GeekVape Wenax K1 SE Vape Kit: Beginner’s Guide

GeekVape Wenax K1 SE Vape Kit: Beginner's GuidePin

Imagine getting the equivalent of 10 puff bars from just one Wenax cartridge. This isn’t your average pod kit; it’s the ultimate combo of convenience and customization. So, ready to dive into the details? 

When I first got my hands on the Wenax K1 SE, the first thing that struck me was its weight, or should I say, its lack of it. They say it’s as light as air, and I believe it! It’s only 32g, and you can really feel that when you hold it.

But don’t be fooled by its featherlight design; this little kit doesn’t skimp on performance. It packs a punch.

One of my favorite features is its impressive battery capacity. With 600mAh, it keeps you vaping for quite a while. And the best part? It charges up quickly with a USB C, so you’re not waiting around forever.

It’s got style, power, and safety all in one package. If you’re after a top-notch vaping experience, this kit should definitely be on your radar.  

If you’re into super-compact, easy-to-use pod kits, and you’re all about a fantastic vaping experience, you’re in for a treat.

GeekVape Wenax K1 SE Pod Vape Kit

GeekVape Wenax K1 SE Pin

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Wenax K1 SE Vape Device
  • 1 x 1.0ohm Wenax Pod (2ml)


  • 600mAh Integrated Battery
  • Max 16W Output
  • MTL Vape
  • Compatible With Wenax K1 Pod Cartridge
  • 2ml E-juice Capacity
  • Nic Salt And Freebased E-juice
  • Side Slot
  • Air-driven
  • Paired With 0.8ohm or 1.2ohm KA1 Coil
  • Refillable Pod kit
  • Fixed-coil pod
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Adaptive automatic power setting
  • Auto Inhale activation
  • Fast USB-C charging (Cable sold separately)

Wenax K1 SE Device

The first thing you’ll notice about this device is how incredibly lightweight it is. It’s made of aluminum and houses a 600mAh battery, giving you an idea of its compact nature. The design is smooth and rounded, with only the fire button sticking out. There are two small airflow holes on either side, providing a good medium Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) draw, although it’s not adjustable. 

The Geekvape Wenax K1 SE is part of the new wave of pod vapes designed to compete with the growing disposable vape market. It’s easy on your wallet upfront since the kit includes just one pod and no charging cable.

Oh, and don’t forget about the Geekvape logo – it’s actually an LED light. It lights up red when you remove the pod, green when you replace it, and during your vape, it gives you a charge indication, so you always know what’s going on.

Choosing the Perfect Coil for Your Wenax K1 SE: Nic Salt or Freebase E-Liquid?

When it comes to your vaping experience with the Geekvape Wenax K1 SE, there’s one significant choice you have the power to make – which coil to use. With the ability to cater to both nic salt and freebase e-liquids, the Wenax K1 SE offers you a world of flavor and satisfaction.

GeekVape Wenax K1 SE Pin

Coil Resistance Options

  • 0.8ohm (12-16W, 3pcs/pack): This coil is ideal for those who enjoy a warmer vape with more vapor production. It falls within a moderate wattage range, making it perfect for freebase e-liquids, providing you with rich and intense flavor.
  • 1.0ohm (12-14W, 3pcs/pack): If you’re looking for a versatile option that can handle both nic salt and freebase e-liquids, this coil is a great choice. With a balanced wattage range, it strikes the right balance between flavor and vapor.
  • 1.2ohm (10-12W, 3pcs/pack): This coil is designed for vapers who prefer a cooler vape and a more extended coil life. It’s an excellent choice for nic salt e-liquids, delivering a smooth and satisfying MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) experience.

Nic Salt or Freebase E-Liquid?

The Wenax K1 SE allows you to choose between these coil options, which effectively means you have the power to decide between using nic salt or freebase e-liquids.

  • Nic Salt E-Liquids: If you’re after a higher nicotine concentration with a smoother throat hit, the 1.2ohm coil is perfect. It’s designed to make your nic salt experience enjoyable and satisfying.
  • Freebase E-Liquids: For those who prefer a broader range of e-liquid flavors and enjoy bigger clouds, the 0.8ohm or 1.0ohm coils are your go-to. These coils provide a more robust vaping experience for freebase e-liquids.

You’ve got a bunch of coil options to choose from, so it’s all about having a fantastic vaping experience every time. So, which coil am I gonna go for in my next vape session?

