How Long Do SMOK NOVO Pods Last? What You Need To Know [NOVO to NOVO 5]


How Long Do SMOK NOVO Pods Last? It’s a tricky question. Here’s a complete analysis of the pod lifespan — on average — across the entire SMOK NOVO range of vape devices

From casual vapers to hardcore enthusiasts, a common concern among all is the lifespan of their device’s pods. The frequent replacement of pods can be inconvenient, and understanding their longevity can help optimize usage.

In this article, we explore the question: How long do Novo Smok pods last? To address this, we’ll review our experiences with the SMOK Novo series, specifically the Novo, Novo 2, Novo 3, Novo 4, and Novo 5.

How Long Do SMOK NOVO Pods Last

How Long Do SMOK NOVO Pods Last? What You Need To Know [NOVO to NOVO 5]Pin

Factors Influencing Pod Longevity

Pod longevity is influenced by various factors. These include the frequency of use, the type of e-liquid used, the device’s power settings, and the quality of the pod and its coil. Routine maintenance like cleaning and priming can significantly extend pod life.

The Original SMOK Novo

Let’s begin with the original SMOK Novo. With its simple design and 2ml pod capacity, the Novo is a classic. Generally, the Novo pods, depending on usage, can last between 1-2 weeks before the coil’s flavor production begins to diminish.

But these first-gen pods, while perfectly adequate in most cases, were known to be fairly problematic; there were plenty of leaky pods, plenty of dud packs, and lots of the usual SMOK “QC issues” to deal with.

Upgraded Experience with the SMOK Novo 2

The SMOK Novo 2, the successor to the original Novo, brought in significant upgrades (versus the OG NOVO), including a bigger battery and improved pods. The Novo 2 features a line of compatible pods with varying resistances (1.0ohm Mesh, 1.4ohm MTL, and 1.4ohm Quartz).

With regular use, these pods can last between 1-2 weeks, but some users report the Mesh pod’s life to be slightly longer due to the efficient heating of the mesh coil.

Moving onto the SMOK Novo 3

The SMOK Novo 3 continues the tradition of upgrade, with an enhanced airflow system and better pod design. The Novo 3 employs a 0.8ohm Mesh pod that generally lasts between 1-2 weeks with regular use. The enhanced airflow system helps maintain the coil’s condition by efficiently cooling it down, indirectly extending the pod’s life.

The Modern Era: SMOK Novo 4 and SMOK Novo 5

SMOK NOVO 5 user experiencePin

The SMOK Novo 4 comes with LP1 0.8ohm mesh coils that tend to last around 1-2 weeks based on regular usage. However, the Novo 5, with its integrated 0.7ohm mesh coils, has shown a slightly extended lifespan, lasting up to 2 weeks or longer (when they’re playing ball, and a week and a half when they’re not).

Which NOVO SMOK Pods Are Best?

SMOK NOVO 5 designPin

Bottom line? Pods across the Novo series generally last an average of 1-2 weeks based on regular usage, with newer models potentially offering a few additional days of use.

This isn’t an exact science, remember, and both the performance and longevity of pods (and the coils inside them) can vary massively (especially when you’re talking about SMOK coils).

Maintaining your device, understanding its settings, and properly priming new pods are the most effective ways to extend the life of your Novo Smok pods. That and making sure you use the best SMOK NOVO vape on the market right now. Do this and you’ll get the maximum lifespan from your NOVO SMOK pods.

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