How To Use GeekVape Aegis Nano: Beginner’s Guide

How To Use GeekVape Aegis Nano: Beginner's GuidePin

If you’ve just unboxed your sleek GeekVape Aegis Nano and you’re thinking, “How do I make the most of this device?” – I have tried it and I’ve got you covered

This vape device caught my attention with its small but tough design. It feels sturdy and can handle a few bumps, which is great for someone like me who tends to be a bit clumsy.

But what I love most about it is how it performs. The flavors it produces are really, really good. Each puff tastes fantastic, and I get a nice amount of vapor, which is surprising considering its size.

One thing I really appreciate is how durable pod vapes it is. I’ve dropped it a few times, and it’s still working perfectly. This makes it a good choice for outdoor activities. If you’re going to choose the right vape, give the Aegis Nano a try.

What’s included in the package

How To Use GeekVape Aegis Nano: Beginner's GuidePin

When I first lay my hands on the GeekVape Aegis Nano, the excitement is real! Let’s kick these 2 editions off with unboxing your kit and getting everything set up.

TPD Edition

  1. GeekVape Aegis Nano Kit (2ml pod pre-installed with a 0.6Ω coil, designed for 20~25W)
  2. Extra Pod (2ml) with a 1.2Ω coil (recommended for 11~14W)
  3. Lanyards for easy carrying
  4. Spare Parts Pack
  5. USB Cable (Type-C) for charging

Standard Edition

  1. GeekVape Aegis Nano Kit (2ml pod pre-installed with a 0.6Ω coil, designed for 20~25W)
  2. Extra Pod (2ml) with a 1.2Ω coil (recommended for 11~14W)
  3. Lanyards for convenient portability
  4. Spare Parts Pack
  5. USB Cable (Type-C) for charging 

Key Features

The Aegis Nano incorporates GeekVape’s renowned Tri-proof technology, making it exceptionally durable. It’s designed to resist dust and dirt, preventing them from affecting the device’s performance.

Even though it’s small, the Aegis Nano brings you a seriously tasty vaping experience.

You’ll love the Adjustable Airflow Switch, which lets you dial in the airflow just the way you like it, giving you top-notch flavor.

And if you want a bit more oomph, no worries – it can go up to 30W, so you can vape exactly the way you want.

With its built-in 800mAh battery, you can vape all day without constantly recharging. No need to carry extra batteries or chargers – it’s got you covered.

And when it comes to style, you’ve got options. The Aegis Nano comes in a variety of cool colors, from Camo Green to Rainbow. So, not only does it perform well, but it also looks good while doing it. It’s one of the best vapes you can get for durability, flavor, and convenience, all in a compact package.

Actionable Tips to Consider

Choose the Right Pods

The 0.6 Ohm pod is your gateway to experiencing a medium to tight restricted lung hit. But what does that really mean?

When you use the 0.6 Ohm pod, you’ll find that the airflow is optimized for a direct-to-lung style of vaping. This means you inhale the vapor directly into your lungs, similar to taking a deep breath.

The 0.6 Ohm pod is ideal for vapers who enjoy larger clouds, intense flavor, and a more open draw, yet still prefer a degree of resistance for that satisfying throat hit.

How To Use GeekVape Aegis Nano: Beginner's GuidePin

On the other hand, the “1.2 Ohm” rating indicates higher resistance compared to the 0.6 Ohm pod. This higher resistance allows for a more controlled flow of electricity through the coil.

When using the 1.2 Ohm pod, you’ll experience a vaping style reminiscent of sipping through a straw. The draw is tighter, as if you were drawing the vapor into your mouth first and then inhaling. This method enhances flavor concentration and provides a smoother, less intense throat hit.

The 1.2 Ohm pod is a perfect choice for those who savor the nuanced flavors of e-liquids, prefer a discreet vape, or are transitioning from traditional smoking to vaping.

Filling the Pod

Pod placement matters

The first pro-tip to remember is that filling is easiest when the pod remains inside the device. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all about stability and convenience. With the pod snugly seated in the device, you have a stable platform to work on, minimizing the risk of any spills or mishaps.

Top cap removal

  • On your GeekVape Nano pod, you’ll find a top cap. It’s the uppermost part of the pod that covers the fill port.
  • Gently pinch the top cap and lift it off. It’s designed to be easily removable, ensuring quick and hassle-free access to the fill port.

