How to Stop a Vape Pod From Leaking – Tips & Tricks Guide

A vape pod leaking can be a frustrating and messy experience. Not only is a leaking pod a massive pain, but it is also a waste of money, and it can even damage your device over time. Leaking e-liquid can harden into a sticky resin inside your device and even spill onto your clothes, bags, or other possessions. 

While you may always be tempted to blame the leakage on the quality of the pod, sometimes, it may be brought on by your mishandling of it or your vaping habits. So, even if you’re using the best pod system out there, it’s a good idea to learn how to fix a leak, what causes leaks, how to stop a vape pod from leaking in the first place!

What Causes Vape Pod Leaks

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Many factors can cause a vape pod leakage. Understanding these can help you handle your pod better and prevent leakages from happening again. Some of the most common causes of vape pod leaks are: 

  1. Using your pod on a low battery: A low battery means the e-liquid you draw isn’t turned into vapor, which pulls liquid through your mouthpiece, causing it to leak. 
  1. Defective hardware: If your vape pod or battery is old or faulty, or the pod has been inserted too tightly, this could cause the pod to leak. 
  1. Vaping excessively: This can also cause leakages by pulling too much e-liquid out of the mouthpiece. 
  1. Mishandling your pod: Vape pods are meant to be handled with care. Biting your pod while it’s in your mouth, dropping it repeatedly, or squeezing it too hard can all cause structural damage, which may result in a leak. 
  1. Not changing your cartridges frequently enough: Fibers in the wick can start to fray, losing their ability to hold onto the e-liquid. 

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How to Stop Vape Pod Leaks 

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By making minor, simple adjustments to your vaping habits, you can easily avoid messy, unpleasant leaks.

Keep Your Battery Charged 

Using your pod on a low battery can cause leaks, so ensure your battery never runs too low. How often you need to charge your pod varies according to your usage, but it’s a good idea to charge it at least once a day for regular users, and once every two to three days for moderate usage. If your vape’s battery doesn’t hold charge as well anymore, it may be time for an upgrade. 

Change Cartridges Regularly 

Disposable vape pods require frequent cartridge changes to keep working their best. The rate at which you should change your cartridge varies depending on usage. Once you figure out a schedule that works well for you, make sure to stay on top of cartridge changes to avoid burnt-out coils and leaky pods. 

Space Out Your Puffs 

Taking multiple hits off your vape one after another can overburden your device and trigger a pod leakage, so vaping less aggressively is a good way to avoid this. 

One reason why people take continuous puffs is that they don’t get enough vapor or it isn’t strong enough. To get around this, we recommend increasing the voltage/wattage or buying a higher nicotine strength to achieve your desired effect. 

Don’t Drag Too Hard

Taking too hard of a drag can draw up too much liquid into your mouthpiece, even if your battery is sufficiently charged. This is because pod systems are less powerful than vape pens or box mods and are designed for a laidback, lightweight experience. 

To avoid leakage, only pull hard enough to get enough vapor into your mouth, and don’t take super-hard drags. 

Tighten All Your Pieces 

When screwing in a new pod, ensure all the pieces are correctly tightened and nothing leaks. Move your device around and hold it at different angles to ensure there’s no dripping. Also be careful of overtightening, though, as this can damage the equipment’s seals and result in a leak over time. 

Blow Through the Mouthpiece

If your vape pod has started to leak, try gently blowing through the mouthpiece after detaching it from the device battery. If the problem still persists, get yourself a pod vape that doesn’t leak.. An airhole at the other end of your pod will allow the air you’ve blown to escape, and the leaking e-liquid can get pushed back into the pod. 

Check Your O-Rings

If all else fails to solve your leaking problem, check your O-rings. They can degrade and wear out naturally over time, which may cause leakage. So keep regularly checking your O-rings and replace them if they look worse for wear. 

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