Can You Vape Alcohol in a Mod?

Can You Vape Alcohol in a Mod?Pin

Can You Vape Alcohol in a Mod?Pin

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should?” This is the answer to today’s question. Scientifically, alcohol will vaporize like any other liquid, but vaping it is a terrible idea. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a popular mod or even the best box mod kits, vaping alcohol is not only dangerous, but potentially lethal. Here is some of the best science available on this alarming trend:

What Does Science Say?

Not a lot of studies have been conducted on the effects of vaping alcohol. This is because scientists know it’s dangerous, and therefore can’t ethically ask someone to vape alcohol. 

The studies that do exist are mostly based on anecdotal reports from at-home alcohol vaping experiments gone wrong. Typically, these reports are written by ER doctors who sadly have to deal with the after-effects of someone’s misadventure. The controlled studies that have been done involved rats exposed to alcohol vapors. 

What Are the Health Risks?

If you’ve gotten this far, we must make it clear again, vaping alcohol is a terrible idea. Just like all cartridges aren’t compatible with all mods, vaping alcohol isn’t compatible with your body.

Increased Risk of Alcohol Poisoning

When you drink alcohol or take medicine, your digestive system breaks down the substance into its constituent parts and then passes it through the liver before it gets to your bloodstream. This means that the amount you ingest is different from the amount that ends up in your blood. 

Substances inhaled into the lungs are pumped directly into your bloodstream and bypass the liver completely. This is because your lungs are designed to deliver oxygen directly into the bloodstream quickly, and they do this very efficiently, along with whatever else you’ve inhaled. 

This can lead to a relatively small amount of alcohol quickly overwhelming your bloodstream and giving you a blood alcohol level that can be dangerous and even lethal. 

Another factor in this equation is the low boiling point of alcohol, which means your vape mod will boil the alcohol far more quickly than standard vape juice. This can lead to a huge amount of vapor being inhaled from what was supposed to be a mild pull. 

Lastly, if you have too many rum and cokes and end up with alcohol poisoning, you can simply vomit to quickly lower the amount of alcohol in your body. With inhaled alcohol, however, there’s no way to get the alcohol out of your system. This makes inhaled alcohol poisoning more dangerous than regular alcohol poisoning.  

The Wrong Type of Alcohol Can Injure or Kill

Sadly, many people are not aware that there are many types of alcohol. While all of them will get you drunk, several of them will do severe damage in the process. 

Even things that may be labeled as ethyl alcohol (the safe-to-drink variety of alcohol) can be contaminated with all sorts of other chemicals. All of these chemicals will be immediately pumped into your blood, where they can wreak havoc on your body. 

Severe Hangovers and Alcoholism

In both anecdotal reports and in the lab studies performed, scientists have reported an increased risk of alcohol dependency and addiction when vaped. This is due to the powerful and sudden nature of how the alcohol enters the bloodstream. 

Furthermore, the comedown effect—known to most of us as a hangover—can be particularly brutal because all the left-over additives in the alcohol have to be slowly filtered out by your body.

Play It Safe

Inhaling alcohol can be terrible for your body and have long-lasting consequences. Even experimenting with it once is a dangerous idea.

If you want to understand more about the science of mods or read about what atomizers are, check out our recent posts!

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