers fears associated with the dangers of vaping – but are they legit fears?

You even have professors in the US actively telling people on Twitter that they should SMOKE instead of vape. Seriously.

Do they have a point? Are you actually better off smoking? Let’s see what Public Health England has to say about it, shall we?

Dangers of Vaping Revealed Once And For All…

In a recent appearance on a UK breakfast TV show, Dr. Lion Shabab conducted an experiment involving two jars filled with cotton wool balls.

In one jar, four week’s worth of cigarettes were passed through. In the other, four weeks of vapor.

And this is what the end result looked like:

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The REAL Dangers of Vaping Exposed Once And For All (Vapor Left; Tobacco Right)


“The false belief that vaping is as harmful as smoking could be preventing thousands of smokers from switching to e-cigarettes to help them quit,” said Dr. Shabab.

“I hope this illustrative experiment helps people see the huge damage caused by smoking that could be avoided by switching to an e-cigarette.

He added: “Research we and others have conducted shows that vaping is much less harmful than smoking and that using e-cigarettes on a long-term basis is relatively safe.”

If you do your research or hang out regularly with informed individuals like VapeBeat’s very own Dr. Marewa Glover, you will know that a lot of what is peddled by the FDA and its outlets is not exactly correct.

You hear things about heart attacks, vapor being worse than tobacco smoke, popcorn lung… the list goes on and on.

But here’s the thing: for the vast majority of these alleged things, there is ZERO science to back them up.

Even the FDA’s “figures” about the apparent teen vaping epidemic sweeping the nation was grossly misrepresented by the current head of the FDA, Scott Gottlieb.

So what’s going on? Why doesn’t the FDA want us to be healthy, or to make better choices with respect to harm-reduction in our lives?

Simple: The FDA works for Big Pharma.

Don’t believe me? Check out this report compiled by Science which discovered the following:

  • Forty of 107 physician advisers on the committees examined “received more than $10,000 in post hoc earnings or research support from the makers of drugs that the panels voted to approve, or from competing firms,” the publication said. Of those 40, 26 snagged more than $100,000 and seven of those gained $1 million or more.
  • Science said that 17 top-earning advisers benefitted from more than $26 million in research assistance or personal payments from industry companies. Of those payments, 94 percent “came from the makers of drugs those advisers previously reviewed or from competitors,” Science said.
  • Many of the advisers received funds from those companies that were reviewed “concurrent with or in the year before their advisory service.” The payments were disclosed in scholarly reports, but not by the FDA, Science said.

Hardly impartial science!

This is Why The UK is Actively Pro-Vaping

If vaping were so dangerous, meaning if the dangers of vaping were actually real, and not some trumped-up claim based on very loose, shake science then, yes, the FDA and Big Pharma might have a point.

But as Public Health England has constantly shown, vaping is NOT the enemy of the people. In fact, vaping is our best hope of destroying smoking for good within a generation.

Back in 2015 and 2016, Public Health England released a report that claimed vaping was 95% safer than smoking.

It reiterated this claim in 2017, 2018, and, once again, in 2019.

The information is ALL out there, you just have to know where to find it because BIG MONEY is doing all it can to suppress the dissemination of it to the masses.

Vaping is a technology that can (and will) save billions of lives in the next couple of generations.

We cannot let it be destroyed by corporate crooks in the FDA and Big Pharma.

Need Help? No problem.

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