This is Probably The Best Tobacco E Juice on The Planet (IMHO, Obvs…)

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If you’re after the best tobacco E Juice money can buy you’re in luck – I have found it (and it is STUNNINGLY good).


Tobacco E Juice is a bit weird. When you stop smoking and start vaping you discover a world of flavors – literally thousands.

But for some people, tobacco is desired.

And I get this: I loved smoking. I know how weird that sounds but I got so much enjoyment from it.

I hand-rolled my cigarettes and I always used premium, high-end tobacco. Not that store-bought crap they sell in 7/11s.

My favorite was cheery-blended tobacco. Just thinking about it now is making me want to roll a cigarette!

And while I do enjoy ALL the choice of flavors you have with vape juice, sometimes I just want that uniquely aromatic tobacco flavor.

Especially when I’m using my MTL Kayfun V5, as it’s closer to the sensation of smoking than an RDA or RTA.

What Is The Best Tobacco E Juice Then?

I’ve vaped MANY.

And most of them were terrible. You see, getting all the nuance of tobacco’s flavor, as well as all the varieties out there, is tricky.

It requires respect and knowledge of the leaf itself, not just a generic, off the shelf tobacco flavor.

And this is what separates Black Note E-Liquid from nearly everybody else.

They EXCLUSIVELY make tobacco E Juice, and they are exceptional at it. Market-leaders, basically.

What Makes Black Note E Liquid The Best Tobacco E Juice?

Simple: like skilled winemakers, they SERIOUSLY take their time – and they have the production down to a fine art.

As you can see below, the level of precision and detail that goes into making the juice is just, well… phenomenal.

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Black Note E-Liquid – Everything is Made From 100% Natural Ingredients. There are NO Artificial Additives. No Colorings. Nothing! Just Organic Compounds That Deliver An Intensely Luxurious Vaping Experience: Check Out The FULL Range of Flavors

The quality of this E Liquid is unlike anything else I have vaped.

It never gunks up my coils, and the reason for this is that Black Note doesn’t use any shit in its E Juice.

Real Tobacco E Liquid 

It’s ALL natural.

And you can taste it when you vape the stuff; it tastes organic – like you’re actually smoking.

And the reason for this is because ALL the flavors you taste are naturally extracted from ACTUAL tobacco leaf.

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My Black Note Selection (I Went For The Notebook Sample Pack) – In This Package You Get A Selection of Black Note’s Most Popular Blends. This is a Great Way To Experience What Black Note Has To Offer With Respect To Flavors and Blends.

Think all tobacco tastes the same? You’re 100% wrong.

Like wine and coffee and whiskey, there are MANY varieties and they all have their own profiles and nuances.

If you love tobacco, you’re going to have a blast sampling all the flavors.

As a previous tobacco snob, I was in heaven testing out these E Liquids.

Black Note E Juice is Kinder To Your Coils (Because There’s No Rubbish In It)

Black Note E Liquid won’t gunk up your coils either, so you can expect to run your coils for WAY longer.

I use this stuff exclusively in my Kayfun V5 and the experience is incredible.

If you favor an MTL vape and prefer tobacco, I would 100% advise that you get some Black Note E Juice and a Kayfun V5 tank.

Kayfun’s are pricey ($199.95), but the quality and flavor are outstanding.

If you can’t stomach three figures for a vape tank, check out our Guide To The Best MTL Vape Tanks Right Now – it includes rebuildable and non-rebuildable options.

Combine it with some Black Note E Juice and you’re in tobacco heaven.

Seriously, if you’re after the best and most natural tobacco E Juice, you need Black Note in your life.


Black Note E Liquid Pricing

30ML Bottles | $23.00

The Notebook (Sample Pack) | $48

V Line | $19 

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