Filling through the top

  • Underneath the top cap, you’ll find the fill port, which is specifically designed to accommodate the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle.
  • Position the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle into the fill port. Make sure it’s a secure fit to prevent any spillage.
  • Squeeze the e-liquid bottle gently to fill the pod. Take care not to overfill, as leaving a small gap at the top prevents any potential leaks and ensures proper wicking of the coil.

Reassemble and Vape

  • Align the top cap with the pod and press it down firmly until it clicks into place. This ensures a secure seal, preventing any e-liquid from escaping.

Your GeekVape Nano pod is now filled, reassembled, and ready for action. Simply reinsert it into the device, and you’re good to go.

Airflow Control

How To Use GeekVape Aegis Nano: Beginner's GuidePin

Rotating the Control Ring

The key to adjusting your airflow on the GeekVape Nano lies in the control ring, a ring-like feature typically found near the base of the device or the pod. This ring is designed to be turned, allowing you to fine-tune the amount of air that flows through the device.

Clicking Positions

What sets the GeekVape Nano’s airflow control apart is its precision. As you rotate the control ring, you’ll notice it clicks into place at various positions. These distinct positions are strategically engineered to offer precise control over the airflow.

Finding your sweet spot

  • More Airflow: If you prefer a cooler, airier vape with larger clouds, rotate the control ring to a position where it clicks into a more open setting. This allows more air to mix with the vapor, creating a refreshing, lung-filling experience.
  • Less Airflow: For those who relish a warmer, more concentrated flavor and a tighter draw, click the control ring into a position that restricts airflow. This minimizes the influx of air, intensifying the flavors and providing a more restricted, cigarette-like draw.

Wattage Settings

Accessing Wattage Adjustment: To begin your journey into wattage control, it’s as simple as three clicks on the device’s button. This action serves as your gateway to unlocking the full spectrum of wattage settings available on the GeekVape Nano.

The Wattage Range

  • 1.2 Ohm Pod: When you’re using the 1.2 Ohm pod, your wattage options are constrained within a range of up to 14 watts. This setting is optimized for mouth-to-lung vaping, emphasizing flavor and smooth draws.

To extract the best flavor and performance from the 1.2 Ohm pod, keep your wattage settings in the lower range, around 11-14 watts. This ensures a balanced, mouth-to-lung experience.

  • 0.6 Ohm Pod: If you’ve opted for the 0.6 Ohm pod, you have access to a higher wattage range, maxing out at 30 watts. This level of power caters to direct lung hits and delivers substantial vapor production.

If you’re rocking the 0.6 Ohm pod, explore the upper echelons of the wattage range, ideally around 20-25 watts. This will provide the power needed for satisfying direct lung hits and impressive cloud production.

The GeekVape Nano’s wattage settings aren’t just about raw power; they’re about tailoring your vape to perfection. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different wattage levels within the recommended ranges for your chosen pod.

Device Control Made Easy: Locking, Turning On/Off, and Resetting the Puff Counter with Your GeekVape Nano

  • Two Clicks to Lock the Fire Button: To lock the fire button on your GeekVape Nano, simply perform two quick clicks on the device’s button. This action is crucial for preventing accidental firing when your device is not in use. When locked, the device won’t activate, ensuring both safety and battery conservation.
  • Five Clicks to Power On/Off: Controlling the power state of your GeekVape Nano is a cinch. A total of five clicks on the button, performed in quick succession, will either turn the device on or off. This straightforward method ensures you have complete control over when your device is active and when it’s in standby mode.
  • Four Clicks to Reset the Puff Counter: The GeekVape Nano allows you to monitor your vaping habits by keeping a puff counter. If you wish to reset this counter and start afresh, simply perform four quick clicks on the button. This is particularly handy if you want to track your consumption accurately or set personal goals for your vaping journey.

Charging the Device

How To Use GeekVape Aegis Nano: Beginner's GuidePin

Before diving into the vaping experience, ensure your Aegis Nano has enough power. Here’s how to charge it:

  1. Locate the Type-C USB cable in your package.
  2. Plug the Type-C end into the charging port on your GeekVape Aegis Nano.
  3. Connect the other end of the cable to a USB power source (like a computer or a USB wall adapter).
  4. Wait for the device to charge fully. It’s best to let it charge completely before your first use.

