The Great American Vape Conspiracy

The Great American Vape ConspiracyPin

The only thing standing between you and a healthier alternative to smoking is the federal government – and that is crazy.

Wanna buy a gun? No problem. Want to get high and buy some weed? We got you covered. How about fast-food and GMO products? Of course. Guns? What caliber you want!? In America, you can buy plenty of dangerous products, products that can not only kill you but also other people as well, so why does vaping come under such scrutiny?

Think about it: you have a safer alternative to smoking that doesn’t cost the government anything. It works. Millions of people have stopped smoking because of it, and, yet, we’re about to see the entire industry destroyed by the PTMA guidelines which kick into effect in May 2020.

Trump could come to rescue, as he did with the flavor bans (at least at a federal level), but I’m not holding my breath. The wolf is at the door now. It’s only a matter of time before ALL the products you know and love will cease to exist (in the USA, at least) forevermore. And the people responsible for this could not give two sh*ts about your health – it’s all a big con, designed to get you back on the smokes or using a Big Pharma-backed product.

Why? Money. Want more? Check out the Master Settlement Agreement. It’s not about kids or your health or concerns over safety – it’s about money and control over who gets to distribute nicotine. The old guard – Big Tobacco, Big Pharma – or independent, small businesses like the places you’ve bought from for the past several years or more.

And this is total BS. And if you don’t believe me, just have a think about Mike Bloomberg…

Mike Bloomberg’s Anti-Vape? Nope, He’s Anti-Competition… 

Mike Bloomberg hates vaping. He hates it so much he has pledged nearly a billion dollars to ensure that it is wiped off the face of the planet. Why? The official line is that he cares about kids and wants everybody to be healthy (and vote for him). But the actual reason is that he’s an investor in a vape product that has the potential to double or triple his investment, providing the vaping market as we know ceases to exist.

And that vape is called HALE, and it looks very much like a JUUL.

That is why Mike Bloomberg is anti-vaping. It’s not because he cares, it’s because he has a dog in the fight and he doesn’t like competition. In fact, Bloomberg isn’t anti-vaping, he’s anti-competitive. He wants the market cleansed of actually useful vape products to make way for his FDA-approved vape product.

He just needs all you plebs to you have all your other options taken away first. Then – and only then – will a sub-par vape product, such as the ones currently approved inside the PTMA, stand a chance of actually competing and making sales. Right now, no one would use these devices. The only way they’d make a dent in the current market is if people were desperate.

In order for “these” FDA-approved vapes to succeed, therefore, the powers that be need an extinction-level event to happen that will wipes away all the products we know, love, and use. And that event is, of course, the PTMA.

Vape Juice Made By People That Love Vaping

When you buy vape juice, quality vape juice from a US brand, you know you’re getting a good product. The product is made by vapers for vapers. Inside our store, we ONLY stock US-made vape juice that we ourselves use (more or less exclusively). We price it low in order to help our readers get access to affordable, high-quality vape juice in a range of flavor options.

But once the PTMA comes into effect, our store will die. And so too will this site, a site I’ve spent the last 5+ years building from nothing to almost a million monthly readers. And for what? So douchebags like Mike Bloomberg can get rich by hocking an inferior product to the masses? It makes LITERALLY no sense.

This entire debacle – and controversy around vaping – started with fake news. There was a spurt of deaths, although these were linked to illegal THC carts for JUUL devices. Both the CDC and most US experts have now back-tracked on the claim that vaping can kill you, but the damage has already been done – millions of current smokers are now missing out on vaping because they’ve been lied to by their government and the media.

To say this is a disgrace would be an understatement.

It’s a travesty that, in this day and age, with all the media we have access to, the US federal government and old, white billionaires like Bloomberg and Bill Gates and their PR stooges can subvert actual scientific evidence and data and alter opinion across the entire country to serve their own agendas.

And if you think these are just the ravings of a mad man, check out what Public Health England had to say about the safety of vaping in its new 2020 report.

And if you don’t want to read that, I’ll give you a quick breakdown of its main points below:

  • vaping regulated nicotine products has a small fraction of the risks of smoking, but this does not mean it is safe
  • smokers should be encouraged to try regulated nicotine vaping products along with smoking cessation medications and behavioral support. This will greatly increase their chances of successfully stopping smoking
  • people who have never smoked should be encouraged not to smoke and not to vape
  • vapers should be encouraged to use regulated nicotine products only and stop smoking completely

And, guess what, the science doesn’t change when you fly in a plane over the sea to another country. What Public Health England reports applies to the USA, just as it does to the UK. It’s just that the UK has a lot more integrity when it comes to actually caring about the health and well-being of its citizens.

You honestly couldn’t make this shit up…

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