PAX 2 Price DROP Makes This Vaporizer 100% UNBEATABLE

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 01/25/20 •  6 min read

The PAX 2 was once considered the best portable vaporizer on the planet. And then the PAX 3 launched. But here’s the good news: the PAX 2 is now $100 cheaper to buy – and that is STUNNING value for money…

Quick Points (Why This Matters)

Portable vaporizers, decent ones, aren’t cheap. In fact, they range from about $274 (PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ) to over $400 (Mighty Vaporizer). For this reason, many are put off from biting the bullet and getting one.

The PAX 2, however, is now really very accessible to most people – even if you’re on a budget. It’s retailing for just $149, a full $100 less than when it first arrived. And it is still very, very good.

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All it’s missing is the ability to connect to your phone. Save for that it performs more or less identically to the PAX 3, which means rapid heat-up times, exceptional flavor production, and that trademark ultra-portable design.

And for $149.99, this kind of performance, spec, and quality is basically unheard of in the vaporizer space. Hence the title of this post!

PAX 2 Pros

PAX 2 Price

The PAX 2 Not Only Provides Some of The Best-Tasting Vapor In The Business, But It Is Also $100 Cheaper Than The Newer PAX 3 – And It Performs Just As Good. Now That’s What You Call An EPIC Deal!


The PAX 2 Detailed (Or Why It’s The Best Value Vaporizer In 2019)

The PAX 3 is here – and it is superb. However, the advent of the PAX 3 means the PAX 2 price is now lower than ever. And that is great.

PAX invented the JUUL.

Did you know that?

JUUL has now spun off as a separate company, but the idea, invention, and execution was all PAX Labs.

PAX Labs is a very interesting company. It makes easily the best weed vaporizer around right now, in the form of the PAX 3, although newer devices (like the Davinci IQ 2 will most likely see an end to this in 2020).

But before that… the best was the PAX 2.

PAX basically is the last word for many when it comes to dry herb vapes. And now oil-based vapes too (thanks to the ERA).

New PAX 2 Price = Insane Value For Money!

The price drop happened for one reason and one reason only: the release of the PAX 3.

For savvy shoppers, this is a very good thing because the PAX 2 now represents unprecedented value for money.

This was a $250+ device not long ago, and now the price is WAY less.

You can now grab the PAX 2 for a MASSIVELY discounted price ($149.99).

And this is VERY significant.

Especially if you’re in the market for a top vaporizer.

And This Makes It MORE Than Equal To PAX 3… 

PAX 2 Cost

The STUNNING Pax 2 Vaporizer


A controversial point, I know.

But I think it is true: the PAX 2 is now priced very low, almost low-end, and the quality of the PAX 2 is still, well… exceptional.

The vapor. The design. The performance. The battery life – everything is very top shelf.

When you take a hit on this thing, you will know exactly where all that extra money went.

It’s smooth, controlled, and DENSE.

If you’re rocking good stuff inside it, you’ll be in a very good place, very soon.

I’ve used cheaper units, plenty of them, over the years and the difference between them is like night and day.

If you’re serious about vaping weed, you basically need a PAX in your life.

I actually still can’t believe people smoke the stuff when there is ALL this easy-to-access technology around to help them.

PAX 2 Price

The ULTRA Portable PAX 2 – Next to Pen It Still Looks Small…

It doesn’t even cost that much.

And this is why I think the PAX 2 is so good right now.

Even compared to the PAX 3.

Why? Simple: it is infinitely cheaper ($149) and, for my money, just as good where it counts.

And if you’re after a brilliant weed vaporizer, with very similar performance to the $249.99 PAX 3, the PAX 2 is basically one of the only games in town worth looking at.

PAX vaporizers are very, very good.

And the PAX 2 was (and still is) one of its best!

I own the PAX 3, the PAX 2, and the Grenco Science G Pen Elite.

The latter of which costs around $149.

The awesome PAX 3 is pricey as hell too – around $249.99

The PAX 2 now costs $149.99, meaning it is more or less the same price as the Grenco Science G Pen Elite.


Slim. Premium. And Amazing Vapor Production (All For JUST $149.99)

But that, my friends, is where the similarities end.

The Grenco Science G Pen Elite is OK, but it PALES in comparison to the PAX 2 – for vapor production, for battery life, for design.

For everything, basically.

PAX 3 vs PAX 2 – What’s The Difference (Besides Price)

In terms of design, hardly anything at all.

The PAX 3 is slightly smaller, but not by much.

The big changes are to do with the technology inside them:

But that is literally it.

For what you’ll be ACTUALLY using it for – vaping weed – there is very little to separate the two devices.

Save for price; the PAX 2 is A LOT cheaper at $149.99.

PAX 2 Cheapest Price EVER (And You Get HUGE Warranty As Well…)

This is the main point I want to get across: it’s about value for money (and performance).

But mostly value for money.

It’s like buying a high-end used car or a flagship phone a year after it comes out: you’re getting WAY more bang for your book.

Yeah, it’s not the latest and greatest vaporizer. But it has EVERYTHING 99.9% of people need (and more).




At $149.99, the PAX 2 price still ain’t cheap, I know. But it is compared to the PAX 3 and almost every other similar vaporizer in its category.

If you’re after a solid vaporizer device, and you don’t want to spend the BIG bucks, but still want market-leading performance, well… you kind of have to pick one of these up.

Nothing else comes even remotely close for this price – plus, you get a two-year warranty on the product as well.

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Drake Equation

Co-founder and Editor of VapeBeat. I make the words.

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