RDA Tanks With BIG Juice Wells – Less DRIP, More RIP!

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If you’re after an RDA with a big juice well so you can drip and rip without having to worry about dry hits, you’re in the right place! 

Top RDAs With Big Juice Wells

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If you’re a hardcore RDA user, this one might not be for you. Why? Simple: you probably already know all the best RDA tanks with big juice wells.

But if you’re new to the world of RDA vaping, this is definitely something you’ll want to check out.

They’re super-simple to live with, provide awesome flavor and clouds, and are WAY cheaper to run than standard sub-ohm tanks, as you make your own coils.

A lot of people get put off RDA tanks because they don’t like the idea of constantly dripping fresh E Juice inside the tank every 10 or so puffs.

But this is just plain WRONG; modern RDA tanks, with the right wicking technique, can easily go for 20-30 puffs before a re-drip is required.

You can also buy RDA tanks with BIG ASS juice wells now too.

What are the best options for RDA tanks with big juices wells right now?

Well, my top picks are listed in the table above but if you want more information on each RDA, you can find all the #1 options in more detail below…

Goon 1.5 RDA



The Goon 1.5 RDA is one of the most expensive rebuildable atomizers on this list, and with good reason too – it is freakin’ awesome. From the deck to the overall design and finish, everything is pristine.

It also has a sizeable juice well, so once you’ve installed your coils and you’re up and running, you can squeeze around 15-25 hits per drip. It also doubles a squonk RDA as well. Best of both worlds, basically.

Recoil Rebel RDA

Recoil Rebel RDAPin


This tank was designed by Grimm Green. It’s made to be a dripper, though you can buy a squonk pin for it (though one is NOT included). As a dripper, the Recoil Rebel RDA really shines. It’s super simple, and it just RIPS!

The flavor is huge and the deck is great for installing all kinds of builds. I love its design and its simplicity. I also like that it can hold a fair amount of juice between drips. Grimm done good with this one!

Bonza 1.5 RDA



Like the Recoil Rebel, the Bonza 1.5 RDA is a big-hittin’ RDA that is designed for performance and flavor. Created by The Vaping Bogan, the Bonza RDA is happy on both mechs, regulated vape mods, and squonk mods.

It has a deck very similar to the original Goon, meaning it’s super-simple to work with and build on, and it is can hold a fair amount of E Juice too. Proper good stuff, basically.


Drop Dead RDAPin


The DigiFlavor Drop and the Dead Rabbit RDA were two very popular RDAs. For this reason, HellVapes decided to merge the two RDA atomizers together into one, super RDA.

The Drop DEAD RDA takes all the best bits of the Dead Rabbit and the Drop RDA to create something utterly awesome. This atty is a solid, all-round performer that kicks out immense flavor and clouds. Epic stuff.

GeekVape Loop RDA

geekvape loop rdaPin


I positively LOVE this RDA. The GeekVape Loop RDA is one of my most-used RDAs of all time. Why’s that? Simple: it’s super-easy to build and set up and it delivers outstanding flavor and cloud production.

Chuck in a beautiful deck and a big ass juice well and, well… you’re in dripper’s heaven!

Pulse 24 RDA

Pulse 24 RDAPin


The Pulse 24 is a great RDA for flavor. It also looks pretty badass too. I really enjoyed using this atomizer when I tested it out in 2017/18, and I have come back to it time and time again since then.

A simple deck combined with excellent airflow makes for some of the biggest flavor on the market right now. If you like flavor, easy builds, and wicked-good airflow, the Pulse 24 RDA comes highly recommended.

For an overview of the best RDAs on the market right now for squonking – inducing dual-coil and single coil RDAs – make sure you check out our Best RDA Guide: Squonks & Drippers.

It covers everything you need to know about the top-rated RDAs available right now.

We also have a dedicated feature on single coil RDAs, which is definitely worth a look if you’re rocking a single 18650 mod, as they require way less power.

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