Cheap Boro Mods Are Now A Thing – Here’s Why…

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO.5Pin

If you’re looking for cheap boro mods, you’re in luck – there’s a bunch of excellent options available to buy right now

Back in the day a boro mod like the Billet Box would cost you well over $100. Not anymore. Nowadays, you can pick up a decent boro mod for better than half this price.

Need a primer on this new style of mod? Check out our quick guide to getting started with boro mods.

And for this, largely speaking, we have Tony B to thank. Save from the OG Billet Box, no one has done more to popularize the concept of boro tanks and boro vapes than Tony B.

Cheap Boro Mods Now Exist

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The reason why the OG Billet Box and other similar boro devices were so expensive was that they were made, for the most part, by hand, by enthusiasts. Hand-made stuff costs more.

But once Tony B and his connections with big vape companies like Vandy Vape got sweet on the idea, the cost of producing boro devices dropped.

Like, overnight.

Vandy Vape can mass produce products and this, in turn, makes making them a lot cheaper. Better production capabilities means higher outputs and, generally speaking, lower prices associated with buying a product.

And that applies to all the accessories you’ll need to run a boro mod – stuff like bridges, tanks, and switchable side panels and the like.

You can now also get 21700 boro mods too (here’s a list of all the current top-rated 21700 boro mods you can buy right now).

This is what happened with squonk mods back in the day, and now – again, largely thanks to Tony B – it is happening all over again with boro mods and boro tanks. In fact, these types of vapes are fast becoming the best selling products at major vape distributors and retailers like VaporDNA.

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO.5

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO.5Pin

And chief among this new generation of boro AIO vapes is, of course, the Tony B designed Vandy Vape Pulse AIO.5.

In true Vandy Vape style, the Vandy Vape Pulse AIO.5 has been designed to look the business. It comes in a range of loud colors, packs in plenty of unique features, and it’ll run on either 21700/2700/18650 battery cells.

And it costs less than 60 bucks.

Next up, you have the SXmini Vi Class which is a 60W system packed with a raft of next-generation vaping tech. You can even run dotAIO tanks on it with the included ViDi adapter.

This cheeky little boro mod runs SXmini’s Pure Technology for superior flavor and anti-dry hit capabilities and, perhaps the best part, it only costs $34.99 to buy – so, super cheap by SXmini’s usual standards.

These would be my two picks right now for cheap boro mods but if you want to find out what the best ones are, I suggest you read our guide to the best boro mods you can buy right now…

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