The 5 Easiest Vape Tricks To Learn (That Still Look Cool AF!!)

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Vape tricks have become really popular. And it’s not just smoke rings we’re talking about either. But where to start? Here are five EASY vape tricks you can learn right now!

Vape tricks have become something of a viral phenomenon online.

There are thousands of videos on YouTube (and some of them have view-counts well into the MILLIONS).

So, yeah… vaping tricks are pretty popular.

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And you’re probably wondering how they’re done, right?

Me too.

I’m no master at vape tricks. But I can blow O-Rings; I developed that skill back when I used to smoke.

But with a decent vape tank, you get WAY more vapor to play with.

And this makes for some rather impressive tricks once you get the hang of the basics.

I did some digging (and a little research) and found the five easiest (but also very impressive) vape tricks ANYONE can learn.

The only prerequisite is that you have a decent vape tank that can throw out a lot of vapor.

The next bit is drilling the tricks until you can do them.

I’ve included videos below, so follow along and hone your vape tricks until you’ve nailed them all.

How To Do Vape Tricks (5 Easy Tricks For Beginners)

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It may sound a bit ridiculous, but trust us, it can be quite addictive.

YouTube is the ideal place to find tricks and tutorials on how to do vape tricks.

And below we’ve listed five easy vape tricks to get you started.

Yes, we know you can find a lot of other neat vaping tricks, but these are our favorites – and they’re also all beginner-friendly.

Let’s see what the best vaping tricks for beginners are, and for most of them, you only need some everyday items and your faithful vape device.

#1 – How To Do “THE WATERFALL”

It is a pretty spectacular trick in which a great effect is created.

To carry it out, you need an empty recipient. Soda or water bottles are perfect for the trick

Take a deep puff on the vaporizer.

Bring the empty bottle to your lips and exhale carefully. Make sure only the smoke makes it into the bottle.

Turn the bottle full of smoke upside down on a smooth surface.

If you do it right, the smoke will accumulate on the surface, this one is as easy as it gets, and yes, we know it looks amazing.

#2 – How To Do The “VAPE BUBBLES” Trick

This one is pretty good.

What other people think about the time you spend polishing your technique is another story, but, who cares? You are having fun, right? And most likely, even your critics are impressed.

To do it, you will have to prepare a little. Get a tube (like a roll of toilet paper) and on one end put some liquid soap, so that it is covered by a thin film.

Take a deep puff on your vaper and place the lips on the dry end of the tube; exhale slowly. The “bubble” on the other side of the tube will quickly fill with smoke.

#3 – How To Do “THE DRAGON” Vape Trick

For this, it takes a bit of coordination and quite practical.

The idea is that you look like a dragon when you exhale the smoke from your vaporizer.

To obtain the desired effect, we recommend practising in front of the mirror.

How do you know you have perfected the technique?

When the smoke comes out of both nostrils and both corners of the mouth.

#4 – How To Do “THE TORNADO” Vape Trick

For this trick, you need a smooth surface. You can try to channel the smoke through a cardboard tube.

Slowly exhale the smoke against a flat surface. When you have enough accumulated smoke, you can create some incredible effects.

One of the easiest is the tornado. Give a quick karate blow with your hand in the middle of the smoke cloud. When you remove your side, you will see the effect of movement and air pressure.

If you do it right, it will form a kind of smoke tornado that will meander through the

#5 – And Last But Not Least… SMOKE RINGS

Just imagine this, at some point during a party you look up and notice a ring of smoke above the crowd that floats around the room.

Great, right?

It’s something that definitely draws some attention, even in a place full of vapers.

The ability to make thick smoke rings that float in the air is not as difficult as it seems, all it takes is a little practice and patience, well maybe a lot of patience.

You can also make smoke rings with a light tap on the cheek.

Some consider it’s cheating, but it’s probably the simplest way to make small smoke rings without mastering the actual technique.

Smoke tricks are the hallmark of every vaper with style.

No matter what your preferences are when it comes to vaping, learning to do a couple of tricks is an excellent way to pass the time and impress the persons you’re with.

All these tricks do require a little practice, preferably in front of a mirror, but in a short time, you will learn to do them well.

So do you need a way to kill time? Do you aspire to become Gandalf the White? Or are you just looking for a sick skill to impress your friends?

These five tricks are a great place to start your journey!

The 5 Easiest Vape Tricks To Learn (That Still Look Cool AF!!)Pin

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