How To Use VooPoo Drag 3 TPP-X: Beginner Tips & Tricks

How To Use VooPoo Drag 3 TPP-X: Beginner Tips & TricksPin

VooPoo’s Drag series has been a hit in the vaping world, but the big question is, did they nail it with their latest offering? Let’s dig into the details as we take a closer look at the VooPoo Drag 3 TPP-X starter kit!

First off, the design is on point. Made from tough zinc-alloy, this thing not only looks cool but can take a bit of a beating. Now, the real kicker is the dual 18650 battery setup (just a heads-up, batteries aren’t included). With this, you can crank it up to 177W without breaking a sweat.

But wait, there’s more! The kit also includes the Drag TPP-X Pod Tank. It’s got a massive 5.5mL capacity and some killer mesh coils from the TPP Coil Series. Translation? You’ll be blowing some seriously flavorful clouds with your favorite e-Juice or nicotine salts.

It’s got style, power, and safety all in one package. If you’re after a top-notch vaping experience, this kit should definitely be on your radar. 


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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Drag 3 Mod
  • 1 x 5.5mL TPP-X Pod Tank
  • 1 x 0.2ohm TPP-DM2 Mesh Coil
  • 1 x 0.15ohm TPP-DM3 Mesh Coil
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual 


  • Chipset: GENE.FAN 2.0
  • Dimensions: 122mm by 50.25mm by 25mm
  • Battery: Dual High-Amp 18650 (Not Included)
  • Wattage Output: 5-177W
  • Voltage Output: 6.4-8.4V
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm
  • Modes: SMART, BYPASS
  • Firing Speed: 0.001s
  • Chassis: Zinc-Alloy
  • Display: 1.08″ TFT Color
  • Safety Features: Overtime, Short-Circuit, Overcharge, and more
  • Charging: Type-C Port
  • Connection: Threaded 510

Pod Tank Features

  • Capacity: 5.5mL
  • Fill System: Locking Side Fill
  • Construction: Stainless Steel Elements
  • Coil Series: VOOPOO TPP
  • Coils: 0.2ohm TPP-DM2 Mesh, 0.15ohm TPP-DM3 Mesh
  • Installation: Press-Fit Coil
  • Connection: Magnetic Pod, Dual Slotted Airflow Control Ring Base

The Drag 3 Device

I’m sure many of you are quite familiar with the Drag 3 device from Voopoo Drag X Pro. This device runs on 2 x 18650 batteries and packs a punch with a power range that starts from 5W and goes all the way up to 177W. It’s built with a sturdy combination of Zinc Alloy and PU Leather.

Now, let’s get into the specifics of its size. When it’s flying solo without the TPP-X pod or a tank attached, it measures precisely 8.6cm in length, 5.2cm in width, and has a depth of 2.2cm. And as for the weight, it’s about 118g when the batteries aren’t inserted.

You’ll find ‘Drag 3’ etched on one side and ‘Voopoo’ on the other, and there’s comfortable padding underneath that PU Leather. If you’re into a bit more style, there’s even a version of the Drag 3 Kit with a unique Eagle design on the leather. How’s that for adding some flair? 

TPP-X Pod Tank & Coils Fillings

  1. TPP-X Pod tank and coils: This kit includes the latest TPP-X Pod tank and two coils with lower ohm resistance, perfect for direct-to-lung vaping. These coils are not intended for mouth-to-lung vaping. Inside the kit, you’ll find a TPP-DM2 0.2Ω coil and a TPP-DM3 0.15Ω coil. 
  2. Design of the TPP-X Pod Tank: Since the Drag 3 doesn’t have a slot-in socket for PnP or TPP pods and uses a 510 connector instead, a convenient screw-in removable 510 adapter is included at the tank’s base. 
  3. Adjustable airflow: You have control over airflow adjustment. Slide the adjustable airflow slots on either side of the 510 pod adaptor at the bottom to open or close them as desired.
  4. Detachable drip tip: The pod’s top section features a removable 810 size drip tip for added convenience and customization
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Tank Build and Filling

The TPP-X Pod tank is constructed from robust materials, including PCTG and Metallic texture stainless steel. To replace the coil, here’s how you should do: 

  • Gently push it up from the bottom of the pod, located between the magnetic base. 
  • Locate a plastic button on the top cap and depress it.
  • Rotate the top cap approximately a quarter-turn.
  • Underneath, a concealed silicone plug can be pulled out to reveal the fill port.
  • Fill the pod tank with your chosen e-liquid and securely twist the cap back into place.

