The #1 Premium Tobacco E Cig Juice Brands (My Top Picks For 2020)

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My absolute favorite premium tobacco E Cig juice brands right now – smooth, flavorful vape juices that taste simply wonderful

If you’re something of a tobacco snob, and you’re wondering how you can get that sweet, sweet taste from your vape, you check out these premium tobacco E Cig juice brands.

I always avoided tobacco vape juice, simply because there were so many OTHER flavors available for my vape.

But this was a massive mistake. Why?

Tobacco E Juice CAN Be VERY Good!

Simple: some of the tobacco e-liquids you can get today are truly outstanding; they taste utterly amazing with delicate notes and flavors that dance on your tongue.

If you’ve smoked tobacco seriously, meaning you bought actual tobacco from a tobacconist, and not just the usual guff you get inside cigarettes and mainstream rolling tobacco, you’ll know there is an entire universe of options.

You have different blends, different flavors, different mixes – basically, hundreds of potential options. And all of them contain aromas and rich flavors and textures.

Thankfully, much of this ancient tradition of blending tobacco has now made its way into the world of E Juice – and the ones listed below are my go-to, all-time favorite options.

Best Premium Tobacco E Cig Juice Brands (My Current FAVES)

1) Blacknote E-Liquid (The Best For “Straight-Up” Tobacco) 

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2) Glas Vapor BASIX (Tobacco Reserve)

[letsreviewunique title=”Glas Vapor Tobacco Reserve ” score_subtitle=”A Stunning RY4″ conclusion_title=”One of My ALL-Time Favorites” affiliate_title=”Best Place To Buy” pros_title=”PROS” pros=”Brilliantly Blended, Not Too Sweet + Plenty of Smooth Tobacco ,Available In Variety if Nicotine Strengths ,Complex. But Delicate, There’s So Much To Appreciate Here” cons_title=”Things To Keep In Mind ” cons=”This Is A RY4, So There Is A Sweetness To It – Not That This Should Be A Problem!” affiliate=”DirectVapor | $16.95,,UK ECIG Store | £14.99,” gallery-title=”PICTURES” gallery=”4375″ accent=”#1e73be” final_score=”100″ format=”1″ skin=”1″ animation=”1″ design=”2″ main_image=”4522″]Tobacco Reserve by Glas Vapor is a RY4, so technically it’s not just a tobacco E Juice. No, this E Juice has notes of caramel in it as well – and this makes for a delicately sweet vape with subtle undertones of tobacco. I sampled this E Juice over a year ago now, and since then I’ve probably re-ordered it 10-12 times. It’s THAT good. In fact, I’d probably go as far as saying it is my all-time favourite RY4 E Juice. [/letsreviewunique]

3) Cuttwood’s Tobacco Trial 

[letsreviewunique title=”Cuttwood’s EPIC Tobacco Trail” score_subtitle=”Tobacco N’ Honey ” conclusion_title=”A Smooth, Delicate Vape” affiliate_title=”Best Place To Buy Online” pros_title=”PROS” pros=”Tobacco notes are present, smooth, and very palatable. , The sweetness comes from honey, and it works so very well. ,It’s high VG too, so is ideal for sub ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers. ” cons_title=”Things To Keep In Mind” cons=”It’s 70% VG, so you’re going to need to vape it in a sub ohm tank or RDA/RTA. ” affiliate=”EJUICES.COM | $24.99,,UK ECIG STORE | £14.99,” gallery-title=”PICTURES” gallery=”6380,6381″ accent=”#81d742″ final_score=”94″ format=”1″ skin=”1″ animation=”1″ design=”2″ main_image=”6379″]Cuttwood is one of the world’s BIGGEST E-Juice brands. It sells A LOT of juice, more than a lot of the smaller brands combined. And one of its best, in my opinion is Tobacco Trail. Like Tobacco Reserve by Glas Vapor, Tobacco Trail is a complex, yet delicate vape. You have golden Virginia tobacco notes that combine with honey to create a sweet and smooth vape that is VERY moreish. This isn’t a RY4 per se, but it is definitely more that way inclined versus a straight-up tobacco E Juice. Either way, Tobacco Trail is a classic flavor and one you should definitely try. [/letsreviewunique]


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