How To Choose A Disposable Vape – My #1 Tips

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 05/22/20 •  5 min read

Looking to kick your smoking habit? A disposable vape is one of the easiest and cheapest methods of trying out vaping without committing to a proper vape setup. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about picking out your first disposable vape…

Back when I started vaping disposable vapes were terrible. You bought them from gas stations and 7/11’s and they tasted like ASS. Mercifully, and thanks to the rise in popularity of pod vapes, disposable vapes have enjoyed something of a renaissance during the last couple of years.

You now have a ton of awesome disposable vape products to choose from from a variety of innovative and progressive companies. Not so long ago, back at the start of 2020, I tested out around 30 of the most popular disposable vapes to see which was the best.

It took me over a month to get through them all; I had to try multiple flavors and test the battery life of each. You can see the results of my experiment here, inside our Best Disposable Vape Guide. More recently, though, a new disposable vape has appeared and it has impressed me no end – it’s called the MOTI PIIN, and it is bloody brilliant.

Why? Simple: It Fits All My Usual Criteria For Choosing A Disposable Vape

How To Choose A Disposable Vape

Whenever you’re choosing a disposable vape, you need to consider a few key things, things that will make or break your vaping experience. If you don’t know or appreciate these factors, you’re running the risk of choosing a sub-par product. Let’s outline what they are now.

Battery Life

Obviously, when you’re using a disposable vape, you’ll want the battery life to last as long as possible. During my tests, I used a bunch of disposables that ran out of battery life before all the juice had been used. You DO NOT want this, so make sure you go with a disposable vape with a decent-sized battery inside it. You need at least 320mAh – anything less and you’ll be left hanging.


Flavors are important too. When you’re choosing a disposable, you want to go with a company that does a solid range of flavors. You then need to purchase a few and see which flavor is your favorite.

With disposable vapes, you can get wonky flavor, so, again, it is important to go with a brand that has excellent flavor. This is one of the #1 reasons why I like the MOTI PIIN so much; it’s flavors are super-tasty and very precise.

A Rock-Solid Atomizer

Another HUGE thing you have to consider when buying a disposable vape, though you won’t know much about until you actually use it, is the quality of the atomizer used inside the device.

Most disposable vapes (like a good 90% of them, based on my experience) have poor atomizers which cut out all too often, break too easily, and do not provide consistent performance. This is the #1 issue I experienced when testing all those disposable vapes back at the start of the year.

There are exceptions to the rule, of course; disposable vapes like the MOTI PIIN, Puff Bar, and EZZY all have great atomizers that perform brilliant, hitting consistently with extremely low failure rates.

A Great MTL Draw

You’re trying to quit smoking, right? That means you’ll want something that creates a similar experience to smoking, just without all the nasty stuff contained inside tobacco. If that’s what you want, you need an MTL (mouth to lung) vape, and most disposable vapes are MTL for this express reason.

But, as any seasoned MTL vaper will tell you, finding the perfect MTL draw is a lot harder than you’d think. You do have a few solid options in the disposable vape arena, however, like Puff Bar and MOTI PIIN. I also really like the EZZY Disposable too, though this one is more expensive.

Decent Price

You’re not going to keep your disposable vape for long. Once the juice is done, you throw it away. For this reason, you don’t want to be paying too much money for one. But you still need to make sure you’re getting a quality setup. This is the most important element; you want value for money and solid performance – and this is harder to find than you might imagine.

As you can gather, I’m a big fan of Puff Bar and MOTI PIIN, as well as the EZZY disposable. I’ve mentioned them multiple times throughout this post, highlighting their performance and quality. But the one that really NAILS everything, including price, has to be the MOTI PIIN; you can pick one up for just $9.99 versus around $10-$13 for the other two.

And for me, that puts the MOTI PIIN and the EZZY disposable vape (if you don’t mind the price) in front of just about every other disposable vape on the market right now.

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