Suorin Air Wraps: 5 AWESOME Skins For Your Pod Mod (#1’s My FAVE)

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Looking for the best Suorin Air wraps? I was too – and these are the ones I ended up going with. Take a look at these awesome designs, as well as my picks on the best places to shop for Suorin Air wraps 🙂 

The Suorin Air is an AIO device that changes the game and is redefining the term “stealth vaping.”

Smaller than a credit card, and thinner than a standard pen, the Suorin Air features a 400 mAh rechargeable battery and a 2 ml refillable capsule that provides incredible battery life and liquid capacity for a device of such minute dimensions makes it perfect as a backup or travel vaper.

The Suorin Air is one of the most popular pod mod vapes around right now. And with good reason too.

It’s a proper, kick-ass device that provides excellent MTL vaping and supports refillable pods.

This means it is perfect for anyone looking to start vaping. Or, for more seasoned vapers that want something more portable.

It features an extremely efficient design too; there are no complicated buttons, screens or configurations.

The device is activated instantaneously by inhalation.

Aesthetically it is quite modern, however, as with the JUUL, we always want to customize our vape kits to make sure it stands from the crowd.

And for that, you’re gonna need some wraps for your Suorin Air. 

And These Are My 6 Favourite Suorin Air Wraps Right Now

#1 – Retro Nintendo Skin

Who doesn’t love Nintendo? I do – I even had the original NES. 

That was WAY back in the day, and things have come along way since then.

But the old NES is still really iconic. And that is why I love this Suorin Air wrap so much!

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#2 – Carbon Fibre 

Carbon fibre is one of the toughest materials on the planet.

I think they use it in bullet-proof vests, and I know they use it in F1 cars.

And now you can have it on your Suorin Air, thanks to this awesome skin.

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#3 – Marble Effect 

Marble just makes things look classier. I don’t know why, but it does.

And this marble effect wrap for the Suorin Air does just that.

Add an element of class and sophistication to your pod mod with this cool skin.

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#4 – Baby Pineapples

I don’t know why I like this one so much. But I do!

The baby pineapples are just so cute! I mean, look at them!

If you’re a foody or a lover of pineapple, or just like the coloring of this wrap (like me), then this is for you.

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#5 – Psychedelic

The shining colors, the surreal art, the music and the altered states of consciousness you can experience from the inside of your own head.

These are all part of the psychedelic culture.

This is a wrap showing us its bright and cheerful colors, the abstract figures that come to create an optical illusion … Simply perfect, man

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#6 – Galaxy

We feel in the stars with this wrap!

It’s pretty and humbling and actually rather eye-catching 🙂

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