Best JUUL Chargers For ALL-DAY Uptime: Our #1 Picks

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If you’re looking to charge your JUUL on the go, you’ll need a portable JUUL charger. And right now, these are our current #1 favorite options for performance, value for money, and ease of use… 

You have a JUUL and, by now, you know a couple of things: 1) the battery sucks, and 2) it’s hella expensive to run. I can’t help you with the second problem, as JUUL has seen to it that all cheap JUUL pods are banned from sale, but the first problem (the crappy battery life) is an easy fix.

All you need to do is invest in a portable JUUL charger. You have a lot of options too – from the expensive kind to the ultra-cheap kind. Either way, you got options. And right now, based on our tests, these are the top JUUL chargers you can buy in 2020.

Best JUUL Chargers

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Things To Keep In Mind

Me personally? I’d go with the Fuma J-Box. Why? It’s the most versatile, it has the largest internal battery (1200mAh), and it also has room for several spare JUULpods, as well as an entire JUUL vape too.

This means you can basically carry two JUULs with you wherever you go and never have to worry about battery life. And, as anyone that has used a JUUL for longer than a couple of days will tell you, aside from the cost of running one of these vapes, the poor battery life is the #1 issue most people have with it.

Lost Your JUUL Charger?

This is super-annoying because it means you cannot charge your JUUL up once its battery dies (usually around 200 puffs).

If you’re trying to stay off the cigarettes, you definitely do not want this. You want to be able to vape and not have to worry about NOT being able to vape. For this reason, it really does pay to have an alternative charging method for your JUUL.

JUUL also uses a proprietary charger, so you cannot use a normal cable with it; you either have to get another one from JUUL or get a third-party one like the ones listed in this post.

The charger that JUUL ships with is tiny, so it’s very easy to lose. And it is this, coupled with the fact that JUUL does not support USB charging, that makes life so difficult for its users – no other vape (that I know of) suffers from this problem.

The reason I was able to test all of these JUUL chargers was for this exact reason; I lost my JUUL charger (I think my dog ate it) and had to sort out something new quickly. I bought a couple from Amazon and hated them, so I decided to buy a bunch more and test them all.

In the end, I found several solid options. The best of which are the ones featured in this post. Also, please, for the love of God, DO NOT try and make your own JUUL charger, as some people are advocating on YouTube. This is quite literally a recipe for disaster that’ll either break your JUUL or end up harming you or burning down your home.

Keep it simple, get yourself a portable charger instead!

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