GOON RDA or Kennedy 24 RDA | Who’s The Greatest of ALL-TIME?

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I really love the OG Goon RDA and the Kennedy RDA – both the 24mm and the 25mm version. Even now, these two drippers are pretty much unbeatable. But which out of these two classic RDAs is the best!?

I was recently reading a post on the r/electronic_cigarette subreddit that was talking about the greatest drippers of all time.

You know… the drippers that came out years ago but are still totally awesome today.

Drippers like the OG Goon RDA, the Kennedy 24 RDA. Classics, basically.

And this got me thinking about my collection of rebuildable attys – and which ones have stood the test of time. My current #1 faves are logged inside our best RDA guide – and this post is updated all the time.

I sat and thought about it for a while, mulling over ALL the drippers I’ve used over the years, thinking about which ones really stood out from the crowd.

Oddly, my own views tend to pretty much match the general consensus inside the thread; I really love the OG Goon RDA and the Kennedy RDA – both the 24mm and the 25mm version.

Even now, these two drippers are pretty much unbeatable.

But which out of these two classic RDAs is the best!? Is it even fair to compare them? I don’t know… but we’re going to anyway!

GOON RDA or Kennedy 24 RDA: The #1 ALL TIME Best Drippers…

528 Custom GOON RDA…


First, let’s take a look at the GOON RDA. This thing, when it came out many moons ago, was something of a game-changer. It was the first dripper to really push the envelope with respect to builds and flavor performance.

The GOON looks fairly unassuming today, but back in 2016 Custom 528, the company behind it, effectively created a house-hold brand name overnight. Any vapor worth their salt knew and owned the GOON RDA.


The thing that was so cool about the GOON RDA was its deck. You could install massive builds and, thanks to the airflow, really dial in how the flavor was delivered. Back then, this was novel and a lot of vapers bit off Custom 528’s paws as soon as the atomizer was released.

And then you have the clamp system. Again, this was extremely novel back then and it allowed for large, flat wire builds (think framed staples) which resulted in the ability to install bigger and more impressive coils.


  • 24mm Diameter
  • 510 Threaded
  • Adjustable Top Airflow Valve
  • Wide-bore Drip Tip
  • 1/2″ Drip Tip
  • Copper Contact Pin
  • Gold Plated Bridge Post
  • Gold Plated Clamps
  • Hybrid Safe

As you can see, the GOON RDA specs make it ideal for use on all styles of mods – even competition mechs, thanks to its protruding 510 pin for improved connectivity.



The Kennedy RDA

Kennedy 24 RDAPin

The Kennedy RDA, like the GOON RDA, is a true classic rebuildable atomizer. It does do things rather differently, however: it’s longer, does not feature clamps, and the airflow is bottom-mounted.

The Kennedy RDA is designed to be used “fully open” meaning, you install your build and leave the airflow wide open. And because it is bottom-mounted (versus the GOON’s mid-body placement), you get seriously intense flavor production.

Kennedy 24 RDAPin

The Kennedy RDA is great for builds of all styles, but the GOON is definitely better suited to large, flat wire coils. You just have more room in the clamp system versus the Kennedy’s post system.

I do, personally, think the Kennedy is better for flavor though. And this, I think, I down to its bottom-mounted airflow and larger (meaning longer) top cap. The airflow is smooth and has room to breathe and this, in turn, allows for a slightly superior vape (with respect to flavor).

Kennedy RDA Specs

  • Swappable 2 Post System
  • Smooth Airflow
  • 24mm Diameter
  • HUGE Build Deck
  • Large Air Chamber
  • Large Juice Well

I do really love the Kennedy. For me, it is the benchmark by which all other RDAs are graded by when it comes to flavor and airflow. Whether it is ACTUALLY better than the GOON RDA will depend on what you want from the atomizer yourself.

Kennedy 24 RDAPin


Kennedy vs. Goon RDA – Which is ACTUALLY The Best!?

goon rda vs kennedy rdaPin

Saying one of these EPIC atomizers is better than the other just doesn’t sit right with me; it’d be like saying the BMW M3 is a better than the BMW M4 – when they’re both excellent, just slightly different machines.

The GOON’s deck is better for larger, flat wire builds in my opinion, whereas the Kennedy RDA is superior when it comes to overall flavor – but only just! I love building on both, so I will not say one deck is better than another because that isn’t true.

Both RDAs feature utterly brilliant decks that are amazingly simple to build on. They both also kick out intense, flavorful vapor. Neither of them is cheap either, but these are truly magnificent atomizers, so this kind of goes with the territory.

Bottomline: if you’ve been messing around with cheap RDAs for a year or two and want to venture into the Major Leagues, these two RDAs are the ones to go for – for flavor, for deck design, and for performance.

Personally, I do favor the Kennedy RDA. If I could only keep one, it’d be that one.

Why? I just prefer the flavor and the way it hits. I also prefer the airflow on it – it’s smoother and more to my style of vaping.

But that does not mean it is superior to the GOON, just that I like it more – and that is my subjective opinion.

All serious gear-heads should try both.

That’s what I did, as I didn’t want to miss out on ANYTHING.

And now, a couple of years later, looking back, I really don’t regret spending just under $200 on these atomizers…

Why? Simple: because I still get so much use out of them. Even today, almost three years later!

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