What Is A JUUL? Random Question of The Week

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What is a JUUL – or, should I say, what is JUUL, as it is a singular product AND brand name for one of the biggest vaping brands on the planet right now

You’re here because you want to know what a JUUL is – and, I’m assuming you’re not talking about the precious diamond kind, right? Good. Put simply: JUUL is a vape device, a vape pen if you will, and it is made and manufactured by JUUL, a US company.

JUUL is designed to revolutionise the vaping world by making vaping simple, accessible, and reliable. JUUL is all about less is more – less power, less vapor, less fuss, fewer moving parts.

JUUL is NOT a crappy ecig, like the ones you get in garages and 7/11’s. No, JUUL is a pretty sophisticated, all-in-one device that was originally designed by PAX Labs – and those guys really know what they’re doing.

JUUL is now a separate entity from PAX Labs, has received a mountain of investment in the last financial year (over $100 million), and looks pretty much set to dominate the novice-end of the vaping market in the US from here on out.

What Is A JUUL – How Does It Work?


Simple, really. You have a JUULpod, these come in packs, and they contain E Juice – or E-Liquid – which contains nicotine (in different strengths, depending on your needs).

The bottom of the device is the battery, where the power comes from, and the top is where the vapor comes from. So far, so simple. Everything you need is contained inside a single device; there are very few moving parts, unlike more high-performance mods and tanks.


The battery powers the coils inside the head of the JUUL device, which heat the E Juice, and this produces vapor, which you inhale.

It is this process – vapor production, inhalation – that simulates smoking and makes JUUL so popular with people looking to quit smoking – it feels exactly the same, only it tastes a lot better. Plus, it’s WAY healthier for you (upwards of 95%, according to the NHS in the UK).

What Are JUULpods And How Do They Work?

Again, very simple. There are several flavors available at the moment, which are detailed below:

As JUUL becomes more popular, more flavors will be added. My personal favorite JUULpod flavors are Mango and Crème Brûlée. Yours will probably be different, but you have a nice spread to choose from.

As I mentioned earlier, the JUUL is a closed system. This means you can’t add your own bits and pieces, as you can with other styles of vape hardware. You buy the kit from JUUL and the JUULpods – and there’s no getting around this.

This is why JUUL is such a darling with investors; it’s basically created the first, honest to goodness cigarette replacement, complete with a robust ecosystem to ensure it is grossly profitable. Like Apple, JUUL controls every aspect of its device. And where there’s control, there’s revenue and profit.

What Is A JUUL – Also, Is The JUUL Any Good?

Yes. I think it is brilliant. It’s cheap, has a solid ecosystem, and the company is investing BIG TIME in order to meet current levels of demand.

For the most part, JUUL is perhaps the most visible and brand-oriented manufacturer in the vape space. It’s taking its business very seriously and it is making serious headway in the market.

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In fact, I think JUUL could well be the iPod of the vape market, the device that becomes the chosen nomenclature of the masses when talking about vape products. Seriously, this thing is a BIG deal. Make no mistake about that.

So… is it good? Yes. Very good. But don’t just take my word for it – check out what other review sites said about the JUUL.

[letsreviewunique title=”JUUL Review Roundup – What The Critics Said…” score_subtitle=”The Best AIO Device Around” affiliate_title=”Best Place To Buy? ” pros_title=”PROS” pros=”Excellent, Svelte Design,Hits Just Like A Cigarette (And Tastes Better),JUUL Ecosystem is Great ,The Flavors Are Great – I Like All of Them” cons_title=”Things To Keep In Mind” cons=”You Have To Buy Pods From JUUL,Battery Not Suited To Chain Vaping,Not Designed For Cloud Chasing” criterias=”VapeBeat,90,Engadget ,92,Vaping Daily ,94,Vapesterdam,78,The Vape Guide,98″ affiliate=”JUUL – Starter Kit – $49.99,https://juul-vapor.pxf.io/c/183240/342143/5047,JUUL – AutoFill Programme – Save 15%,https://juul-vapor.pxf.io/c/183240/348563/5047″ accent=”#81d742″ final_score=”91″ format=”1″ skin=”1″ animation=”1″ design=”2″ main_image=”3989″][/letsreviewunique]

What Is A JUUL – Best Place To Buy Your JUUL

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JUUL is only available in the US right now, though my contacts in the company tell me a release in the UK is 100% on the cards – there’s just no concrete release date just yet.

If you’re in the US, however, and you want to pick one up, your best bet is to go directly to the source – JUUL.

You can pick up a JUUL starter kit direct from JUUL for $34.99, which is great value for money.

Save Money on JUULpods (You’ll Want To Do This, Trust Me!)

If you go for a JUUL, you’ll definitely want to stock up on JUULpods. Why? Because you do not want to run out – that would suck and you don’t need any excuse for going back to the smokes.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you sign up to have the JUULpods sent out to your home automatically. See: told you JUUL was business savvy! This way, you get fresh packs sent to you each money and you save 15% on each pack in the process AND never run out of JUULpods.

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