Best JUUL Wraps: Makin’ Your JUUL 100% Unique

Best JUUL Wraps: Makin' Your JUUL 100% UniquePin

Millions of people now own JUUL devices. Make yours STAND OUT from the crowd with one of these AWESOME JUUL Wraps 

JUUL. It’s one of the most popular vapes around right now.

Millions of people use JUUL (despite the fact it is awful).

But there is one thing about JUUL that kinda sucks…

They all look the same.

Well… if you’re bored of looking at your JUUL, and want to spice things up a little.

As well as give your JUUL a completely unique look and make it stand out from the crowd, I have something for you!

JUUL wraps – they rock and they’re cheap and they make your JUUL look awesome.

These wraps (they’re basically skins for your JUUL) are super easy to install, hardly cost anything at all, and look awesome once installed.

I use them, because, well… I like my vapes to look cool.

I’ve included four of my favourite JUUL wraps below, so take a look at see what you think!

My Personal Favourite JUUL Wraps

JUUL wrapsPin
A JUUL with a Wrap – Looks Nice, Right?

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#1 – The Rick and Morty JUUL Wrap

Do you like Rick and Morty? If so, this is the JUUL wrap for you.

It looks great and packs in a high-visibility design that is super eye-catching.

I am a MASSIVE fan of the show, so I was immediately drawn to this one.

Even more so, now that I know I’ll be waiting A LONG TIME for the new series to start!

Amazon product

#2 – The GUCCI JUUL Wrap 

GUCCI is one of the most well known, expensive, and respected fashion brands on the planet.

Worn by everybody from Jay Z to professional footballers, GUCCI is one of the most easy to recognise high-end fashion brands on the planet.

The JUUL is a good-looking device. It’s svelte and stylish.

Add this GUCCI wrap to yours, however, and you’ll elevate it even higher.

Amazon product

#3 – The White Marble JUUL Wrap 

I like simple things. And white marble, whether for table tops or your JUUL device is always a solid choice.

This JUUL skin is gorgeous, understated, and infinitely classy.

If you’re looking for something simple, elegant, and eye-catching, this is the wrap for you.

Amazon product

#4 – The Avocado JUUL Wrap

I LOVE avocado. I ate about two of them a day. They’re great for healthy fats and potassium (as well as a bunch of other things).

If you love avocado. Like, REALLY love it, then this JUUL wrap could be right up your street.

It’s cute, eye-catching, and wonderfully unique.

Easily one of my favourite JUUL wraps around right now.

Amazon product

These are just some of my picks for JUUL wraps right now.

They’re based on my own personal tastes, so if you didn’t see anything you like hear…

You should check out Amazon – it has literally THOUSANDS on offer.

And most of them retail for under $10.

Alternatively, you can check out JUUL WRAPS – a retailer that specialises in… yep, you guessed it: JUUL Wraps.

They have a massive range of options, so do make sure you check them out!

How To Install JUUL Wraps (Tutorial) 

Happy JUULin’, brothers and sisters!

Need Help? No Problem.

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