SMOK NOVO 4 vs SMOK NOVO 5: What’s The Difference?


Is the SMOK NOVO 5 better than the SMOK NOVO 4? Let’s find out by comparing and contrasting these popular pod vapes in a straight up SMOK NOVO 4 vs SMOK NOVO 5 side-by-side shoot out…

In the world of pod vapes, SMOK’s Novo series is a mainstay, used by tens of thousands of vapers in the US and UK. The NOVO series has been around for ages with new models launching each year. Today, we’re going to pit the SMOK NOVO 4 against the SMOK NOVO 5.

I’ve had the pleasure of using both devices extensively, and this comparison post is designed to highlight their differences and show which is the best pod vape to buy right now.

The SMOK NOVO 4 runs on an 800mAh internal battery, features 25W of variable power output, and a sleek, lightweight design. It is also the older model of the two, as the name suggests.

The NOVO 5, on the other hand, builds upon its predecessor’s success by introducing a larger 900mAh battery, a more extensive wattage range, and a host of other exciting features.

Which is best? Let’s dive into the details and find out, shall we?


Dimensions93.5mm (h) 26.5mm (w) 17.7mm (d)96mm by 29mm by 18.9mm
Battery Capacity800mAh900mAh
Wattage Range5-25W5-30W
Voltage RangeN/A1.5-4.0V
Resistance Range0.4ohm-3.0 Ohm0.5-2.5ohm
Chassis MaterialN/AZinc-Alloy
ChargingType-C PortType-C Port
OperationDraw ActivatedDual Activation – Draw/Button
Pod SeriesLP1Novo 5 Mesh Pods
Fill SystemSide FillTop Fill Design
Pod MaterialN/APCTG
Pod Capacity2mL2mL

Design and Durability

Both the NOVO 4 and the NOVO 5 showcase an aesthetic that is as functional as it is fashionable, reflecting SMOK’s commitment to design-conscious vaping. Whether you’re navigating the city or escaping to the countryside, these sleek, compact devices prove to be excellent companions.

SMOK NOVO 4 vs SMOK NOVO 5: What's The Difference?Pin

The NOVO 5 takes things up a notch with slightly larger dimensions, coming in at 96mm by 29mm by 18.9mm, giving it a slight edge in terms of battery life and juice capacity while maintaining a pocket-friendly form factor. Comparatively, the NOVO 4 is a touch smaller but still boasts an impressive capacity and battery life for its size.

Crafted from zinc-alloy, the NOVO 5 is a paragon of durability and reliability, effortlessly withstanding the wear and tear of daily life. My personal experience with it, spanning bustling airports and bumpy roads, only affirms its resilience. The NOVO 4, while not as ruggedly built, still demonstrates remarkable durability, thanks to its quality construction.

In a nutshell, the NOVO 5’s superior robustness provides an additional peace of mind, especially for those with a propensity for drops and spills. It’s a testament to SMOK’s understanding that life isn’t always smooth sailing, and your vaping device shouldn’t be a weak link. The NOVO 4, on the other hand, holds its ground with a reliable performance and compact size that is sure to satisfy most users’ requirements.

SMOK NOVO 5 designPin

When it comes to battery life, the NOVO 5 takes the lead with its 900mAh internal battery compared to the 800mAh battery in the NOVO 4. This increase translates into longer vaping sessions, reducing the frequency of recharges.

In terms of performance, the NOVO 5 outdoes its predecessor with an extensive wattage range of 5-30W, as opposed to the NOVO 4’s 25W variable output. This broader range offers a more customized vaping experience, letting you find your perfect balance between flavor intensity and cloud production.

E-liquid Capacity and Coils

Navigating the similarities and differences between the NOVO 4 and NOVO 5’s e-liquid capacities and coil compatibilities reveals an intriguing dichotomy. Both devices offer a 2mL e-liquid capacity, a standard, yet ample offering for this genre of compact pod systems.

However, it’s the variation in coil design and compatibility that truly distinguishes these two devices. The NOVO 4 utilizes LP1 0.8ohm mesh coils – a reliable and efficient design. In contrast, the NOVO 5 employs an integrated 0.7ohm mesh coil housed within its specially designed Novo 5 Mesh Pods.

Having tested both systems extensively, I’ve noticed a perceptible distinction in the flavor delivery. The NOVO 5’s mesh coils offered a palpably richer and more nuanced flavor profile. The depth of taste and warmth of vapor seemed to have an edge over the NOVO 4’s already commendable performance, likely owing to the updated mesh coil design.

For vapers where taste and authenticity of flavor are paramount, this distinction could be a pivotal consideration in their choice between the NOVO 4 and NOVO 5.

User Experience and Additional Features

SMOK NOVO 5 user experiencePin

SMOK’s NOVO 4 and NOVO 5 both position themselves as user-friendly devices, catering smoothly to a range of vapers, from beginners just dipping their toes into the world of vaping, to seasoned enthusiasts seeking a compact yet reliable pod system.

However, the NOVO 5 shines through with an array of enhancements that not only serve to streamline the user experience but also provide a level of personalization often reserved for more complex mods.

Most noticeable among these additions is a crisp, clear display screen. This new feature provides real-time feedback on your vaping stats, such as current wattage and battery life, making it easier than ever to stay in tune with your device’s status.


Equally noteworthy is the implementation of a top-fill design. This strategic change eliminates the hassle and potential mess associated with side or bottom filling, making the refilling process a breeze. It’s a feature that will be especially appreciated by vapers frequently on the move.

The NOVO 5 also introduces an adjustable air-inlet ring, a small but transformative tweak allowing for draw resistance customization. Now, vapers can fine-tune their draws, whether they prefer a tighter, cigarette-like pull or a looser, airier inhale.

Arguably the most significant evolution in the NOVO 5, however, is its dual activation feature. Now, users have the option to activate the device either through the traditional draw method or by pressing a button.

This dual-mode feature, absent in the NOVO 4, provides more flexibility and, I think, makes the pod vape all the better.

Final Verdict: NOVO 4 or NOVO 5?


If you’re after a simple, compact device for light-to-moderate vaping, the NOVO 4 fits the bill perfectly. If you’re seeking a more advanced, customizable vaping experience, however, without sacrificing portability, the NOVO 5 is undoubtedly a worthy upgrade. Its more substantial battery, advanced coil system, and added user-friendly features make it a compelling choice for both beginners and experienced vapers alike.

Once again, newer is better. Who’d have thunk it!

SMOK Novo 5 30W Pod System

The SMOK NOVO 5 offers enhanced performance with a 900mAh battery and a 5-30W wattage range. Its dual activation (draw/button), top-fill design, and integrated 0.7ohm coil ensure a hassle-free and pleasurable vape experience. Standout features include an air-inlet ring and display screen for user customization and information. This durable, beginner-friendly vape pod is ideal for all vaping enthusiasts.

  • Extended battery life.
  • Dual activation offers flexibility.
  • Easy refill with top-fill design.
  • Superior flavor with integrated coil.
  • Personalized adjustments with air-inlet ring and display.

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