EJuices.com Is “Kind of” Giving Away Suorin Drop (For Free)

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 10/03/18 •  3 min read

I say, “kind of” because you have to spend $60 to get one, but if you’re about to stock up on a bunch of new E Juice, it’s definitely worth a look.

This giveaway is only valid for the next 24 hours – or until stocks last.

That means if you fancy getting in on the action, you should probably act ASAP in order to get the deal.

You do have to buy $60’s worth of E Juice in order to be eligible for the Suorin Drop, however, but if you’re anything like me, and you buy in bulk, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

You can access the deal RIGHT HERE.

Is The Suorin Drop Any Good?

Yes, it’s an excellent little pod mod device. I’ve used one before, pretty solidly before I switched it out for the Mi-Pod.

EJuices.com Is "Kind of" Giving Away Suorin Drop (For Free)

The Suorin Drop is portable, refillable, and has a pretty respectable battery life for a pod mod of its size.

It’s also an MTL vape kit, meaning it draws just like a cigarette or a Kayfun tank. Again, this makes it ideal for newbie users or those that enjoy a good ol’ MTL vape.

Suorin Drop Specifications

And because it’s refillable, it means you can use your own Nic Salts E Juice with it – this will save you a packet in the long run versus using a pod mod like the JUUL.

You can see my current picks for the best Nic Salts brands right here.

Pod Mods & Nic Salts E Juice

If you’ve never used Nic Salts E Juice before, please keep in mind that they are A LOT stronger than standard, freebase nicotine E Juices.

I’m talking 20-30MG versus 3MG nicotine, and you will notice the difference – trust me!

This is why Nic Salts E Juices are not designed for sub ohm tanks; it’d blow your socks off and likely send you into a nicotine-induced mania!

With pod mods, though, Nic Salts juices are ideal. You get less vapor and more of a hit. This is basically what the JUUL business model is built on.

Either way, I thought this was a pretty cool deal, so I thought I’d share it with you guys!

Drake Equation

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