SMOK NOVO vs SMOK NOVO 2: What’s The Difference?

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The SMOK NOVO and SMOK NOVO 2 are massively popular pod vapes. But which is the better option? The OG or the successor? Let’s find out in a straight up SMOK NOVO vs SMOK NOVO 2 comparison…

In this comparison of the SMOK NOVO and SMOK NOVO 2, we’ll take a measured approach, looking at the vital aspects that matter to vapers: design, performance, ease of use, and overall durability.

The original NOVO, a game-changer upon its release, set a high standard for compact, efficient vaping devices. Still, the NOVO 2, its successor, wasn’t released merely to follow in the OG’s footsteps – it aimed to elevate the NOVO vaping experience even further.

So which device should you lean towards – the trusty original or the promising upgrade? This comparison aims to arm you with the insights necessary to make an informed decision. Strap in as we delve into a meticulous, side-by-side evaluation of the SMOK NOVO vs. SMOK NOVO 2.



Design and Aesthetics

  • SMOK NOVO: The SMOK NOVO is celebrated for its minimalist, sleek design. The device measures 88.3mm by 24.3mm by 14.3mm, making it incredibly compact and lightweight at just 40 grams. Its aesthetic appeal is further accentuated by its shiny chrome finish and cobra pattern design. Despite its size, the NOVO manages to maintain a durable and sturdy feel.
  • SMOK NOVO 2: The SMOK NOVO 2 keeps the same size as the original NOVO but comes with a more refined design. While retaining the cobra pattern design, it introduces new color schemes and a revamped, textured body, giving it a more premium feel. The NOVO 2 also includes an updated mouthpiece designed to fit your lips more comfortably.

Performance and Battery

  • SMOK NOVO: The NOVO features a 450mAh built-in battery. This may seem small, but it can provide an all-day vaping experience for light to moderate users, thanks to its efficient power management. Additionally, the NOVO is equipped with a micro USB port for charging, making it a practical choice for vapers on the go.
  • SMOK NOVO 2: The NOVO 2 takes battery performance a step further by increasing the capacity to 800mAh, almost doubling the NOVO’s battery life. This improvement translates into longer vaping sessions and less frequent charging. Like its predecessor, it also uses a micro USB port for charging.

Pod System

  • SMOK NOVO: The NOVO uses a refillable pod system with a 2ml e-liquid capacity. The pod integrates a 1.2-ohm coil, ideal for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. It also uses a side-fill system, making the refill process clean and straightforward.
  • SMOK NOVO 2: The NOVO 2 maintains the 2ml e-liquid capacity but enhances the overall vaping experience with the introduction of new pods – a 1.0-ohm mesh pod for a more flavor-focused vape and a 1.4-ohm MTL pod for those who prefer a tighter draw. The pods are also redesigned with a push-fit design, ensuring they fit more securely into the device.

User Experience

  • SMOK NOVO: The NOVO shines in its user-friendly approach, using a draw-activated firing system with no buttons. However, one drawback is the absence of a battery life indicator, leaving users guessing about the remaining battery life.
  • SMOK NOVO 2: The NOVO 2 retains the draw-activated firing system, providing the same simple user experience. However, it introduces an LED indicator, offering real-time updates on battery life, an excellent improvement over its predecessor.


  • SMOK NOVO: The SMOK NOVO is known for its solid construction despite its compact size. However, some users have reported minor leakage issues over time.
  • SMOK NOVO 2: The NOVO 2 improves upon its predecessor by offering improved build quality and a more robust design, and it addresses the leakage issue. Additionally, the NOVO 2 comes with a unique air-intake groove on both sides, improving vapor production and flavor.

Final Thoughts…

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While both the SMOK NOVO and SMOK NOVO 2 have their strengths, the NOVO 2 edges out its predecessor in several key aspects, including battery life, vaping options, and overall user experience. However, the original NOVO still stands strong as a reliable, compact, and simple-to-use device.

If you’re a beginner or a light vaper who values simplicity and compactness, the original NOVO could be an excellent fit. But if you’re a more experienced vaper looking for better battery life, more pod options, and a richer vaping experience, the NOVO 2 is always going to be the better choice.

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