How To Use Vaporesso ECO NANO: A Beginner’s Guide…

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If you’ve got a Vaporesso Eco Nano in your hands, you’re in for a treat. I’ve been using this device myself, and I’m excited to share some tips and tricks to make your vaping experience even better.

The ECO NANO is beginner-friendly, but knowing the ropes can make a big difference. I will cover everything, from unpacking the kit to mastering settings, choosing e-liquids, and even troubleshooting common issues.

Now, let’s unpack one of the best pod vapes together and see what makes it a solid choice for not only newbies but also seasoned vapers.

Key Feature of Vaporesso ECO NANO 

How To Use Vaporesso ECO NANO: A Beginner's Guide...Pin
  • Dimensions: 44.7*18*77mm
  • POD capacity: 6 ml/2ml
  • POD resistance: 0.8Ω (Pre-installed) 1.2Ω (Compatible)
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Charging: Type-C, 1A
  • Available colors: Black truffle, universal grey, phantom blue, sakura pink. Sunshine orange, sunset gold, sparkling purple, midnight black, ivory white, foggy blue, summer yellow, peach pink, creamy purple, spring green. 

If you’re tired of constantly refilling your vape and running out of battery when you least expect it, the ECO NANO is here to make your vaping experience hassle-free. With a spacious 6ml pod capacity, you can enjoy more puffs and longer vaping sessions without the need for constant e-liquid refills.

Plus, its 1000mAh battery ensures you’ll have power throughout the day. The ECO NANO also boasts COREX heating technology, featuring a unique Morph-Mesh structure and COREX cotton, providing rapid and even heating for unparalleled flavor from your very first puff to the last.

With user-friendly buttons and settings, you can customize your vaping experience effortlessly. Say hello to convenience and flavor with the ECO NANO.

Preparing Your Vaporesso ECO NANO

Charging the Battery

  1. Type of charger to use

When it comes to charging your Vaporesso ECO NANO’s 1000mAh battery, it’s important to use the charger that comes with the kit or a reliable compatible charger. Using the provided charger ensures compatibility and safe charging. Avoid using generic or unknown chargers, as they may not provide the correct voltage or current, potentially harming your device.

  1.  How to charge safely

Charging your Vaporesso ECO NANO is a straightforward process, but safety should always be a top priority. Here’s how to charge it safely:

  • Connect the Type-C end of the charging cable to the port on the device.
  • Plug the USB end into a reliable power source, such as a computer USB port or a wall adapter.
  • Ensure the device is off during charging to prevent any mishaps.
  • Monitor the charging process. The Vaporesso Eco Nano 1A charging rate ensures a relatively quick charge.
  • Avoid overcharging your device. Once it’s fully charged, unplug it to prevent damage to the battery.

Priming the Coil

  1. Why priming is essential

Priming the coil is a crucial step to ensure a smooth vaping experience and prevent dry hits. When you install a new coil, it’s essential to saturate the wicking material with e-liquid before using the device. This helps prevent the cotton from burning and extends the coil’s lifespan.

  1. Step-by-step guide on priming

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to prime your coil effectively:

  • Step 1: Before installing the coil, make sure your hands are clean to avoid contamination.
  • Step 2: Drip a few drops of e-liquid onto the exposed cotton areas of the coil.
  • Step 3: Assemble the coil into the tank or pod, ensuring it’s securely in place.
  • Step 4: Fill the tank with your preferred e-liquid, but do not overfill.
  • Step 5: Let the tank sit for a few minutes to allow the e-liquid to fully saturate the coil.  
  • Step 6: After waiting, check the coil’s resistance on the device. This ensures that it’s properly connected.
  • Step 7: Start with a lower wattage setting and gradually increase it to your preferred level.

Priming your coil might seem like an extra step, but it’s a simple and essential process that ensures you get the best flavor and performance from your Vaporesso ECO NANO while extending the life of your coils. Taking these precautions during the setup phase ensures a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.

Basic Operation

How To Use Vaporesso ECO NANO: A Beginner's Guide...Pin

Now that you’ve prepared your Vaporesso ECO NANO, it’s time to dive into the basic operation of this fantastic device. Let’s go step by step:

Turning the device on/off

  • Turning On- To power up your ECO NANO, press the device’s power button multiple times in quick succession. This is often done with five rapid clicks. You’ll typically see the device’s indicator light or screen illuminate, indicating that it’s ready to use.
  • Turning Off- To turn off your device when you’re not using it, repeat the same process by clicking the power button quickly multiple times. This ensures your device is safely powered down when not in use, conserving battery life.

Adjusting the Wattage

Adjusting the wattage on the Vaporesso Eco Nano is relatively simple and allows you to customize your vaping experience to your preferences. Here’s how to do it:

  • Locate the wattage adjustment buttons on your device, usually located near the screen or power button.
  •  Depending on your device model, you may have up and down buttons or a single button to cycle through wattage levels.
  • Press the appropriate button to increase or decrease the wattage. Some devices offer precise control, while others may have predefined settings.
  • Experiment with different wattage levels to find the one that delivers the flavor and vapor production you desire. Keep in mind that different coils may have recommended wattage ranges, so refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for optimal settings.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for keeping your Vaporesso Eco Nano performing at its best:
  • Clean the tank or pod regularly to remove e-liquid residue and prevent flavor contamination. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for disassembly and cleaning.
  • Replace coils when you notice a decrease in flavor quality or vapor production. Coils have a lifespan, and changing them ensures a fresh and enjoyable vaping experience.
  • Check and clean the connections between the tank or pod and the battery to ensure a secure connection.
  • Keep the exterior of the device clean and free of e-liquid spills. A damp cloth or cotton swab can be useful for this.