How to Navigate Wenax K1 SE Pod

When it comes to carrying the Wenax K1 SE Mod, you’re in luck. There are no buttons to accidentally press while it’s in your pocket or bag. It’s super easy to use, which is great for beginners or anyone looking for a hassle-free vape on the go. 

The kit doesn’t include a charging cable, so make sure to grab a TOPK Type C Charging cable with your Wenax K1 SE Pod Kit order if you don’t have one already.

You only get one pod in the kit, so we recommend getting a pack of Geek Vape Wenax K1 Pod Replacements now, so you have spares when it’s time to replace the pod. Here’s what you need to before: 

  • Remove the plastic protective sticker from the bottom of the pod. 
  • Prime them by filling them with vape juice and letting them sit for about five minutes to avoid dry hits or burning.  
  • Check out our battery safety blog post for some tips on taking care of your vaporizer.

By following these detailed instructions, you’ll have full control over your Drag 3 settings, ensuring a customized and enjoyable vaping experience.

GeekVape Wenax K1 SE Pods

Geekvape claims that one of their pods will last about ten times longer than a disposable one. So, if you already know your preferred resistance, it’s a smart move to grab some extra GeekVape Wenax K1 SE pods, which come in packs of four.

What’s cool about the GeekVape Wenax K1 pods is its intelligent stable power output. As the 600mAh battery level drops, the power output remains consistent, ensuring a more uniform vaping experience throughout your charge.

GeekVape Wenax K1 SE Pin

When it comes to the Wenax K1 starter kit, the heart of its exceptional vaping experience lies in the powerful Wenax K1 Pod Coils. These coils are designed to deliver outstanding flavor and performance, making your vaping sessions truly satisfying.

For those transitioning from traditional cigarettes, the throat hit provided by the GeekVape Wenax K1 e-cigarette is remarkably close to that of a tobacco cigarette, making it easier to make the switch.

Charging the Device

The device supports fast USB Type-C charging, and with a 600mAh battery, it charges quickly to full capacity. Battery level indicator – when you’re vaping, the LED light on the Wenax K1 SE will shine one of three colors, letting you know the battery level:

  • Green – 70-100%.
  • Blue – 31-69%.
  • Red – 0-30%.

What’s cool about the Geekvape Wenax K1 SE is its intelligent stable power output. As the 600mAh battery level drops, the power output remains consistent, ensuring a more uniform vaping experience throughout your charge.

I have two minor complaints about this device. First, I wish it had a larger battery. Using it as my daily and only device on the green setting, I was getting less than a day of use. But unlike some devices, when this one hits the blue or red battery level, it still manages to last until it’s 50% or under, so it doesn’t run out of power immediately. 

Second, because of its rounded and small design, you can’t stand it up, so it’s always lying down. This might not be a major issue, but it could potentially lead to leaking problems over time.

Safety Features

  • Your safety is paramount, and the Wenax K1 SE incorporates several features to ensure a secure vaping experience. It includes a low voltage warning, with an alert set at 3.2 ± 0.1V, indicating that it’s time to recharge the battery. 
  • The Wenax K1 SE has a maximum vaping time of 10 seconds, preventing the device from firing continuously and potentially causing overheating.
  • The Wenax K1 SE operates efficiently within a working temperature range of -10°C to 45°C. 
  • When not in use, the Wenax K1 SE enters a stand-by mode with a standby current of <= 15uA. This feature minimizes power consumption when the device is idle, extending the battery life further. 
GeekVape Wenax K1 SE Pin

Why am I sold on it? Well, it’s like a doppelganger for disposables – the same inhale, flavors, plus it’s just as small and handy. Oh, and the cherry on top is that you can recharge it and fill it up with your favorite e-liquid.

And guess what? In the long run, it’s lighter on your wallet for your daily vaping needs.

That’s the lowdown on this no-fuss vaping kit! You just draw and vape, and when it comes to upkeep, there’s barely anything to worry about with Geek Vape Wenax K1 SE Pod Vape Kit’s disposable pods. If you’re all about easy-peasy vaping, this Wenax K1 SE Pod Kit is definitely a top player.

Need Help? No problem.

We’ve helped millions of people get started with vaping. If you have any questions or just want plenty of actionable advice, hit the button below – it’s a direct line to Drake.

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