JUUL Vape Explained: Latest News & How To Use It

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I love the way the JUUL looks. It’s stealthy and it looks very smart which makes it ideal for pretty much any kind of user – even those that work in corporate environments.

It’s tiny when compared to standard mod and tank kits and takes up barely any room in your pocket. This is why JUUL is so popular with ex-smokers: it not only pulls like a cigarette but it kind of handles like one too.

And because of its design, there are hardly any moving parts. You just connect two bits together and you’re away. Simple.

This is what I like most about the JUUL. It just works and it is super lightweight. Whenever I’m driving long distances or off on a night out, I take mine with me.

It fits pretty much anywhere, has the battery life to handle it, and requires nothing from you as a user – just draw and inhale. Again, simples.

The biggest part is the battery portion of the device. Then you have the little juice pods. And a top piece for the bit you inhale from.

You connect the pods to the top piece and this connects to the battery. Then you turn it on and you’re away.

As I said, it’s insanely simple.

How The JUUL Vape Works


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Or, if you’d rather just see what they are right now, check out the table below for our #1 picks:

Is JUUL Bad For You – The Nº 1 Question!

Obviously, if you’re all about optimal health, you are 100% better off doing neither (smoking or vaping).

Vaping is 95% safer than smoking. And this isn’t conjectured. This is fact – a fact backed by Public Health England and the UK’s NHS.

There is a TON of misinformation around about vaping at the moment. And the vast majority of it is bunk.

It also massively misses the point: vaping is about getting off cigarettes, which is one of the best things any smoker can do.

Smoking vs Vapor – Main Differences (Image Source)

Nicotine on its own, while addictive, is not harmless. Again, this statement is not conjecture – it is backed by actual science.

Nicotine is a stimulant, the same as coffee and sugar.

It does not give you cancer; that only happens with carcinogens found in combustible cigarettes.

Get rid of the fire, and you remove most of the danger.

This is why the UK’s NHS has signed off on vaping.

Because it is a safe, preferable way to exorcise oneself of addiction to nicotine.

And if you don’t wanna quit nicotine, at least you’re getting it in a healthier manner.

JUUL Vapor – How It Hits (AKA Performance) 

Pound for pound, I think the JUUL is one of the best AIO devices on the market right now.

The combination of its pods and the design of the device make it one of the best hitting vape pens around right now.

It feels just like smoking, the sensation is identical, only it tastes better and is A LOT healthier.

Nic-Salts = Potent JUUL Vapor

JUUL vapor is different from, say, your standard sub ohm tank.

It’s made from Nic-salts for a start, and this ensures JUUL vapor is potent, satisfying, and incredibly smooth.

We already have an entire piece on Nic-salts. But the bottom line is this:

They pack in WAY more nicotine, but because of the treatment process, the hit is smooth as butter (unlike standard E Juice, which uses freebase nicotine).

This is why many people swear by JUUL vapor.

It’s also why plenty of well-known vapers use them too!

The flavors are all decent too. My personal favorite is Creme Brûlée – it’s sweet and delicate and perfectly balanced.

But I also like Mango and Cool Mint (I’m a sucker for menthols).

Mostly, though, I just like the design and functionality of the JUUL. It’s simple and it does exactly what it promises with zero fuss.

JUUL Battery Life

You’ll get about a day from the battery life (and that’s with moderate usage).

I tend to use mine on nights out or long drives when I don’t want to be carrying something cumbersome like an RDA and a mod.

If I were using the JUUL exclusively, I’d definitely buy a couple of spare batteries and leave them charging, so I had no downtime when one ran out.


This is what I do with my 18650 cells. And it ensures I always have a powered mod at all times.

As I said: the JUUL is not designed for chain vaping.

If you’re vaping it every minute of every hour all day long, you’re going to run the battery down in no time.

But, if you treat it like you would a cigarette it’ll be fine, and see you through the day with no problem.

And for $35.95 it is easily one of the best value vapes around right now (especially if you’re just coming off cigarettes).

VapeDeals is now selling both the JUUL Starter Kit and JUUL Pods for less than JUUL (prices start at just $26.95), so if you want to save some money on your JUUL, make sure you buy it via VapeDeals!

JUUL Review Roundup (What The Critics Are Saying)

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