What Is an Atomizer on a Vape Mod?

What Is an Atomizer on a Vape Mod?Pin

What Is an Atomizer on a Vape Mod?Pin

While it may sound like a futuristic device that disintegrates your enemies with the press of a button, an atomizer is actually just the part of your vape that produces the vapor that you inhale. This is the component that evaporates the juice and makes it possible to vape alcohol (though you never should).

This term isn’t specific to the vaping world. An atomizer is defined as “a device for emitting water, perfume, or other liquids as a fine spray.”

A Part of the Tank

In the simplest terms, your vape mod is a battery with a power controller. This means it’s a glorified power bank that puts out the watts you select on the screen. 

When you vape, your vape mod is delivering the wattage you’ve selected through the threaded connector to your vape tank. It’s where this wattage meets the atomizer in the tank that the magic really happens.

How Does an Atomizer Work?

We’ll start with the tank, because that’s where the atomizer is located. The tank is where your vape juice goes. It’s attached to the vape mod battery pack with a threaded connector. 

The bottom of the tank houses the bottom cap, along with inlet tubes that let fresh air into the chimney to be mixed with the vapor. On top of that, you’ll see the atomizer. In some professional and custom vaping circles, it is known as “the build deck.” This is one of the components that people like to customize, building their own coils for maximum vaping and fine tuning. The coil and wick come together inside the atomizer.

The coil is the part that heats up when you press the button on your vape. In many designs, a wick will be threaded through the center hole in the coil. As long as you keep vape juice in your tank, the wick will stay wet and produce vapor every time you press the button and heat the coil. The vapor chamber comes off the top of the atomizer. Above that is the chimney, which leads to your mouthpiece. 

Are Custom Atomizer Mods Worth It?

Like any hobby, be it woodworking or vaping, there are several levels of customization, from beginner to mad scientist. For most beginners and casual vapers, there is little incentive to go all out. Fantastic atomizers can be bought as part of ready-made tank kits that are essentially plug-and-play and require no setup whatsoever. 

However, for those that want to maximize and fully customize their vaping experience, there is a serious rabbit hole that you can quickly go down. From coils of various electrical resistance to wattage power controllers, there are a lot of components vapers can play with to achieve different outcomes. 

A word of caution—if you’ve decided to go the custom rig route, it’s important to do your homework. Battery and electrical fires are no joke, and can occur easily without proper knowledge and precautions. 

Final Thoughts

Vapes are complex machines that work simply. Atomizers are just one of the components you can depend on in standard builds or adjust if you start exploring customization.

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