Valyrian 2 vs Valyrian 2 Pro: Which UWELL Tank Is The Best?


If you’re in the market for a cracking sub-ohm vape tank, the UWELL Valyrian 2 is just about as good as gets. But how does it compare to the UWELL Valyrian 2 Pro?

The UWELL Valyrian, the OG model, was superb. And then UWELL did the unthinkable and made a successor tank that was even better. The Valyrian 2 has better flavor, better coils, and a better design.

This is pretty much unheard of in the vape tank market. Most “great” tanks are great and then successor models fall short. With the Valyrian 2, however, it is just so much better than the OG Valyrian tank.

But now UWELL has a new tank in its Valyrian lineup of sub-ohm vape tanks, and it goes by the name of the Valyrian 2 Pro.

But is the Valyrian 2 Pro better than the Valyrian 2? Or are you better off with the Valyrian 2? Let’s find out…

Valyrian 2 vs Valyrian 2 Pro – How They’re Different

First, let’s get the main differences out of the way, covering off how the Valyrian 2 is different from the Valyrian 2 Pro.

  • The Valyrian 2 is 25-26mm at the base and 29mm with the bubble glass at the top, whereas the Valyrian 2 Pro is 27-28mm at the base, and 32mm at the bubble glass.
  • The Valyrian 2 Pro is 2mm taller than the Valyrian 2.
  • The Valyrian 2 Pro has an 810 drip tip, while the Valyrian 2 has a 510 drip tip.
  • The Valyrian 2 Pro has a wider chimney which allows for increased airflow and, by proxy, larger clouds.
  • They both use the same coils.

As you can see from the above, the Valyrian 2 Pro is essentially just a larger version of the Valyrian 2. It is both bigger with respect to its overall design, and it has a wider chimney which allows for more vapor to flow through the tank.

But that’s about it, really; save for the fact that the Valyrian 2 Pro now uses an 810 drip tip. As far as changes go, none of these can be considered game-changers. They’re mostly cosmetic updates.

Valyrian Coils

Both the Valyrian 2 and the Valyrian 2 Pro use the same coils. UWELL did not release any new coils for the Valyrian 2 Pro, so you’re effectively running the same coils on both tanks.

Not that this is a problem: UWELL’s Valyrian coils are utterly superb, easily some of the best in the business, next to HorizenTech’s for its Falcon series of tanks.


After running both of these tanks, I have a couple of initial thoughts on the main differences between them. The main thing is that the Valyrian 2 Pro’s airflow, in my opinion, is a bit much – there’s just LOADS of it.

But if you like big clouds, the Pro model is the obvious choice – it is a goddamn monster!

Valyrian 2 vs Valyrian 2 Pro: Which UWELL Tank Is The Best?Pin
The Valyrian 2 – I Prefer This Tank Over The Pro

I much prefer the way the Valyrian 2 draws, the amount of vapor it produces, and the overall way it vapes. Both tanks excel in the flavor department, but I do prefer the way the Valyrian 2 vapes.

For my tastes, the Valyrian 2 Pro’s airflow is just too much. It kicks out SO MUCH VAPOR that you can fog up an entire room with just a few, big hits. It’s actually kind of bonkers just how much vapor this tank kicks out.

Wrapping Up?

Which is the best Valyrian tank to get out of the Valyrian 2 and the Valyrian 2 Pro? For my personal vaping style, I would 100% say the Valyrian 2 – I like clouds, but not the amount the Pro produces.

Valyrian 2 vs Valyrian 2 Pro: Which UWELL Tank Is The Best?Pin
The Valyrian 2 Is Available In A Range of Colors (VIEW THEM ALL HERE)

If you’re a cloud-chaser and you want the biggest clouds possible, go with the Valyrian 2 Pro – it is a monster. If you just want a normal level of clouds, go with the Valyrian 2, it is a lot tamer.

With respect to flavor, both tanks are more or less equal: they both produce excellent flavor and the coils last for weeks at a time. All things being equal, both are excellent options. It all depends on what you need/want from your vape tank.

Want MEGA clouds, get the Valyrian 2 Pro. Prefer something a little less insane, but with equally good flavor? Go with the Valyrian 2.

Valyrian 2 Best Deal | $29.99 or £27.99

Valyrian 2 Pro Best Deal | $41.99 or £27.99

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