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Hot Juice CBD E Juice Review: Non-GMO, Kosher AND Up To 5000mg!

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CBD E Juice is now a thing, a wonderful thing. You can vape tasty flavors and get all the benefits associated with CBD. Perfect, right?

Today we’re going to be talking about Hot Juice’s line of CBD vape juice and also its standard E Juice.

Let’s do this!

With minimal design uncluttered by “selling” artwork, Hot Juice E-Juice bottles are clearly labeled and easily understandable.

Additionally, they offer accurate and proven amounts of CBD pre-mixed in their vape juice as well.

Between their eliquid and CBD e-juice flavors, they offer over sixty flavors.

The nicotine based vape juice is divided into nine categories:

  • Dessert
  • Beverages
  • Fruit
  • Nuts & Spices
  • Cereal
  • Candy
  • Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • Menthol

Hot Juice CBD E Juice

They offer some of the best tasting e-liquid flavors in each category, including some of the best fruit ejuice blends like Paradise Peach, bringing a unique intensity and authenticity to heavily explored flavor territory.

Hot Juice CBD E Juice Review: Non-GMO, Kosher AND Up To 5000mg!Pin
100ml CBD E Juice – $59.95 per 100ML

A central methodology behind the Hot Juice brand centers on developing what they feel is the best-tasting e-liquid made so far. A bold claim, I know…

While this may seem like an impossibly optimistic feat to accomplish, they do make some seriously good vape juice, rethinking not only how it’s made, but also what it’s made with.

How E Juice Is Made – From Locally Sourced Suppliers

To explain, they use only locally sourced ejuice ingredients to ensure that they can control every aspect of the creation process.

Plus, every bottle that leaves their California laboratory carries the authenticity and integrity they want the vaping industry to preserve as it continues to grow.

Each label differentiates which flavor profile it fits into and the CBD e liquids have their own designation so that you’re never confused about which one you’re vaping without reading the name on the label.

Hot Juice CBD E Juice Review: Non-GMO, Kosher AND Up To 5000mg!Pin
Dreamberry Waffles – My Personal FAVE!

Their popular menthol flavored vape juice varieties such as Blueberry Glacier, not only provide vapers with an outstanding frosty blast of minty freshness but accompany it with subtle fruit flavor as well that only adds to how enjoyable it is.

Even if you don’t particularly like the flavor normally, they offer some of the best coffee flavored vape juice blends like Midnight Mocha and Sweet Espresso that are the perfect “pick-me-up” in the middle of a long day or drowsy afternoon.

Bear in mind, there’s no caffeine in them, yet somehow these flavors seem to snap you out of a lull in your daily vaping.

CBD E Juice Juice – Up To 5000mg!

Hot Juice CBD E Juice comes in twelve amazing flavors as well, and just like their eliquid, you can select your preferred dosage of nicotine from 0mg to 24mg or cannabinol between 250mg and 5000mg – yes, 5000mg!

To sweeten their offerings, Hot Juice allows you to select your own VG/PG ratio for every bottle in either 70/30 or 30/70 depending on what you value in your vaping, flavor or cloud production.

Where we are now, the vaping industry is cluttered with brands creating what they claim is the best juice wrapped in exciting labels, and the liquid inside pretty much all tastes the same.

That said, you can really tell there is something special and unique about every bottle of Hot Juice, beyond the simple design of their labels. Almost every flavor I tasted was very good with precise, delicate notes that tasted great in a selection of vape tanks.

Hot Juice CBD E Juice Review: Non-GMO, Kosher AND Up To 5000mg!Pin
Boston Cream! Yum!

Head to Hot Juice and have a look for yourself, I challenge you to find at least one flavor you aren’t already interested in.

While you’re there have a look at their vape giveaway section for your chance to win free vape stuff including bottles of their juice.

Obviously, offering so many flavors, everyone is almost guaranteed to find one they like, but to really be able to say I enjoyed my experience trying Hot Juice I had to be impressed, and in this case, I was.

I fell in love with vaping partially because of the variety, because even after I’d committed to a device, there were always new flavors to try out.

With so many vape brands cropping up constantly, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options and just pick something with a catchy packaging that speaks to your sensibilities.

Even though their labeling isn’t some elaborate art piece, there is something artistic about the e juice inside, these guys absolutely have turned making e-liquid into a craft and I appreciate their artistry.

What I Liked

  • Large flavor selection
  • Ability to get regular eliquid and CBD ejuice on the same site
  • Being able to select my own VG/PG ratio
  • Affordability
  • Optional auto-delivery program

What I Disliked

Interested? Check out Hot Juice’s Entire Range of E Juice and CBD E Juice – prices start from $59.95 for 100ml CBD Vape Juice and $19.95 for 30ML standard E Juice.

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We’ve helped millions of people get started with vaping. If you have any questions or just want plenty of actionable advice, hit the button below – it’s a direct line to Drake.

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