iQOS Battery Life – How Long Does It Last?

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How long is the battery life on an IQOS vape? In this post, we’ll detail all the INS and OUTS relating to IQOS battery life – as well as tips and tricks for making it last longer

The iQOS vape is the first – and currently only – FDA-approved vape device on the market. Created by Phillip Morris, the IQOS runs on HEET pods, a cartridge filled with real-tobacco, available in a range of flavors, that is inserted into the device and heated to produce vapor.

And unlike BAT’s VYPE vape products, IQOS is not an actual vape, in the traditional sense of the word. It uses actual tobacco and is a heat-not-burn device.

In the UK, you have things like the VOKE which is a nicotine inhaler (and not be confused with both IQOS and/or traditional vape products).

In this respect, the IQOS is completely different from traditional vape devices and vape pens – it does not use vape juice at all. In order to run the device, you need to buy packs of HEETS.


Each HEET lasts for approximately 6 minutes – or, around 15 puffs. Once the HEET is expended, you have to swap it out for a new one the next time you want to use the IQOS.

In this respect, the IQOS is more like smoking: the heating mechanism is ONLY active when you use the device. And when you do use it, you will have to load a new HEET pod because each one only usually lasts for one session.

How Long Does IQOS Battery Life Last For?

The IQOS battery life will last for around 10 HEET pods, on average. This means you will get 150 puffs from the IQOS before it requires a recharge.

In total, you’ll get around 60 minutes of active battery life from the IQOS before it requires a top-up.

On the IQOS blog, the company lists several ways of extending the IQOS battery life. I’ve included a snippet of the text below:

#1 – Unplug your IQOS when fully charged

One of the most common ways to wear out your IQOS battery is to overcharge it. So leaving your device in the IQOS charger overnight can end up causing the battery to empty. Even though it’s a bit less convenient, unplugging your IQOS when it’s fully charged is an easy way of keeping battery life longer.

#2 – Don’t let the battery empty before you recharge it

Allowing your battery to empty fully before you recharge it, really reduces its lifespan. Instead, recharge the IQOS after every 20 uses – which, conveniently, is whenever you finish a pack of tobacco sticks.

#3 – Store IQOS at the correct temperature

It’s a little-known fact that exposure to high temperatures can damage products like e-cigarettes and IQOS, reducing the lifespan of both the device and its battery. After each use, make sure that you store your IQOS in a cool and well-shaded area. Try not to store your device in very cold places either.

#4 – Keep your IQOS clean

To get the most out of your IQOS, clean it regularly using the IQOS cleaner and cleaning sticks – this will keep your IQOS in great condition and will give you a satisfyingly consistent taste.

#5 –Use it regularly

By using and charging your IQOS regularly, you won’t allow the battery to drain, which means it will always have the level of power you need for the best heated tobacco experience.


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