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Finding a good, cheap vaporizer is equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack in this ever-expanding world of vapes. The search becomes twice as difficult if you are on a low budget, so what are the key things to consider when looking for cheap vaporizer deals? 

On the contrary to what most might think, having a limited budget doesn’t mean that you are bound to purchase a substandard vaporizer. It all depends on your searching skills.

Countless brands offer good enough value for money, but you just have to know how to look. Read on to explore how you can find cheap deals on your favorite vaporizers.

Portable vs. Desktop Vaporizers

Portable devices are handheld units, sometimes termed as vape pens. They are miniature devices that can fit into your pocket, making them an ideal companion for travel enthusiasts.

Needless to say, their heating chambers are smaller and need frequent refilling. Further, they run on batteries, which come in a wide range of power—some last for an entire day whereas others only for a few hours. As for the quality of the vapors, they do a pretty good job of retaining flavor, potency, and strength of the hits, thereby competing for their full-body alternatives.

Volcano HYBRID Review

This is the Volcano Vaporizer. It is a desktop vaporizer and, for the most part, is considered by many to be the ultimate desktop vaporizer on the planet right now. If you can afford it, the price will shock you, this thing is basically the Ferrari of desktop vaporizers…

On the other hand, desktop devices are not portable and cannot be carried around as easily as pen devices. Plus, most of them need to be plugged into the wall to work. It may sound pretty inconvenient, but they are meant to be enjoyed at home.

They both hugely differ in price, where desktop vaporizers tend to be more expensive – unless you get this one (which is awesome and very cheap as well). Therefore, portable pen devices would be a preferable option for people on a budget.

You can find inexpensive vape pens deals at VapoCorner; prices start from as little as fifty bucks, so even if you’re on a super-strict budget, chances are you’ll still be able to find something that suits your needs. Why this retailer? Simple: because unlike most vaporizer stores online, it focusses on cheaper alternatives to mainstream brands like PAX and Davinci and Storz & Bickel.

Convection vs. Conduction Heating

The choice between convection and conduction heating elements has been the hottest debate of the vape industry. But which one is better? Let’s break it down to you.

Conduction is when the heating element is in direct contact with the herbs. During this, sometimes the flame, rod, or the touching surface can burn them, giving rise to toxic fumes.

DaVinci IQ 2 Review

This is my DaVinci IQ 2 vaporizer; it’s expensive but I’d argue it is 100% worth the asking price. It has adjustable airflow, it delivers exceptional flavor, and it runs on removable 18650 batteries. For me, it is perfection incarnate.

These poisonous vapors are almost as dangerous as the smoke from cigarettes. Convection, on the other hand, is a lot safer and gives out smoother and more flavorsome clouds. That’s because it uses hot circulating air to extract the vapors from the plant matter.

Most of the old vape models used to come with combustion heating, whereas the latest models are mostly convection-based. Considering this, conduction vapes are somewhat cheaper, but they aren’t reliable. Therefore, in spite of their low price, we would still recommend convection vapes.

Analog vs. Digital Vaporizers

Most of the cheap products come with single button operation. It means the whole device, including the temperature and power, can be controlled using one button. Whereas digital controls are indeed more convenient, but they cost extra, which leaves you with the first option.

Temperature Flexibility

Even though you are looking for a cheap deal, you mustn’t forget some important features like temperature flexibility. Make sure the device of your choice offers at least three variable voltage options to control the vapor strength, flavor, and thickness. It is a standard for an average vape and a must-have feature that should never be missed out.

Battery Life

When looking for vape pens, you shouldn’t expect much from the battery. Although there are many powerful devices available as well, they are on the expensive side of the scale. For a cheap pen, a battery having a few hours charge is good enough. But you must ensure the low battery timing is compensated with fast USB charging.


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