Study PROVES Vaping Kills Tobacco Addiction


Tobacco addiction kills people, and vaping kills tobacco addition. So why, OH WHY, are ecigs vilified by so called “health experts” the globe over?

This is perhaps the best quote I’ve read of late about vaping and the frankly insane attitude of The Powers That Be (TPTB) towards it:

“If somebody invented a pill that could cure a disease that kills five million people a year worldwide, 100,000 of them in this country, the medical powers that be would surely encourage it, pay for it, perhaps even make it compulsory. They certainly would not stand in its way.”

It comes from one of the UK’s longest running magazines, The Spectator, and it is really a marvellous summation of the current war that is being waged against vaping in the UK, the US and other parts of the world.

Whether this animosity towards vaping is the product of ignorance, tobacco lobby money or just plain stupidity no one really knows. What we do know is that the NHS –– and my personal physician, to name one doctor –– reckons vaping is about 1000 times less harmful than smoking.

It has also been proven that those who switch from cigarettes to vaping, even those with decades-long, two-pack-a-day habits, seldom go back to tobacco. So why OH WHY is Dame Sally Davies, the government’s chief medical officer, claiming ecigs are one of the most dangerous things to happen to the human race since Einstein and Oppenheimer got together to talk about bombs?

Adding further fuel to the debate that vaping and ecigs in general are a force for good is a new report from The University of College London.

“A study by Professor Robert West of University College London,” notes The Spectator, “finds that e-cigarettes proved 60 per cent more successful as a method of quitting than nicotine patches, gums or going cold turkey. By a country mile, free enterprise devices are outstripping the health results of medicinally regulated devices. And for many vested interests that is the problem.”

Still not convinced? How about this little factoid: vaping is not a gateway for kids into smoking either, a point that is often bandied around by health-fascists. Just 0.4% of people that vaped, in the biggest study ever commissioned, hadn’t smoked cigarettes before they started vaping. And guess what? None of them went onto smoke either.

And then there’s the economic argument: Imperial Tobacco recorded a 16% decline in UK sales last year. That is HUGE. Some industry analysts even believe vaping will be bigger than smoking by 2023.

The tobacco industry is basically crapping itself. It does not know what to do and is now attempting to spend its way out of obliteration by sponsoring bunk research and talking heads to condemn something that will save lives, reduce strain on the NHS for years to come and finally put the nail in Big Tobacco’s killer product once and for all.

“The opposition to vaping has had an unfortunate result already,” added the report. “By insisting on including e-cigarettes in the EU’s tobacco products directive, the opponents have left them unregulated till the directive comes into force by 2017. And then over-regulated, pushing up prices and reducing choice after 2017. So unless the UK government makes its own helpful intervention, for the next two-and-a-half years there is little to stop rogue operators importing fake or adulterated vaping fluids from some crook. Plus the battle over regulation, as so often, helps the big guys and hurts the little guys.”

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