Gas Station Pod Vapes SUCK – Do This Instead

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I’ve bought gas station pod vapes before but only when I’ve been in a pinch. Most of the time I avoid them like the plague – here’s why (and here’s what to get instead)

In the world of vaping, convenience often comes at a steep price – and I’m not just talking about your wallet. Gas station pod vapes, those seemingly innocent devices beckoning from behind the counter, are a trap waiting to ensnare unsuspecting vapers.

Let’s break down why these ubiquitous vapes are a disaster waiting to happen and explore smarter alternatives.

Gas Stations Are NOT Vape Shops – This is The First Problem

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This is a proper vape. It’s the Vaporesso XROS 4, and right now it is the best pod on the market.

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room: trustworthiness. When you grab a pod vape from your local gas station, you’re essentially playing Russian roulette with your health.

These products often come from obscure sources, with little to no quality control. It’s like buying sushi from a vending machine – sure, it might be fine, but do you really want to take that risk?

The vaping industry has been plagued by a flood of subpar products, many originating from unregulated factories in China. These knock-off vapes can contain harmful chemicals, inconsistent nicotine levels, and even dangerous materials in their construction.

A 2019 study by the CDC found that 82% of patients with vaping-related lung injuries had used products from informal sources. Gas stations, unfortunately, often fall into this category of questionable suppliers.

There’s A Reason The Food Sucks In Disney Land, And It’s The Same Reason Why You Shouldn’t Buy Gas Station Vapes

Now, let’s talk economics. Gas station vapes are often comically overpriced. Why? Because they can be. It’s the same reason a bottle of water costs $5 at Disneyland – you’re a captive audience with limited options.

When you’re in a pinch and need a vape, these retailers know they’ve got you cornered. This predatory pricing isn’t just annoying; it’s exploitative.

So, what’s the solution? Simple: go through proper channels. Seek out specialist vape retailers who actually give a damn about their products and customers.

These shops are staffed by enthusiasts who can guide you to the right product for your needs. They stake their reputation on the quality of their offerings, unlike a gas station clerk who probably couldn’t tell a vape from a vacuum cleaner.

By choosing a reputable vape shop, you’re not just getting a better product – you’re getting better value for money. These specialists often offer competitive pricing because they buy in bulk and have relationships with manufacturers.

Moreover, specialist shops often provide warranties and after-sales support. If something goes wrong with your device, you have somewhere to turn.

Try getting that kind of service from a gas station attendant at 2 AM.

Let’s not forget about the environmental impact. Many gas station vapes are disposable, contributing to the growing e-waste problem. In contrast, vape shops often offer more sustainable options, including refillable pods that are 10x better than disposables in every conceivable way – from flavor to how long they last to how much they cost to run.

A 2021 report by the World Health Organization highlighted the growing concern of e-cigarette waste, estimating that over 1 million disposable e-cigarettes are thrown away daily in the US alone.

Editor’s Pick For 2024

Vaporesso XROS 4

vaporesso xros 4Pin

Vaporesso has improved the battery performance, added in some new coils. Its coils are unmatched for their quality and lifespan, and the MTL draw is better than anything else on the market.

drake equation vapebeatPin

I literally haven’t put mine down since I started using it. The coils are truly remarkable, lasting weeks between changes and the flavor and draw are damn-near perfect. 

— Drake Equation, VapeBeat Editor

Why We Recommend It (PROS)

Long-lasting pods – they last on average 14-20 days between changes

Type-C fast charging at 2A gets you back to vaping in 30 minutes

COREX heating tech ensures consistent, intense flavor delivery

Slide-to-adjust system for perfect MTL to RDL customization:

Compatible with the entire XROS pod series for flexibility

Best for Versatility

VooPoo Argus E40


The Voopoo ARGUS E40 is a game-changer in the pod kit world. This little powerhouse does it all – MTL, RDL, and DTL vaping? Voopoo’s knocked it out of the park with their PnP X tech, delivering flavor that’ll make your taste buds dance. The leak-proof design means no more sticky pockets, and those coils? They’ll outlast your favorite Netflix series

drake equation vapebeatPin

The ARGUS E40 is a chameleon in the vaping world. It adapts to your style effortlessly, making other pod systems feel one-dimensional.

— Drake Equation, VapeBeat Editor

Why We Recommend It (PROS)

Supports MTL, RDL, and DTL styles with one device

Adjustable 5-40W output for customized vapor production

1800mAh battery provides all-day vaping for most users

2A fast charging gets you back to vaping in about an hour

PnP X platform ensures a mess-free experience

Best for Battery Life

Vaporesso LUXE X2 Kit

Vaporesso LUXE X2 KitPin

This pocket rocket boasts a colossal 2000mAh battery, keeping you puffing for up to four full days on a single charge. Its COREX 2.0 technology doesn’t just deliver flavor – it catapults it to new heights, while extending your pod’s lifespan. With 5ml pods in both 0.6Ω and 0.8Ω options, you’re getting serious capacity and versatility

drake equation vapebeatPin

The LUXE X2 isn’t just an e-cig, it’s a marathon runner. It keeps going long after others have tapped out, redefining what all-day vaping truly means.

— Drake Equation, VapeBeat Editor

Why We Recommend It (PROS)

Massive 2000mAh battery for extended vaping sessions

COREX 2.0 tech for intensified flavor and longer-lasting pods

Adjustable airflow for personalized MTL to RDL vaping

Large 5ml pod capacity in two resistance options

Compatibility with various LUXE X pods

Best for Customization

SXMini Puremax Kit

SXMini Puremax KitPin

This compact powerhouse rocks a 1050mAh battery that keeps you puffing all day long. With its multi-power modes, you can switch from a mellow MTL hit to a robust DTL cloud in seconds. The adjustable airflow is your flavor DJ, letting you fine-tune every draw.

drake equation vapebeatPin

The YiHi Puremax is like having a vape sommelier in your pocket. With its multi-power modes and precision airflow control, it tailors every puff to perfection. It’s not just customizable—it’s bespoke vaping.

— Drake Equation, VapeBeat Editor

Why We Recommend It (PROS)

1050mAh battery for 8+ hours of continuous vaping

3 power modes (Soft, Standard, Powerful) for customized hits

Stepless airflow control for perfect MTL to DTL transition

Draw activation with 0.001s response time

2mL pod capacity for 400+ puffs per fill

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