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In a bid to circumvent draconian laws in the USA, vape retailers and vape juice brands are turning to tobacco-free nicotine – AKA synthetic nicotine

What is Tobacco Free Nicotine?

Up to now, all of the vape juice you have used contains nicotine derived from tobacco plants. This is just the way things were. But changes to regulation in the USA have forced brands and juice companies to rethink things – and this gave birth to the use of tobacco free nicotine which is also sometimes called synthetic nicotine.

When you extract nicotine from tobacco plants, no matter how careful you are, it is never 100% pure – there are always impurities leftover. This is fine for the most part, but when you’re battling a government that views ALL THINGS TOBACCO evil, innovation is your friend. And this is where tobacco free nicotine comes into play.

Tobacco free nicotine is made in a lab, it does not come from plants, so in this respect, it is entirely synthetic, although it does have exactly the same properties as organic, naturally derived nicotine. Synthetic nicotine is purer, however, so you get better flavor from your vape juice. And, despite not coming from tobacco plants, tobacco free nicotine still comes with the same warnings as normal nicotine.

How Is Tobacco Free Nicotine Made?

Nicotine contains the following atoms: 2 nitrogen atoms and 14 hydrogen atoms. Synthetic nicotine uses these atoms, in conjunction with other chemicals like ethanol, niacin, sulphuric acid among other stuff, to create a completely tobacco-free alternative to traditional forms of plant-derived nicotine.

Because tobacco free nicotine is made in a lab, there is no need for expensive tobacco crops and the usual chemical cocktails required to maintain them. This makes the production of tobacco free nicotine A LOT cheaper than traditional nicotine. And because it is all created in a lab to exact standards, you get a purer overall product.

Tobacco free nicotine is also completely odorless and has no flavor which, again, is great news for your vape juice. The purer the nicotine, the less interference you get with overall flavor. Tobacco free nicotine will also be very useful in products like nicotine gum and patches, making their products cheaper which should result in lower costs for NRTs across the board.

On a side note, did you know that trace elements of nicotine can be found in potatoes, capsicum, tomatoes, and chili pepper? I didn’t until I was doing research for this post. However, potatoes, capsicum, tomatoes, and chili pepper have such low levels of nicotine compared to tobacco plants, they are never used in commercial nicotine production.

Is Tobacco Free Nicotine Safe?

You’re dealing with nicotine, so just as with traditional nicotine, tobacco free nicotine comes with all the same warnings – don’t use it when pregnant, it can damage cells in younger people, and it generally not advised for consumption if you’re pursuing optimal health. But is it actually safer than tobacco-plant-derived nicotine?

Synthetic nicotine is not yet approved by the FDA, however, its creation is already well underway in plenty of labs across the USA. In order to make tobacco free nicotine, you need to source chemicals from suppliers, and these suppliers have to be FDA-approved, which ensures the overall quality of the end product.

And because tobacco free nicotine does not contain any of the impurities of traditional forms of nicotine, one could argue that it is indeed safer – although these claims need to be tested before any official comment can be passed on them. For now, tobacco free nicotine is shaping up to be a great alternative to tobacco-based nicotine and it has the potential to revolutionize the NRT market in the coming years.

Benefits of Tobacco Free Nicotine 

And, as a side note, it’d be almost impossible to classify vape juice that uses tobacco free nicotine as a tobacco product – it will have no link or affiliation with tobacco, so this could be a loophole for vape companies to exploit in order to get around the current legislation coming down on them in the USA.

Another benefit of tobacco free nicotine is that, because it is made in a lab, and not derived from crops, it will be cheaper for companies to buy in quantity and this, in turn, could make the end product – vape juice – significantly cheaper. And that is something everybody can get behind, right?

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