Vape YouTubers Do More For Public Health Than The FDA

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When Vape YouTubers Do More For Public Health Than The FDA, You Know Something’s Up…

20 years ago, information moved at a snail’s pace. If you wanted to learn about something you needed books and a library. But doing research this way took time. A lot of time. And only those so inclined to do it actually ever found answers.

For everybody else (meaning 90% of people), information was controlled and distributed through the “correct channels” – newspapers and your TV. They told you what to eat, what to buy, and what to avoid. And for the longest time, this worked just great.

The 1% or whatever you want to call them controlled everything this way. They sold their products, messages, and rhetoric through the idiot box and inside newspapers to millions of people every day.

But then the internet happened, and they lost control of information – information became accessible and previously unheard voices started making noises…

Remember margarine? When that terrible substance first came out it was peddled by so-called experts as a vastly healthier option to butter. But as we all now know this is 100% not the case. Margarine is utterly awful for your body, as it is packed with trans-fats…

Now imagine if the world still worked this way today? Vaping would have been banned years ago. The powers that be in the USA would have wiped out this life-saving technology overnight. No debate. No nothing. It’d just be gone.

The FDA’s War on Vaping…

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The FDA is meant to look after the well-being of US citizens. It is designed, predominantly, to protect them by regulating drugs and food. But it has a terrible track-record with actually doing this; I mean, we now have a full-blown opioid crisis in the US. And an obesity one too.

Where was the FDA when all this was going down?

Simple: it was making these opioid drugs legal (for kids) and allowing companies like McDonald’s to do whatever they want with respect to marketing. And then you have the FDA’s relationship with Monsanto…

The Rise of The Vape YouTuber

With all this corruption in mind, is it any wonder that people now trust vape YouTubers like Grimm Green more than the FDA? I take EVERYTHING that comes out of the FDA with a huge pinch of salt. Nothing they have said to date makes any rational sense under even lightweight scrutiny.

All they have is rhetoric, which they chant over and over again. They do this until other people start saying the same thing. Once this happens, the rhetoric (kids are getting addicted to nicotine) starts to filter through to the masses and this, in turn, makes it easier for them to regulate vaping out of existence in the US.

If you tell people you’re doing something to protect children, you can pretty much get away with anything. This is an angle Feds in the US have taken time and time again to push through draconian laws and regulations. Vaping is just the latest in a long line…

FDA Science is Better Than Your Science…

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But the FDA is now struggling to make these “arguments” stick. It has a backlash on its hands and leading this resistance are vaping blogs and vape YouTubers who have huge audiences that help raise awareness about vape advocacy.

The FDA cannot control the message on vaping, not as it used to in the pre-Google days. Information is just too readily available. If you say something like “nicotine epidemic sweeping US schools” you need to be able to back it up with ACTUAL data… (spoiler: there is none).

And what is truly INSANE about all this is that it has now become the job of vape YouTubers and sites like VapeBeat to help people stay informed about how vaping saving lives – millions and millions of lives. We publish the science, post about new research, examine new data as it comes out.

And what does the FDA do? Bangs on about an epidemic that doesn’t exist while kids take opioids and get fatter and fatter. You honestly couldn’t make this stuff up…

Will FDA Ban Vaping In 2019?

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As each day passes, more and more people are being turned away from life-saving technology by militant, anti-vaping groups that use their power and reach to scare current smokers away from switching to ecigs.

Who are these people? Well, you have the FDA to start with. Then, all the anti-tobacco groups (Tobacco-Free Kits), as well as the World Health Organisation to name but a few.

On the flip side of this, you have the following institutions that are actively promoting vaping as a way to kill smoking inside a generation:

  • UK Public Health
  • UK Cancer Research
  • Royal College of Physicians
  • Nicotine & Tobacco Research
  • Science Direct
  • National Institute of Health

So how can anyone take anything the FDA says seriously!? I mean, it’s not like it lied about opioids, GMO and Monsanto now is it!?

Where To From Here?

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Hopefully, science will prevail. The UK is leading the way with its approach to harm reduction by championing vaping. Hell, it’s even confirmed that it will spend MILLIONS informing the UK public that the dangers of vaping have been greatly exaggerated.

And the reason? It has done the science. It knows that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. It also knows that vaping is the best tool for quitting smoking and the #1 key to killing smoking inside a generation.

In the US, we’re looking at flavor bans, vape sin taxes (up to 80%), and a near-constant barrage of fear-mongering, clickbait articles from the FDA’s stooges in the mainstream media. And people wonder why most people have more than a bit of contempt for federal agencies!?

The FDA does not care about you. If you take only one thing away from this article, I hope it is that… I hope that you understand how this group works. It does not care about you, it never has. It protects its own (big food, big Pharma) and treats the rest of us like cattle.

If you want information on vaping, you need to look elsewhere – check out Grimm Green’s 510 report, follow Jim McDonald on Twitter. But above all else: do your own research. Don’t let the FDA and its stooges do your thinking for you.

Best Vape YouTubers (My Personal Favorites)

Grimm Green

Grimm is arguably the best in the business. His YouTube channel packs in a wealth of awesome content, presented in an accessible manner.

Best Vape YouTubersPin

I love his reviews and the 510 Report is a great source of information for all things pertaining to advocacy.

The Vaping Bogan

Australia’s finest is foul-mouthed, covered in tattoos, loves his beer and metal, and also puts out some of the finest reviews and tutorial content on the web.

Best Vape YouTubersPin

I love this guy. I could watch his videos all day, so if you’re not following him, make sure you check him out!

Suck My Mod

Suck My Mod makes proper classy looking review videos. In fact, I’d say he probably has the best review format on YouTube for vape product reviews.

Best Vape YouTubersPin

Always impartial, Suck My Mod – AKA Matt – explains things clearly and always has plenty of great advice for new vapers.

Sneaky Pete

If you like weed and vaporizers, Sneaky Pete is definitely worth a subscribe. His YouTube videos on Vaporizers are ALWAYS super-detailed.

Best Vape YouTubersPin

In fact, he’s responsible for turning me on to vaporizers back in the day as well as being the #1 reason I spent $600 on a Volcano Vaporizer!

If you enjoy weed and like vaporizing it, this is the dude to follow.

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