Pairing the Drag 3 with the TPP-X Pod Tank is a match made in heaven for direct-to-lung vapers. These coils bring fantastic flavor and clouds to the table. Between the TPP-DM2 and TPP-DM3, the difference is subtle, with the TPP-DM3 offering a bit more power at 0.15Ω. 

However, I did notice a few minor leaks after some intense vaping sessions with the TPP-DM3, so I leaned toward the TPP-DM2.

How to Navigate VooPoo Drag 3 TPP-X Kit: Buttons Made Easy

Here’s how to navigate its settings since the VooPoo Drag X Pro shares the same button layout and device design, this applies to both devices.

  • Display screen: The Drag 3 TPP-X boasts a clear and comprehensive display screen, providing you with all the essential information you need in your current vaping setup.
  • Current mode: Right next to the battery indicators, you’ll see the current vaping mode you’re in. This mode indicates whether you’re in Variable Wattage (VW), Temperature Control (TC), or any other supported mode.
  • Puff counter: Located just below the battery and mode indicators, the puff counter keeps track of the number of puffs you’ve taken.
  • Current resistance: Moving further down, you’ll see the resistance of your installed coil. This value helps you monitor your coil’s performance.
  • Voltage: Adjacent to the resistance reading, you’ll find the voltage output, giving you insight into your device’s power delivery.
  • Puff time: At the bottom of the screen, the puff time is displayed, showing you the duration of your most recent puff.
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Controlling the Drag 3 TPP-X settings using the buttons is straightforward and user-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Power On and Off: To power the device on or off, simply press the fire button five times consecutively. This ensures both safety and convenience when carrying your device. 
  2. Switch Between Modes: To switch between different modes (e.g., VW, TC), press the fire button three times consecutively. This allows you to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences. 
  3. Adjust Wattage: Changing your wattage setting is easy. Just use the up (+) and down (-) buttons to increase or decrease the wattage to your desired level. This customization lets you find the perfect balance for your vaping style.
  4. Reset Puff Counter: If you want to reset the puff counter to keep track of a new session or timeframe, press the fire button and the down (-) button simultaneously. This clears the puff count and starts fresh.
  5. Lock and Unlock Device: To lock your device to prevent accidental adjustments, press the fire button and the up (+) button simultaneously. When you’re ready to unlock it and make changes again, repeat the same action—press the fire button and the up (+) button simultaneously.

By following these detailed instructions, you’ll have full control over your Drag 3 TPP-X settings, ensuring a customized and enjoyable vaping experience.

Charging the Device

Charging your Voopoo Drag X is a piece of cake, here’s how do it: 

  • Make sure you have a compatible 18650 battery with a continuous discharge rating of at least 30 amps. 
  • On the bottom of your Voopoo Drag X, you’ll notice an arrow indicating the direction to push the bottom cover. 
  • Gently push it in that direction to reveal the battery compartment.
  • Take your prepared 18650 battery and insert it into the compartment. 
  • With the battery securely in place, close the battery cover. It should click into position, holding the battery snugly inside the device.

Keep an eye on the battery indicator displayed on the screen. It will show the charging progress. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator will read “100%,” and your screen will display a message indicating that the charge cycle is complete. 

If you want to learn more about VooPoo Drag 3 TPP-X battery, check the tutorial on how to maintain it in detail. 

If it’s not charging, try a different USB-C cable. USB cables can wear out over time. Charge through your computer and make sure the cable’s arrow faces the bottom of the mod. If it still won’t charge, consider charging the battery externally or replacing it.

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I’ve had the VooPoo Drag 3 TPP-X mod in my vaping rotation for over a year now, and it’s safe to say it’s become a true daily driver. The battery life is solid, although it does depend on the quality of your batteries. The display screen is a star, offering a clear view of everything you need. 

Plus, the Drag 3 has a sleek and modern look, and surprisingly, I don’t even miss the original Drag’s resin finish.

If you’re in the market for a direct-to-lung setup, this kit is a solid choice. And if you’re already have a VooPoo Drag x Pro, consider grabbing the TPP-X Pod Tank for an even better experience, especially if you’re already a fan of the TPP coil lineup.

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