Best SMOK Tank Alternatives: Because You 100% DESERVE Better

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I used to have a love/hate relationship with SMOK tanks. Now it’s leaning more towards dislike/hate. But that’s OK – there are plenty of SMOK tank alternatives out there right now!

I’ve tested and owned a whole bunch of SMOK tanks.

On the whole, they’ve all been OK(ish).

The TFV8 was probably my favourite, simply because it seemed to have the most consistent coil performance.

The TFV12 and the SMOK TFV12 Prince, however, were another story entirely – the coils SUCKED.

And this, for me, was the nail in the coffin for my relationship with SMOK sub ohm tanks.

SMOK Tank Alternatives – What’s Good Right Now?

The good news is that there are MANY better options out there right now if you’re after a heavy-hitting sub ohm tank.

Right now: my personal favourite is the UWELL Valyrian, as regular readers of VapeBeat will know.

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PROS (Why You’d Get This Tank):

Brilliant Coils – They Last An Eternity
Consistent, Reliable Performance
Amazing Flavor
Massive Clouds
Super Simple To Setup and Use

Other Bangin’ Sub Ohm Tank Options?

I also really like the Herakles 3.

Again, it’s mainly down to the coils. Sense makes some of the best in the business.

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If you’re after reliable, solid performance, you’re always in good hands with a Sense vape tank. And the Herakles 3 is no exception.

It is criminally unknown for some reason, so do yourself a favor and keep it in mind next time you’re shopping around for a solid sub ohm tank.

Fireluke Mesh – A Brilliant Sub Ohm Tank Option

I’m also a MASSIVE fan of the FREEMAX Mesh Pro sub ohm tank.

I’d been reading A LOT about this tank, but it was difficult to get hold of while I was in the UK.

Best SMOK Tank Alternatives: Because You 100% DESERVE BetterPin
The FREEMAX Mesh Pro

For this reason, I only just got my hands on one, but it has impressed me no end so far.

The MESH hype is legit.

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It’s the coils here that are the big USP; they utilise a mesh as the heating element versus the standard wire system used in 99.9% of vape tanks.

This gives a more even burn when vaping and, in theory, extends the longevity of the coil.

The flavor on the Freemax Mesh PRO is incredible. It hits hard, the airflow is smooth, and the clouds are MASSIVE.

Grimm Green is also a big fan of this tank as well – and that’s pretty high praise.

I do need more time with it to better understand how it performs long term, so I don’t want to comment officially on it here, as I’ve only been using for a week or so.

But so far, so good – I’m loving the MESH coil system.

VapeBeat’s A-List For Sub Ohm Tanks 2018 

If you want an overview of the best vape tanks we tested during the past 12 months, please take a look at the table below.

In it, you will find all the highest-rated vape tanks from the last 12 months.

[ninja_tables id=”6903″]

Why Am I Being Horrible About SMOK Tanks?

I’m not, really. I promise.

I just truly HATE SMOK’s coils. They’re inconsistent, unreliable, and this for me is a massive deal breaker.

Especially when you’re talking about sub ohm tanks, as the coil is so important.

The other reason?

SMOK has a mega distribution network. Bigger than pretty much every other vape brand in operation right now.

For this reason, A LOT of people buy SMOK tanks just because, well… they’re everywhere.

With this post, I just wanted to highlight some other, smaller brands that are producing superior tanks to SMOK but don’t get the same level of exposure.

These vape brands – especially Sense and Fireluke – need WAY more props than they currently get.

I honestly think it’s criminal how little love and hype Sense’s sub ohm tanks get.

Seriously, they’re proper bangers.

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