Mastering these basic operations, from turning your device on and off to adjusting wattage, inhaling techniques, and proper cleaning, will ensure that your Vaporesso ECO NANO consistently delivers a satisfying vaping experience.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

How To Use Vaporesso ECO NANO: A Beginner's Guide...Pin

While the Vaporesso ECO NANO is designed for a smooth vaping experience, occasional hiccups can occur. Here’s how to troubleshoot some common issues you may encounter:


  1. Ensure your coil is properly seated in the tank or pod. A loose coil can lead to leaks.
  2. Avoid overfilling the tank. Leaving a small air gap at the top can prevent leaks.
  3. If a coil is old or damaged, it may leak. Replace it with a new one.
  4. Don’t over tighten the tank. Snug, not too tight, is usually best. 

Dry Hits

  1. Ensure you’ve properly primed your coil (as discussed earlier) to saturate the wick thoroughly.
  2. Make sure your wattage is within the recommended range for your coil. Overpowering can lead to dry hits.
  3. Keep an eye on your e-liquid level to avoid vaping on an empty tank.
  4. Take breaks between puffs to allow the coil to re-saturate.

Battery Life Issues   

  1. Ensure you’re charging the battery fully before use.
  2. High wattage settings and frequent vaping can drain the battery quickly.
  3. Over time, batteries degrade. If you notice a significant drop in battery life, it may be time for a replacement. 

Unusual Tastes or Smells

  1. Ensure you’re using high-quality, fresh e-liquids. Old or expired e-liquids can taste off.
  2. Thoroughly clean your tank or pod to remove any residue.
  3. If the taste persists, consider replacing the coil, as it may have reached the end of its lifespan.
  4. Incorrect wattage settings can affect flavor. Adjust to the recommended range for your coil.

Remember, troubleshooting may require a bit of trial and error. If one solution doesn’t work, try another until you find what works best for your specific situation. Additionally, refer to your device’s user manual for manufacturer-specific troubleshooting tips.

Tips and Tricks for a Better Vaping Experience

How To Use Vaporesso ECO NANO: A Beginner's Guide...Pin

To help you get the most out of your Vaporesso ECO NANO, here are some tips and tricks:

Experiment with wattage settings

One of the joys of vaping is the ability to customize your experience. Experiment with different wattage settings to find the sweet spot that suits your taste. Start within the recommended range for your coil and gradually adjust up or down until you find the ideal balance of flavor and vapor production.

How to achieve the best flavor

  • Opt for high-quality e-liquids with flavors you enjoy.
  • Ensure your coil is well-primed to avoid dry hits.
  • Regularly clean your tank, drip tip, and other components to prevent flavor contamination.
  • Experiment with airflow settings to fine-tune your flavor experience. Tighter airflow often enhances flavor.

Extending Coil Life

Some e-liquids are harsher on coils than others. Opt for e-liquids that are less sweet and contain less sweeteners to extend coil life.

Properly prime new coils, as we discussed earlier, to prevent early burnout. Give your coils time to wick between puffs, reducing the risk of overheating.

A clean tank and coil promote longevity.

Maximizing Battery Life

Lower wattage settings can extend battery life, though it may reduce vapor production.

Charge your battery when it gets low rather than letting it drain completely. This can prolong the battery’s overall lifespan.

If you won’t be using your device for an extended period, store it in a cool, dry place with a partial charge (around 50%)

Maintenance Schedule

  • Daily: Wipe down the exterior of your device to keep it clean.
  • Weekly: Clean the tank, including the drip tip, with warm water to remove any residue. Check for any signs of leakage.
  • Bi-Weekly: If you vape frequently, consider changing the coil every two weeks or when you notice a decline in performance.
  • Monthly: Check for any firmware updates or device-specific maintenance in the user manual.

Inhaling Techniques

  • Inhaling with a vape device like the Vaporesso Eco Nano involves a specific technique to get the best experience:
  • Begin by taking a slow, steady draw on the mouthpiece (drip tip). 
  • Depending on your preference, you can choose between direct-lung (DL) or mouth-to-lung (MTL) inhales. DL inhales are deeper and produce larger clouds, while MTL inhales are similar to how you’d draw on a traditional cigarette.
  •  Experiment with your inhaling technique to find what suits you best. Some vapers prefer longer, slower draws, while others may opt for shorter, more rapid pulls.

So, here’s the deal, my vaping buddy: Unboxing isn’t just a mundane task; it’s the start of your adventure. When you open up that package, take your time. Inspect every little gadget like a treasure hunter.

Charging up? Well, you’ve got it down. Remember, use that provided charging cable and be a responsible charger. No one likes a burnt-out battery, right?

Now, the fun part – assembly! Connect that tank, prime those coils, and load up your favorite e-liquid. But hey, don’t overfill the tank; we don’t want any leaks messing up your adventure.

Adjusting settings? Easy-peasy. Find your sweet wattage spot and tweak that airflow to match your style. And when you’re not using it, turn off the device. It saves power and, let’s face it, we all need a breather now and then.

How To Use Vaporesso ECO NANO: A Beginner's Guide...Pin

Inhaling techniques? Ah, yes! Experiment away! Whether you’re into mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung, it’s your call. There’s no one-size-fits-all in vaping, so try different styles and see what floats your boat.

And when it’s cleanup time, don’t forget your trusty maintenance routine. Keeping things tidy ensures your Vaporesso ECO NANO stays in tip-top shape for longer.

So, there you have it, my vaping aficionado! You’re now equipped to venture into the world of vaping with your Vaporesso ECO NANO. Here’s to flavorful clouds and an exceptional vaping journey ahead.

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