VaporFi Vulk Tank: Is This A SMOK TFV8 KILLER?


VaporFi’s back with yet another tank called the VaporFi Vulk, only this one’s a little different – it’s a freakin’ MONSTER VaporFi has been VERY busy in 2017. In the past few months, there has been a constant stream of new hardware and E Juice lines. But perhaps the most impressive of these is its latest […]

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Even Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa Are Vaping Weed These Days

Wiz Khalifa Vaping Weed

If you smoke weed, you should be vaping that shizz – just like Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa Plenty of people smoke weed these days. Loads, in fact. People, all across history, have used Marijuana in one form or another for things like getting high, contacting spirits or just kicking back after a long day at […]

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The Best Box Mods & Vape Mods 2017: 75W To 300W!


What Is The Best Box Mods You Can Buy? Below is a break-down of ALL the best box mod devices VapeBeat tested throughout 2017 [This List is UPDATED Regularly] You’re here because you’re interested in finding out what the best box mod you can buy right now is, right? Good. You’re in the right place. […]

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The Best RTA Tanks As of RIGHT NOW

Sense Herakles RTA

THESE are the best RTA tanks you can buy right now, according to VapeBeat’s expert team of vapers An RTA tank is essentially THE goldilocks setup of the vaping world, encompassing the best of ALL possible worlds. And the one’s we’ve featured in this list are the best RTA tanks the VapeBeat team have tested. […]

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VooPoo DRAG Review: One of 2017’s BEST Box Mods


Drake puts the VooPoo DRAG box mod through its paces over the course of a couple of months. Is this thing legit? Let’s find out The VooPoo DRAG box mod is here to make box mods, umm, stylish again. And it also features a rather smart chipset that goes by the name of GENE. But […]

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SMOK AL85 Box Mod Review: The “Baby” Alien 220W Mod

smok al85 mod

SMOK’s been DOMINATING the vape space in 2016/17… and now it’s back with the SMOK AL85 SMOK has had a hugely impressive 2016/17. The company has released solid product after solid product. There was the SMOK TFV8, then the SMOK Alien 220W, then the SMOK TFV12 and now… the SMOK AL85 mod. Over 14,000 VapeBeat readers […]

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How To Set-Up And Use The Aspire Atlantis Tank Properly


How to setup, refill and get the best vapor production from the Aspire Atlantis tank FYI – This Tank is Now Pretty Old, So… You might want to consider a) getting a newer model, or b) having a look at what’s available right now. The Atlantis, while pretty epic back in the day, is now a […]

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Best Vape Mod Starter Kit: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

SMOK TFV 8 Baby Beast

What’s the best vape mod starter kit – or, should I say, starting point? This is a good question. But there’s more to it than simply arbitrarily naming a few mods. If you’re new to vaping, you need to understand a few things about the scene and the technology. This is important stuff we’re talking […]

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Retailer Spotlight: A Conversation With Vapor Authority

Vapor Authority

Vapor Authority is a vape retailer that likes to do things differently – in a good way! Drake sat down with the company’s founders to find out more Vapor Authority was born out of a single question — how to offer the best products with unparalleled customer service and on-time delivery. On a surface level, that […]

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