If your GeekVape Aegis Nano doesn’t have the coil pre-installed, don’t worry. Follow these steps to install it:

  1. Remove the pod from the device by gently pulling it out.
  2. Unscrew the bottom part of the pod to access the coil compartment.
  3. Take your new coil (0.6Ω or 1.2Ω, depending on your preference) from the package.
  4. Screw the new coil into the coil compartment.
  5. Reassemble the pod and ensure it’s securely closed. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Just grab a damp cloth and give the outside a wipe-down. It’ll keep your device looking clean and sharp.

When you’re switching e-liquid flavors, take a moment to disassemble the tank and rinse it with warm water. Let everything dry completely before putting it back together.

If you notice your coil isn’t performing as well (like less flavor or vapor), it’s time to swap it out. Unscrew the old one and pop in a new coil, but remember, don’t over-tighten it.

How to Properly Priming the Coil

When you pop in a new coil, don’t forget to soak it up first. Just add a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the cotton inside the coil. This prevents any burning when you start vaping.

Give your coil a little time to soak in the e-liquid. Wait for 5-10 minutes after priming before you start vaping. This lets the coil absorb the liquid properly.

Now, with your charged Aegis Nano and a properly primed coil, you’re all set for a great vaping experience!

Vaping Tricks and Techniques

For a familiar experience, puff gently, hold the vapor in your mouth, then breathe it in. This is like smoking a regular cigarette and offers a stronger nicotine hit.

If you prefer bigger clouds and more flavor, inhale deeply while you puff. It’s like taking a deep breath. Adjust the airflow to suit your taste.

Think of your taste buds as explorers. Try various e-liquid flavors like fruit, dessert, mint, or savory to discover your favorites.

Before you start vaping, prepare your coil by applying a few drops of e-liquid onto the cotton part. Allow it to soak for a few minutes to enhance flavor.

Think of airflow like adjusting the volume on your radio. To intensify flavor, decrease the airflow slightly, or open it up for larger clouds. Find your ideal balance.

With these tips, you can make the most of your vaping experience, whether you enjoy savoring flavors or producing big clouds.

Beginner tips you must know 

How To Use GeekVape Aegis Nano: Beginner's GuidePin

Be vigilant about your e-liquid level. Avoid vaping when the pod or tank is nearly empty, as dry hits can occur, potentially damaging the coil.

If you start experiencing a burnt or unpleasant taste, it’s likely time to replace the coil. The wicking material may have deteriorated, impacting flavor and vapor production.

Ensure that your wattage setting matches the coil’s recommended range to prevent overheating and burnt hits. Using a wattage too high for the coil can lead to a burnt taste. 

Chain vaping is like binge-watching your favorite TV series – it’s fun until it’s not. If you puff away too quickly, you might overheat your coil and lose out on flavor. Give your device a breather between puffs, and it’ll thank you with consistent flavor. 

Nobody likes a dry hit; it’s like biting into an overcooked cookie. If you get that burnt taste, stop vaping immediately. Give your coil time to soak up the e-liquid again, and you’ll be back to flavorful puffs in no time.

Battery Management

Here’s how to take care of your Aegis Nano’s battery:

Keep an eye on the battery indicator on your device’s screen. When it goes down, it’s time to recharge. To make your battery last longer, recharge it when it’s low instead of waiting until it’s completely empty.

Always use the Type-C USB cable that came with your device for charging. It’s designed to work safely with your Aegis Nano.

Don’t leave your device charging overnight or for too long. Unplug it once it’s fully charged to avoid overcharging. Keep your Aegis Nano away from really hot or cold temperatures, direct sunlight, and moisture. These can harm your device.

Be gentle with your device. Drops or impacts can hurt the battery and how well it works.

By following these tips, you’ll keep your Aegis Nano’s battery in good shape and enjoy your vaping experience for a long time.

From the very start, this vaping device impressed me. I started as a beginner, and this device was so easy to set up. It didn’t take me long to get it working.

What I loved the most was how I could change things to make it just right for me. By adjusting how much air comes in when I vape, I could make it taste and feel exactly how I wanted.

How To Use GeekVape Aegis Nano: Beginner's GuidePin

No more yucky, burnt tastes, and my coils stayed good for a long time.

GeekVape Aegis Nano has not only been a reliable companion on you vaping journey but a solid one. Its user-friendly design, customizable features, and exceptional performance have made it an outstanding choice for both beginners and experienced vapers.

I can confidently say that it has not only met but exceeded my expectations. So, whether you’re just starting or looking to elevate your vaping experience, the GeekVape Aegis Nano is undoubtedly worth considering. Happy vaping!

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