Freemax Fireluke 4: Everything You Need To Know

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Here’s everything you need to know about the EPIC Freemax Fireluke 4, why it is a great buy in 2023/24, and what type of coils it runs…

Freemax Fireluke 4 Key Takeaways

With its flexibility, performance potential, and ease of use, the Freemax Fireluke 4 is a smart choice for intermediate and advanced vapers that want massive clouds and even bigger flavor

  • Massive Vapor Production: Competes with the cloudiest tanks out there. A dream for both direct lung and mouth-to-lung vapers.
  • Excellent Flavor Reproduction: Captures complex flavors perfectly, thanks to its reduced chamber design.
  • Coil Flexibility: Over 15 Meshed coil options across 3 lines, catering to a wide range of power preferences from 20W to 90W.
  • Convenient Top-Fill Design: Easy refilling with large top-side fill ports to minimize leaks and spills.
  • 810 Goon-Style Drip Tip: Enhances airflow and flavor delivery, perfect for flavor chasers.

The Freemax Fireluke 4 is a popular sub-ohm vape tank known for its large vapor production, smooth flavor, and flexibility.

Here’s my detailed review of the Freemax Fireluke 4, including details on its coils, performance and whether or not it is easy to live with and use.

Let’s now dig into its key features, specs, coil options, performance, and other details to help you determine if it’s the right tank for you.

Freemax Fireluke 4: Key Features and Benefits

Freemax Fireluke 4: Everything You Need To KnowPin

You want a sub-ohm tank that not only walks the walk (flavor and clouds) but also talks the talk (performance and reliability). 

The Fireluke 4 hits the mark on both counts. I got an early test unit late last year and it has been my go-to sub ohm tank ever since. 

The flavor is very, very impressive (as you’d expect from Freemax) but what really kept me coming back was the fact that I didn’t have to worry about coil performance. 

Providing you run decent quality vape juice through it, the Fireluke 4’s coils will last – on average – 12 to 14 days which is very good for a high-power vape tank. 

Massive Vapor Production

With its wide range of Mesh coil options and enormous wicking capacity, the Fireluke 4 rivals some of the best vape tanks on the market when it comes to cloud volume.

Ramp up the power and your entire living room / office / bedroom will be fogged-out in no time whatsoever.

Excellent Flavor Reproduction

The Fireluke 4 accurately brings out complex flavors. Its reduced chamber design minimizes muted “re-vaped” tastes.

Coil Flexibility

With compatibility across 3 different meshed coil lines and over 15 options, this tank suits various power needs. Options range from 20W to 90W and temperature control compatibility.

Convenient Top-Fill Design

Large top-side fill ports make refilling simple. The ports help prevent leaks and spills.

810 Goon-Style Drip Tip

The wide bore proprietary resin drip tip offers increased airflow. It also allows the flavor to shine through.

What’s Included

The Fireluke 4 kit comes neatly packaged with the key components you need to start vaping:

  • Fireluke 4 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Pre-installed X1-D Meshed Coil (0.15 ohms)
  • Extra 904L X2 Meshed Coil (0.2 ohms)
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • Spare O-Rings & Seals
  • User Manual

Coil Options

Freemax Fireluke 4: Everything You Need To KnowPin

With coil cross-compatibility across 3 lines, vapers can choose from over 15 different coil options for the Freemax Fireluke 4:

  • X Mesh Coils: Designed for sub-ohm direct lung vaping between 40W and 90W. Options include single, double, triple, and quad coil configurations.
  • TX Mesh Coils: Similar performance range to the X series but with SS316L construction for use with temp control devices.
  • 904L Mesh Coils: Longer lifespan coils focused on flavor over maximal cloud production. Great for everyday vaping.

How’s the Performance?

As noted in the intro, this tank is a monster of epic proportions. If you want off the charts flavor and house-filling plumes of clouds, the Freemax Fireluke 4 is the tank you’ve been looking for. 

But there’s more to this tank than sheer power. Here’s some additional things I really love about the Fireluke 4…

Vapor Production

Given compatible coils and higher power settings, vapor volume competes with leading cloud chase tanks. Satisfying dense clouds!

Flavor Accuracy

Neutral flavor reproduction allowing ejuice nuances to come through. Mesh coils also limit metallic tastes.

Draw Smoothness

Ultra airflow from the base up through the drip provides an airier, cooler, and smoother direct lung hit.

Ease of Use

Large fill ports, smart coil installation, and an intuitive design make this a very beginner-friendly sub-ohm tank.


Freemax Fireluke 4: Everything You Need To KnowPin

With its flexibility, performance potential, and ease of use, the Freemax Fireluke 4 makes a smart choice for intermediate and advanced vapers.

Robust constructed and well-designed, it’s built to last through daily use. For an feature-packed tank able to handle both flavor and cloud chasing needs, the Fireluke 4 ticks all the boxes.

2024’s Top Tank So Far…
Freemax Fireluke 4
Killer Flavor. Immense Coils. Insane Clouds. Yep, This One is Gonna Be Hard To Beat…

Freemax’s proprietary mesh coil technology is what makes the Fireluke 4 stand out from the crowd, delivering mind-blowing flavor and vapor production. And the coils last for WEEKS between changes. This thing RIPS…

  • 5ml capacity, 4 coil options (0.15/0.2ohm), easy top-fill, adjustable airflow for custom draw, insane flavor
Best For:
  • Big Clouds. Coil Selection. Flavor Chasing
Best With:: High VG Vape Juice, Vape Mods & Mech Mods (60W and Up)

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